Famous people of Ukrainian origin


Simon Petliura

Petliura Simon Vasylovych Ukrainian military and political figure. Chief Ataman of the UNR troops and chairman of the Directory of the Ukrainian People's Republic in 1919-1920 The first monument to Simon ...
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Kravchuk Leonid

Kravchuk Leonid Makarovich The first president of modern Ukraine after the USSR Kravchuk Leonid Makarovich Biography Leonid Makarovich Kravchuk was born in a peasant family on January 10, 1934 in ...
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Elina Svitolina biography

Svitolina Elina – Biography

Elina Mikhailovna Svitolina Biography Elina Mikhailovna Svitolina - Ukrainian tennis player, winner of Roland Garros 2010 among juniors. Six times won the WTA series in singles and twice in the ...
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Andre Tan - Biography famous ukrainian designer and fashion designer Place of birth, education. He was born in Kharkov. At age 11 began to attend cutting

Andre Tan – Biography

Andre Tan - Biography Andre TAN (24.10.1983) famous Ukrainian designer and fashion designer is the owner of many prizes and Grand Prix, one of which he received at the festival ...
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Eugene Galich Frontman of the group O.Torvald - Biography which will represent Ukraine at the contest "Eurovision 2017" with the song "Time".

Eugene Galich – Frontman O.Torvald

Eugene Galich Frontman of the group O.Torvald - Biography Eugene Galich was born on April 29, 1984 in the city of Belaya Tserkov (Kiev region). This year the singer will ...
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Roman Zozullya biography Dinamo footballer Dnieper Betis

Roman Zozulya

Roman  Zozulya Biography Roman  Zozulya was born November 17, 1989 in Kiev. From early childhood he dreamed of becoming a footballer and his parents sent him to engage in football ...
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Andrey Danilko (Verka Serduchka) biography

Andrey Danilko (Verka Serduchka)

Andrey Danilko Biography CHILDHOOD Andrey Danilko was born in Poltava. October 2, 1973. The father was the driver, mother - working. We lived quite poorly. His father died in 1980 from ...
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Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky Biography

Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky

Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky Biography Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky born on September 17 1864 in Vinnitsa in small family official. Childhood and youth of the future writer passed in towns and villages Podolya region, ...
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Vasiliy Virastyuk Biography

Vasiliy Virastyuk

Vasiliy Virastyuk Biography Vasiliy Virastyuk was born on April 22, 1974 in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. At the age of 10 years, the future champion was already engaged in ...
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Viktor Yushchenko, President of Ukraine third biography

Viktor Yushchenko

Viktor Yushchenko Biography Viktor Yushchenko - Third President of Ukraine, leader of the party "Our Ukraine", the Prime Minister of Ukraine. Youth and Childhood Viktor Yushchenko, born on 23 February ...
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in the Odessa region, in a small district Bolgrad

Poroshenko Petro

Poroshenko Petro BIOGRAPHY CHILDHOOD, SCHOOL, STUDENTS Poroshenko Peter (Petro) was born on September 26, 1965 in the Odessa region, in a small town Bolgrad, in the family control of agricultural ...
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Sigmund Freud - famous psychoanalyst, whose family runs the city Tysmenytsia Western Ukraine

Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud Biography Sigmund Freud - famous psychoanalyst, whose family runs the city Tysmenytsia Western Ukraine. He opened the world of psychoanalysis and the interpretation of dreams. He became a ...
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Sergei Korolev biography Future greatest scientist

Sergei Korolev

Sergei Korolev Biography Future greatest scientist Sergei Korolev was born on December 31, 1906. According to the new style it happened January 12, 1907. Was born in Zhitomir (Ukraine) in ...
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Famous people of Ukrainian origin - Yana Klochkova

Klochkova Yana

Famous people of Ukrainian origin - Yana Klochkova Biography Yana Klochkova - an outstanding Ukrainian swimmer, honored master of sports in swimming. Born on August 7, 1982 in Simferopol. Engage ...
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Ukrainian coach,football player, winner of the Golden Ball

