Aleksandr Usik

Aleksandr Usik Bioraphy Ukrainian boxer world chempion


The future of Ukrainian heavyweight division – Aleksandr Usik was born in the city of Simferopol on the Crimean peninsula in 1987 on 17 January. The first sporting passion was football Alexander, but at age 15 he first came to the boxing training, where in the ring felt the strength and effectiveness of the sport, and that predetermined his fate.

In the championship of Ukraine Aleksandr Usik could be seen in his demeanor, dancing hobbies as a child formed his style workout, dancing, smiling boxer in the ring with the release turned into a discreet, cold-blooded fighter.

2006, Ukrainians included in the national team, in 2008 became coach Anatoly Lomachenko – the result of the gold at the European Championship, in 2011, he has produced gold at the World Championships in Baku.

In 2012, as captain of the Ukrainian team, became the Olympic champion.
Next was a triumphant series of victories in the semi professional series WSB Boxing, Alexander played for the team “Ukrainian Atamans” in the title, a bit higher than 91 kg. Opponents of the average Ukrainian outweighed him by 10-15 kg., But he confidently defeated all opponents, most wins are ahead of schedule.

The transition to the professional ring occurred in 2013.
After considering numerous offers from the pro- motional US and UK companies, Alexander still opted for K2 Promotions, based Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko.

His debut fight held in November 2013, against the multiple champion of Mexican Felipe Romero, the fight was stopped in the 5th round, after a series of knockdowns in the corner threw in the towel Mexican. A month has passed second fight against Colombian Epifanio Mendoza, a 4-round knockout victory won Ukrainian.


Aleksandr Usik Bioraphy Ukrainian boxer world chempion heavy weight

In 2014, Alexander met with Ben Nsafoa, David Krens, Daniel Brewer, in a duel with which he got the belt WBO interim champion, Danny Venter all the matches have ended prematurely in favor of Aleksandr Usik.

2015, the Ukrainian had 3 match, pursuing a series of knockouts gave it to 1st place ranking in the WBO cruiserweight title.
In September 2016, Alexander spent a title fight in the 1st heavyweight division for the world champion belt under version WBO, against unbeaten Pole Krzysztof Glowacki. The fight lasted all 12 rounds, the technical level of preparation of Ukrainian appreciated by all the critics, excellent footwork and a large arsenal of mnogoudarnyh combinations for such weight rarity, both in principle and result. Victory Alexander broke the record Evander Hollyfild, having won the title already in the 10th battle.

The personal life of Alexander surrounded by three children and wife, with which their fate is still tied to the school desks. Boxer is actively involved in public life, his open manner of communication with journalists to create a positive image, which shows an example of the athlete, patriot of his country, as well as the testator culture and values ​​of the people of Ukraine.

In December 2016 held another match VS Thabiso Mchunu.  Alexande defended the world title. Today, his career continued successfully, and it is a real hope of Ukrainian boxing with Vasyl Lomachenko


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