Andriy Kuzmenko (Skryabin)

Andriy Kuzmenko ( Skryabin)
     Andriy Kuzmenko ( Skryabin)      08/17/1968 – 02/02/2015


Andriy Kuzmenko is better known under the pseudonym Kuzma Scriabin was born August 17, 1968 in the Lviv region.
mothermusic teacher, Viktor Kuzmenko fatheran engineer. He was the only child in the family has a cousin Tatiana and cousinsMikhail and Yaroslav. In the words of Kuzma, since childhood he was trump dude. He graduated from music school, piano.

the first song of the project was recorded June 30, 1989, which included Kuzma, Roy and Alex, a few days later called himself Skryabin. But the fact that Rostislav in December 1989, drafted into the army, as a group Skryabin turned into something abstractIn 1994 Kuzma married Svetlanaa girl who studied with him in the parallel classes, and once defended his desire to go to the music in front of his own parents. Svetlanathe artist and Kuzma is the biggest fan of her talent. But in the same year he was forced to leave his wife and move Roy (Rostislav Domishevsky) and Shura (Sergey Hera) in Kiev. “How long have I got used, I had depression, 2 times a month, I went home,” – told Kuzma SkryabinBut, having your own apartment in the capital, enjoying the success of the recently recorded album Ptah and setting Polsat antenna Kuzma calmed down and even started to get involved in the active life of the Kiev musical gatherings. Svetlana too soon moved to the capital and family life continuedRumor has it that when Kuzma wanted to be a journalist. When asked how he managed it, he replied: “No. I’m very glad I was able to stop in time and look at myself. Although I am currently working in some magazines, however, under the pseudonym”. In 1996 Kuzma Scriabin took part in the bomb program. It was a tribute to fashion and the pursuit of popularity, but in the end – and the audience, and Kuzma – understand that this is an abnormal activity for Skryabintsev.

The life story of Andrey Kuzmenko was later closely associated with the group Skryabin. In 2000, Andrei becomes the master of its own hit parade Hot Seven, which lasted until 2002. Then in 2000, Kuzma had quarreled with Rostislav. Passed rumor Skryabіna decay. After Andrew began to gain momentum in popularity, and Roy started mainly administrative affairs group. Relations between them have cooled.Approximately 2003 Andrey Kuzmenko works as a host of chances and Sheykanemo together with the singer Natalia Mogilev. Since then, Andrew takes all project controls Skryabin itself, begins to create a completely different music than ever before.

Obvious are changes in his views and ideas – this is noticeable in his words in the interview.In 2004, during the Orange Revolution, Kuzma got a lot of charges (including by Rostislav, Shura and Andrew Pidluzhnogo (the latter then left the band)) for performance at a concert the then pro-government forces.In 2006, Andrey Kuzmenko manifests itself as a talented writer after the publication of his own book, an autobiography I, Victory and Berlin. It was wildly popular, reprinted several times. In 2008 he created the group Payuschie cowards.In 2009 he became the “first teacher” DZIDZIO group.Until recently, Andrey Kuzmenko lived and worked in Kiev. Kuzma survived by his wife Svetlana and 17-year-old daughter Maria Barbara Kuzmenko.Famous singer Andriy Kuzmenko of the group Skryabin died February 2, 2015 in a traffic accident.

Exactly nine days before his death in social networks Kuzma presented the song “End of the film”, which has the words: And now the end of the road. The car in the garage…. And now … And now the end is the end of the film … And now is the end. ” Two years ago, he took out of his car video for the song “Ruina” where at the beginning of the second minute video travels to meet him at a decent speed milk tanker. Just so, he faced his car and he died
…Andrey was 46 years old.

Some of the most popular songs: (translation from Ukrainian language)

Own country, Oldest Photography, Talked and smoked, Mumitrol, Dolphins, People as a  ships, Mom. This is just a small fraction giant footprint in our hearts …


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