Blokhin Oleg Biography

Blokhin Oleg Biography Ukrainian coach,football player, winner of the "Golden Ball", the coach of "Dynamo" Kiev, the coach of the national football team of Ukraine, deputy of Ukraine of III ...
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Nadia Dorofeeva biography

Dorofeeva Nadia (Time and Glass)

Nadia Dorofeeva Biography Nadia Dorofeeva - pop singer, participant of the duet "Time and Glass." Was born Simferopol 21 April 1990. She gained fame after winning a series of Ukrainian ...
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Vera Brejneva biography ukrainian famous singer

Vera Brezhneva

Vera Brezhneva Biography Vera Brezhneva was born in  Ukraine, near Dnepropetrovsk, in  province town. No one could have thought that a simple girl with surname Galushko - Vera Brezhneva in ...
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Chuck Palahniuk Biography author of the novel Fight Club

Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk Biography Chuck Palahniuk author of the novel Fight Club (Charles Michael Palahniuk, also known as Chuck Palagnyuk) - this is without a doubt one of the most prominent ...
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EeOneGuy - Ivan Rudskoy Ivan Gay biography

EeOneGuy – Ivan Rudskoy

EeOneGuy - Ivan Rudskoy Biography EeOneGuy Ivangay, whose real name is Ivan Rudskoy - a popular Ukrainian videobloger, one of the leaders among the Russian-speaking audience YouTube. His video channel ...
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Mila Kunis biography

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis Biography Mila Kunis - a young American actress of Ukrainian origin, has achieved indescribable popularity in Hollywood. Mila was born August 14, 1983 in Chernivtsi Ukraine. Her mother ...
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Skovoroda Gregory biography

Skovoroda Gregory

Skovoroda Gregory biography Gregory Skovoroda was born December 3, 1722 in the village Chernuhi in Poltava Cossack land-hungry family. As a child, small Grits liked to sit under the willow, ...
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David Duchovny

David Duchovny – Biography

David Duchovny Biography Actor father - a descendant of immigrants from the Ukraine, who went to the United States from Kiev to escape from the horrors of the Civil War ...
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Dzidzio ( Mikhail Khoma )Biography ukrainian singer

Dzidzio ( Mikhail Khoma ) – Biography

Dzidzio ( Mikhail Khoma ) Biography Mikhail Khoma born on 20 November 1983 in Novoyavorivsk, Lviv region, Ukraine. In 2 years and 3 months Dzidzio already read by syllables. For ...
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Vasyly Lomachenko biography of boxer world champion of the WBO featherweight title and second

Vasyly Lomachenko – Biography

Vasyly Lomachenko Biography Vasyly Lomachenko boxer, world champion of the WBO featherweight title and second featherweight title. Place of birth, education. Born in Belgorod-Dniester, Odessa region  17.02.1988. He graduated from ...
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Bogdan Stupka biography ukrainian actor

Bogdan Stupka

Bogdan Stupka Biography Bogdan Stupka - eminent theater and film actor, the recipient of numerous honors and awards for his contribution to the arts, to the very last days of ...
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Nastya Kamenskih Biography ukrainian singer

Nastya Kamenskykh – Biography

Nastya Kamenskykh Biography Nastya Kamenskykh (1987) - Ukrainian singer, performs in a duet with Potap. Nastya Kamenskykh was born May 4, 1987 in Kiev. Nastya - the only child in the ...
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Potap Biography ukrainian singer producer artist

Potap (Aleksey Potapenko) – Biography

Potap (Alexey Potapenko) Biography Alexey  Potapenko "Potap"  name known to millions of people around the world. Today he runs his own production center, shoots videos most popular artists and conducts ...
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Monatik Dima Biography

Monatik – Biography

Monatik Biography Name Monatik Dima today quite well known in Ukraine. Its owner can often be seen on television. Charismatic low Man (Dima Monatik growth slightly above 160 cm) like ...
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Kazimir Malevich biography

