Hetman Dmytro Baida Vyshnevetsky

Dmitry Vyshnevetsky

Dmitry Vyshnevetsky 8 November (1517) – 1563) – nobleman, Volyn tycoon, Prince Korbut emblem of Hedyminovyches. The owner of estates in the town Vyshnivets Kremenets district. Built his castle on the island of Little Khortytsya considered the prototype Sich. Dmitry Vyshnevetsky was born in 1517 in Vyshnivtsi (probably November 8 – the day of St. Dmitri) and was the eldest of four sons Ivan Mikhailovich Vishnevetskogo from his first wife Anastasia Semyonovna with family Olizara. Dmitry grandfather – Michael, was known for his struggle against the Tatars, the other a Serb despot. In 1548 – 1549 years, chaired by Bernard