Princess Olga

Princess Olga


(? -969)

Princess Olga, who took the baptismal name of the Greek Helen, was first mentioned in Russian chronicles in 903 year as a wife, which resulted from Pskov Prince Igor. The nature of this woman clearly demonstrates the fact that after the death of her husband she first fiercely pometylasya his killers. However, the princess made an important conclusion from what happened. It held the first in the history of Kievan Rus, and then in Ukraine, tax reform, setting solid collection of tribute regulations ( “Lessons” and “statutes”). Traveled their possessions, it is everywhere restored peace and order, and then close care has become foreign policy.

Olga inclined to Christianity, but was aware that the introduction to the Byzantine church hierarchy threatened Kyiv dependence on Constantinople. In the year 955 Olga went to the capital of the Byzantine Empire, took herself baptized and tried to negotiate with the Greeks that the adoption of Christianity by not mean her political subordination Byzantium. The Greeks responded empty promises. Another embassy also failed. Desperate, the princess in the year 959 turned to the West, to the Emperor Otto, but here the main condition was put submission western church.

Under the influence of these failures Olga was off the power in favor of his son Svyatoslav, which favored paganism. The first princess-Christian bequeathed to bury her Christian rite and did not keep the pagan feasts.


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