Kazimir Malevich

Kazimir Malevich Biography Kazimir Malevich born February 23, 1879 in Kiev. His parents were Polish origin. The family had fourteen children, but survived to adulthood, only nine of them. When ...
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Grigory Surkis - Ukrainian businessman and politician, one of the vice-presidents of UEFA

Grigory Surkis – Biography

Grigory Surkis Biography Grigory Surkis - Ukrainian businessman and politician, one of the vice-presidents of UEFA to 24 May 2013. In the past Grigoriy Surkis was president of the Football ...
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Famous people of Ukrainian origin

Famous people of Ukrainian origin left a big mark in the history of Ukraine itself and also the history of the world. These people were doing and they are doing now history of the country, region, Europe and the whole world.
People from the Ukraine, and previously of Kievan Rus had a great influence on the formation and creation of all that we have now. Christianity in Eastern Europe, there was also thanks to Ukrainian Volodymyr the Great, which is popularly called Vladimir the Red Sun. He brought Christianity from Byzantium (Constantinople) in 988 baptize Rus. Further, such as the grand dukes Yaroslav the Wise, Vladimir Monomakh, Prince Svyatoslav, Princess Olga, and many others made history of Kievan Rus at the end of the first millennium and the beginning of the second AD. Kievan Rus was the first state in the territory of modern Eastern Europe with the capital city of Kiev.
Kiev was founded by three brothers Kyi, Cheek, Horyv and their sister Lybid.

ancient kiev
Landscape of Podil. Fragment of ancient Kiev layout 10-13 centuries. Reconstruction Mazyukevich.

Until that time, the territory of Ukraine was inhabited by nomadic tribes of pagans. Huns, Scythians, Sarmatians, Kivertsi, and others. The tribes inhabited the area and lived in a constant state of war with each other for power and land. The land was the main wealth, because all the families involved in farming and raising livestock.
Another bright page in the history of the country has been the division of Russia in the Principality and further onto the village and the base of the new towns. Such bright personality as Danilo Galitsky, founder of Moscow Yuri Dolgoruky also left a significant contribution to the history.
Famous people. Next Page Ukrainian history is Cossacks and Cossack State. At the head of the Cossacks was hetman. Among them were many outstanding personalities left their mark in history. Baida Vishnevetskii, Philip Orlik, Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Ivan Mazepa, Ivan Bohun. They were all great military leaders and military commanders. Philip Orlik Ukrainian political statesman and military leader, poet, essayist. One of the founders of the “Agreements and decisions” – a constitutional act, which is called the first constitution in the world. Bogdan Khmelnitsky led war against Poland, and in the end it has concluded a contract with a Russian protectorate. And since 1654, Ukraine is heavily influenced by Russia.

Ilya Repin 1880-1891 The Cossacks Writing a Letter to the Turkish Sultan
 Ilya Repin  1880-1891 The Cossacks Writing a Letter to the Turkish Sultan

At the same time, and later in the field of literature, there are not less important person and famous ukrainians. People like Skovoroda, Nikolay Gogol, Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko, Lesya Ukrainka, Mikhail Kotsyubinsky were real Ukrainians left a huge mark on world literature.
Taras Shevchenko, a prominent writer, poet, an artist, a man who established the largest number of monuments in the world after the Buddha.
In the early 20th century during the time of coming to power in Russia, the Communists and the destruction of the monarchy and revolution in the Ukrainian People’s Republic Chairman of the Central Rada was a historian, professor, scientist Hrushevsky. This patriot and a very kind person. Later, Ukraine joined the Soviet Union where the main man was Lenin, and in 1931 Hrushevsky was arrested, charged with “counter-revolutionary activities.” He was charged with anti-Soviet Ukrainian leadership of the national center. Repression also touched upon his students.

