Famous people of Ukrainian origin - Yana Klochkova

Klochkova Yana

Famous people of Ukrainian origin – Yana Klochkova Biography Yana Klochkova – an outstanding Ukrainian swimmer, honored master of sports in swimming. Born on August 7, 1982 in Simferopol. Engage in swimming Yana Klochkova beginning in 1989. She moved to Kharkov, was admitted to the School of Physical Education and Sport, which finished in 2001. Currently she lives in Kiev. Higher education received at the Kiev National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine. Physical performance athletes are: height 182 cm, weight 70 kg. Yana Klochkova biography is replete with established records. Among them, 50 of Records of Ukraine

Sergei Bubka биография

Sergei Bubka

Sergei Bubka Biography Sergei Bubka – holds the honorary title of “Best athlete in the world“; it awarded the world record holder of 35 World Federation of Athletics. Sergey Bubka was born December 4, 1963 in the city of Lugansk, Ukraine. His father Nazar V. Bubka was a soldier, and his mother, Valentina was a physician and worked in one of the city clinics. A successful athlete and has become the elder brother Vasily Bubka (b. 1960), he also jumped from the sixth and won the silver medal at the European Championships in 1986 (at the end of the 1990s

Vladimir Klitchko biography

Vladimir Klitschko

Vladimir Klitschko   Biography Childhood and early career Vladimir Klitschko Vladimir Klitschko was born in Semipalatinsk (Kazakhstan) March 25, 1976 in a military family. As a child boxer was quiet and calm baby. Little Vladimir wanted to connect my life with medicine or become an astronaut. Nobody meant including Vladimir himself that out of him in the future can come out big-name boxer. When he was just 9 years old, he moved to Ukraine with his parents. From his childhood Vladimir fond of different kinds of combat. Boxing Klitschko interested in 14 years. Vladimir Klitschko was in Brovary School of