During Soviet times, the head of the whole immense powers which occupies 20% of the land was a Ukrainian Nikita Khrushchev. Bright and not an ordinary person running the country, and quite successfully.
In 1991, after the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine became an independent state. the first president Leonid Kravchuk was elected. Then the country was ruled were people like presidents Leonid Kuchma, Viktor Yushchenko, Viktor Yanukovych and Petro Poroshenko in 2014.
In today’s world there is someone proud of Ukraine. Her praise such people such as Stephen Wozniak. American developer of computer programmer and Ukrainian origin. He is co-founder of Apple Computer. Some suggest that Jobs and Woz were a couple of young guys who are trying to earn some money. Maybe they are right, but their success exceeded all expectations!

Famous people of Ukrainian origin have done and are now making a great contribution to the scientific activities and discoveries. Amosov, Paton great scientists of world renown.
Now the world knows Ukraine largely due to the athletes who are the best of their sports. Vitali Klitschko, the current world boxing champion in the heavyweight division by the WBC version. His younger brother, Wladimir Klitschko has boxing in the heavyweight division, IBF title of world champion, WBO, IBO and the magazine Ring Magazine. Vladimir Klitschko also Olympic champion. Sergey Bubka, a multiple world champion and Olympic champion in the pole vault. Yana Klochkova, Denis Selantev, Julia Podkopaeva, Oksana Baiul – Olympic champions. Vasiliy Virostyuk in 2003, took third place in the competition “The most powerful man on the planet”, and in 2004 won the title of the strongest. This is all the people who have made a huge contribution to the popularization of Ukraine and in the world of sports.
Andriy Shevchenko the footballer who plays for Dynamo Kiev, Milan and Chelsea, the national team as a striker. He ranked third in the list of top scorers 63 goals and the victory at national team in the UEFA Champions League 2003 with the Milan FC.
Now the history of the sport they are doing such players like Andriy Yarmolenko, Yevhen Konoplyanka, very young Victor Tsygankov and Victor Kovalenko. In boxing the new stars Alexander Usik and Vasyl Lomachenko are also world champions in different weight categories. Ukraine is rich in strong and bright people.

Other famous people with Ukrainians and Ukrainian origin.
Max Levchin co-founder of PayPal. Informatic and entrepreneur originally from Ukraine. In 1991, with his family in search of political asylum, he moved to the United States and settled in Chicago, Illinois. PayPal Inc. He came out on the open market in February 2002 and was subsequently acquired by eBay. In 2004 Levchin launched startup Slide, media sharing service for social networks MySpace and Facebook. In August 2010, Google acquired Slide for $ 182 million.
Ivan Poddubny famous Ukrainian wrestler born into a family of the Zaporozhye Cossacks in the village near Poltava. Poddubny 7 years worked as a longshoreman in Sevastopol and Feodosiya, and in 1898 began performing in the circus arena. Sergey Bubka famous athlete in the pole vault Bubka won six championships IAAF World, he won Olympic “gold” and 35 times world records. He – the first who jumped over 6 meters and the only one who jumped over 6.10 meters.
Lilia Podkopayeva gymnast, became the absolute champion of the Olympic Games in 1996, world champion in gymnastics in 1995 and the absolute champion of Europe in 1996. It is considered one of the best gymnasts in the history.
Anna Bessonova In 2007 Bessonova was the absolute world champion in rhythmic gymnastics in the city of Patras. In 2004, she won bronze at the Olympic Games in Athens, and in 2004 – the Olympic Games in Beijing. To date, it is the collection of 24 medals of the world championships, two Olympic medals, 24 medals of the European Championships and 10 World Cup medals. Ukrainian swimmer Yana Klochkova, who won five Olympic medals, including four gold.
Anna Ushenina from December 2012 is the 14th world chess champion. In 2012, at the World Championship among women won the chess crown, defeating in the final Antoante Stefanov. In addition, in 2013 the Ukrainian national team for the first time in history won the “gold” at the command FIDE world championship among women (Catherine Lagno, Ushenina Anna Maria Muzychuk, Natalia Zhukova and Inna Yanovska-Gaponenko).
Oksana Baiul Ukrainian professional figure skater. Olympic Champion 1994 in the women’s figure skating champion and 1993 world.
Terrence Gordon Savchuk Canadian hockey goalkeeper of Ukrainian origin. Savchuk has become a benchmark skill among goalkeepers and was recognized as “the best goalkeeper of all time.” Savchuk retired, won 447 victories. His record for the number of “dry” matches (103) lasted 39 years and was only beaten in 2009
Dmitry Hristich professional hockey player. During his career he played 811 games in the NHL – for “Washington Capitals”, “Los Angeles Kings”, “Boston Bruins” and “Toronto Maple Leafs”. Now Hristich – the head of the supervisory board of the Professional League of Ukraine.
Eugene Melnyk Canadian businessman of Ukrainian origin, the owner of a professional hockey club «Ottawa Senators», playing in the NHL. Former manager «Biovail Corporation» pharmaceutical company and a former «Trimel Corporation» company owner.
Eugene Hutz Vocalist «Gogol Bardello» was born in the Ukraine. His film debut was the film “Everything Is Illuminated”
Ruslana won in the song contest “Eurovision” in 2004 with the song “Wild Dances” ( “Wild Dances”): she received scores of 34 (out of 35) of the participating countries.
Ani Lorak received the most prestigious and the honorary title of People’s Artist of Ukraine and the most beautiful women in Eastern Europe, Lorak represented Ukraine at the “Eurovision” in 2008 and took second place with the song «Shady Lady».
Oleg Skripka Ukrainian musician, singer, composer, band leader “Screams Vidopliassova” artistic director ethnic festival “Dreamland”.
Krushelnytska one of the most talented Ukrainian opera singers (soprano).
Herbert “Gerp” Alpert American musician, founder and co-owner of a record company A & M Records (the label founded with Jerry Moss, who later became the property of Polygram).
Vladimir Horowitz, an American pianist and composer. Horowitz best known for his performance of the romantic repertoire. Nikolai Kolessa outstanding Ukrainian composer and conductor. Among his works: two symphonies (1949 and 1966.), Symphonic Variations (1931), “Ukrainian Suite” (1928), suite “in the mountains” for String Orchestra (1972), a number of chamber works and music for drama theater and a few song cycles.
Maria Zankovetskaya actress, singer and theatrical figure. Zankovetska repertoire includes more than 30 dramatic-heroic roles that she played with the innate talent and penetration. Catherine Belokur Ukrainian folk artist. In the beginning it took many tests. Her paintings became famous in the late 1930s-1940s. – They Ekaterina captured the beauty and richness of nature. He was awarded the title of People’s artist of Ukraine.
Kseniya Simonova artist working in the genre of sand animation. In 2009, he won the television show “Ukraine Got Talent.”
Serge Lifar French ballet dancer and choreographer of Ukrainian origin. In 1921 he left Kiev and made his debut in the “Russian ballet” Diaghilev and it quickly became a leading soloist. He played leading roles in ballets by George Balanchine, headed the Paris Opera Ballet and created his first ballet.
Bogdan Stupka most famous Ukrainian actor. He played more than 100 roles in films and more than 50 in the theater. Nick Adams, the American film and television actor of Ukrainian descent. Glory brought him supporting roles in Hollywood films 50-60th. and a starring role in the television series “The Rebel” 1959.
Chuck Palahniuk Ukrainian-American novelist, the author marked by numerous awards the book “Fight Club,” based on the eponymous film which has been removed.
Mikhail Bulgakov Soviet writer. The most famous Bulgakov’s novel “Master and Margarita” The Times magazine recognized one of the masterpieces of the 20th century.
Boris Grabowski Soviet engineer who invented the fully electronic television system and presented it in 1928 (Philo Farnsworth presented his in 1927).
Igor Sikorsky American-Ukrainian aviation pioneer. After emigrating to the US in 1919, Sikorsky was created in the 1930s. the first flying boats for Pan American Airways, and in 1942 – the world’s first serial helicopter single-rotor design. Evgeny Paton Ukrainian and Soviet engineer and scientist in the field of welding and bridge construction. He developed methods of calculation of rational constructive schemes of metal bridges, studied the conditions of their work, suggested ways to rebuild destroyed bridges.

In the photo with the start of the Pacific platform "Odyssey" Ukrainian carrier rocket "Zenit the SL 3" in the framework of the space program "Sea Launch"
In the photo with the start of the Pacific platform “Odyssey” Ukrainian carrier rocket “Zenit the SL 3” in the framework of the space program “Sea Launch”

Oleksandr Smakula Ukrainian physicist, known as the inventor of the anti-reflective lens coating. Simon Kuznets American economist Ukrainian origin laureate in economics in 1971 the Nobel Prize.
Georges Charpak French physicist of Ukrainian origin, the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1992. Different types of particle detectors, developed on the basis of the original invention Charpak, played an important role in the discoveries in particle physics over the past two decades.
Vyacheslav Chornovol – Ukrainian dissident opposing the Soviet regime. Several times in the 1960s and 1970s. he was arrested for his political views. A fighter for the independence of Ukraine, one of the key political figures of the late 80’s – early 90-ies.
Golda Meir was born in Kiev. He became the fourth Prime Minister of Israel. Israeli banknote denomination of 10,000 shekels release in 1984 is Meir image on one side and the reproduction of photographs of her meeting with the Muscovites.
Roksolana Hjurrem Haseki Sultan, or known in Europe as Roksolana, widely known in modern Turkey and the West. Her image display found in many works of art: paintings, music (including “Symphony 63” by Joseph Haydn), Denis Sichinskiy opera, ballet, plays and several novels, mainly in the Ukrainian language, as well as in English, French and German.
Nikolai Amosov outstanding Ukrainian and Soviet medical scientist in the field of cardiology and thoracic surgeons. One of the first physicians, who began conducting heart surgery. He became the founder of the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery and first performed mitral heart valve. At the international level, Amos discovered and coined the prosthetic heart valve, with antithrombotic abilities.
Ilya Ilf Soviet journalist, writer. Born in Odessa in 1897. He worked as an accountant, journalist, and then continued his career editor. Work on the novel “The Twelve Chairs” is the beginning of cooperation with the writer-journalist Yevgeny Petrov. Subsequently, two eminent author published a no less well-known works that were popular not only in the Soviet Union: “The Golden Calf”, “bright personality”, “Unusual stories from Kolokolamsk life of the city”, “1001 Day or New Scheherazade” , “one-storey America”.
Nikolai Gogol, writer, playwright, novelist. Born in Sorochintsy Poltava province. Literary fame brought the collection “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka” impregnated with ethnic and folk flavor of the Ukrainian people. In Gogol merge two principles: Ukrainian and Russian, and it certainly affects the work of the great talents.
Svyatoslav Vakarchuk Ukrainian rock singer, leader of the group “Okean Elzy” songwriter. Honored Artist of Ukraine. She is an active participant in various social and cultural projects. Often he acts in the Kiev Polytechnic University lectures on political and social themes. It takes an active pro-Ukrainian position.
Mila Kunis is an American actress of Ukrainian origin. She was born in Chernivtsi. The fame and rise through the ranks has received thanks to the film “In flight”. Mila also in the animated series “Family Guy” voice of Meg Griffin. One of the most important roles played in the film “Black Swan.” In addition to acting career, she is engaged in the modeling business.
Ilya Mechnikov, biologist, scientist. It is considered the founder of evolutionary embryology and immunology. Born in Kharkov province Ivanovka. He received the Nobel Prize in medicine.
Milla Jovovich Famous Hollywood actress, model, was born in Kiev. For the first time she appeared in the film “Two Moon Junction” in 13 years. It is known for the films “Blue Lagoon,” “The Fifth Element”, “Resident Evil” .Sergey Korolev designer was the founder of practical astronautics. It is considered a significant figure 20 item. in rocket and shipbuilding. Born in Ukraine, Zhytomyr.
Anna Akhmatova, poet, literary critic, translator. In Russian literature Article 20. It is a classic of Russian poetry. It was subject to censorship, silencing, harassment. Many of her works have not been published, but this did not prevent the great poet to win fame and recognition during his lifetime. Born in Odessa.
Vladimir Vernadsky the scientist, thinker, founder of the theory of the biosphere. He was the founder of scientific schools. One of the founders of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, where he became the first prezidentom.
Aleksandr Vertinskii the famous actor, movie actor and theater, poet, singer, composer. Born in Kiev. Since 1915, he played in theaters. From Russia emigrated In1919 year. He lived and performed throughout the world. Vertinsky was very popular in many countries, but in the Soviet Union was not recognized as the honored artist.
Olga Kurylenko French model, actress with Ukrainian roots. Born in Berdyansk (Zaporizhia region). The popularity gained by the movie “Paris, I love you.” Also known as a “Bond girl” in the film 007 “James Bond”.
Nikolai Leontovich composer, conductor, teacher and public figure. He worked as a teacher of choral singing in Vinnitsa, Kiev. He was the creator of the classic examples of Ukrainian choral music. Processed lot of Ukrainian folk songs. Lubomyr Romankiw Invested no small contribution to the evolution of computers in the world. Created method of recording information on a magnetic hard disk drive head that is still successfully working at IBM. He is the author and co-author of some 65 patents. He is a member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine, as well as the IBM Academy of Engineering Sciences.
Anatoly Timoschuk Ukrainsky footballer. Playing on the midfielder.
Ukrainian gymnast Larissa Latynina, World and European champion, nine-time Olympic champion, honored master of sports, honored coach. Until 2012 it had the highest number of medals and was considered the most titled athlete in the world.
Irina Deriugina Honored Master of Sports of the Soviet Union in rhythmic gymnastics. Twice was the absolute world champion.
Footballer Oleg Blokhin coach. It is considered one of the best players of the Soviet Union. He played in the striker position. It has a lot of titles. The condemned Master of Sports, Honored coach of Ukraine. From 2011 to 2012, he was head coach of the national team of Ukraine on football.
Boris Paton outstanding Soviet and Ukrainian scientist in the field of metallurgy, electric welding and metal technology. Electroslag method of cooking has been created under the leadership of Paton. Boris Paton began research on the application of welding and similar technologies in space. Also left his mark in surgery, as was the main initiator of a unique technology – joining (welding) live tissues.
Anatoly Solovyanenko Ukrainian lyric-dramatic tenor, opera singer. He received the title of People’s Artist of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine, also was awarded the Lenin Prize.
Actress Olga Sumskaya and TV of Ukraine. He received the title of Honored and People’s Artist of Ukraine. Roksolany role in the eponymous TV series, the actress earned fame after she starred in the sequel series, “Ascension to the Throne” and “The Flower of the empire.”
Vladimir Filatov is the pride of the world of medicine, due to its discoveries in the following areas: corneal transplantation, tissue therapy, circular stem. For 20 years, Vladimir Petrovich headed the Odessa Institute of Ophthalmology, in which he created the country’s first station ocular emergency and glaucomatous dispensary. Ostap Cherry outstanding Ukrainian writer, a master of satire and humor. He became the creator of a new genre in Ukrainian literature – a smile, where the main character of his works was the people.
Ilya Repin. With creativity Repin tied the highest achievements of realistic painting of the XIX century. Born in the Ukraine, where he received the first skills of the picturesque handicrafts from local painters. Paintings Repin – is a whole world, surprising for its diversity and breadth. Masterpieces Repin called the following paintings: “Barge Haulers on the Volga”, “Ivan the Terrible and his Son”, “The Unexpected”, “Religious Procession in Kursk Province”, etc.
Vladimir Dal. It is known worldwide as the originator of “Explanatory Dictionary of Russian vocabulary,” but other than that he is a writer, ethnographer, linguist, lexicographer and physician. Dahl’s Dictionary contains more than two hundred thousand words, where it does not just explain the words and looks for synonyms, examples from life, is the whole story of the life of the people.
Alexander Dovzhenko man whose talents are etched in filmmaking, drama, prose, painting. He is the founder of the School of Ukrainian poetic cinema. The most famous of his paintings: “Zvenigora”, “Earth”, “Poem of the Sea”, “Michurin”.
Valery Lobanovsky one of the best coaches in the entire world of football, a person, which has successfully combined both trenersky talent and great organizational skills. He developed a long-term program for the selection and training of athletes, has implemented the principles of “the system of football.”
Sergei Polunin One of the youngest and brightest premiers of the Royal Ballet, the ballet troupe of the Prime Musical Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirova-Danchenko. He is the winner of various music competitions: “Prix de Lausanne”, International Competition. Lifar, the Youth America Grand Prix. As the most promising dancer, he was awarded the National Prize of the British community of critics.
Inessa Kravets .Vershinoy her career she believes winning athlete in Atlanta at the Olympics, when the Ukrainian team for the first time appeared on the world scene as a separate command. It was then Inessa set a record in the triple jump, which so far no one can beat
Ivan Kotlyarevsky is the author of the first works of the Ukrainian language – “Aeneid”, which described the various aspects of the Ukrainian people of the second half of the 18th century.
Mihail Hrushevsky this man is an outstanding historian, literary critic, philosopher, educator, publicist. His work “The History of Ukraine – Rus”, which caused a flurry of criticism and debate, described the history of Ukraine from ancient times to the 17th century. But most important for Ukraine, he is a politician, who led the 1917 Ukrainian Central Rada.
Sofia Rotaru is one of the leading Ukrainian pop singers. Her repertoire includes more than 500 songs in many languages.
Petro Mohyla he belongs to the people whose names symbolize the rebirth of the nation. Peter’s Tomb is the founder of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, he also made a great contribution to the renewal of Orthodox theology, systematized Eastern Christian theology.
Sergei Prokofiev was born in the Donetsk region. He belongs to one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century. Sergey began to study music with five years. Among his famous works emit the opera “War and Peace”, “The Story of a Real Man”, “Player”, ballets “Cinderella,” “Romeo and Juliet”, “The Tale of the Stone Flower” and other symphonic works. Ivan Mazepa unfortunately in history, he was captured as a traitor, who, during the Battle of Poltava defected to the Swedes, stepping over the interests of Peter I. However, who knows, that directs the great hetman at the moment, and from whom in fact he saved himself and Ukraine.
Oles Gonchar is one of the most significant representatives of the Ukrainian prose of the twentieth century. As the son of a peasant, he could be a great writer and publicist, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, laureate of Stalin and Lenin prizes. Best known for his works “Bearers”, “The Cathedral”, “Tronka” etc.
Mikhail Verbitsky, author of romances, chamber works, engaged in registration music for plays, wrote sacred choral works, arrangements of folk songs, orchestral works. It is known to every Ukrainian, from small to large, as the author of music the anthem of Ukraine “Ukraine Has Not Yet Perished”.
Snezhana Onopko Ukrainian fashion model, which entered the top 10 most successful models in the world. Girl with a remarkable appearance took part in the best shows in Milan, Paris, New York, appeared on the cover of Numero and Vogue magazines.

Other famous people Ukrainian origin:

Bohdan Futey, Mikhail Sholokhov, Wayne Gretzky, Ismail Gasprinskii, Sergei Grigorovich, Gregory Orlik, Jose Nestor Pekerman, Grigory Yavlinsky, Ivan Aivazovsky, Vasyl Stus, Lesia Ukrainka, Stepan Bandera, Nikolai Maclay, Nikolai Przewalski, Orest Subtelny, Nikolay Leontovich, Stanislaw Ulam, Michael Ilienko, Vladimir Grishko, Vassily Ivanchuk, Bogdan Hawrylyshyn, Sigmund Freud, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Adolf Dassler, Armand Hammer, Peter Yatsyk, Michael Yangel, Mary Beck, David Duchovny, Robert Maxwell, Ilya Mechnikov, Jack Palance, Dustin Hoffman, Bob Dylan, Roald Hoffmann, Oleg Antonov, Leonid Bykov, Sergei Korolev.