Andriy Shevchenko

Andrey Shevchenko

Andriy Shevchenko was born on September 29, 1976 in the village of Dvirkivshchyna, Yahotyn Raion (Kiev region). The first years of his life were spent in Dvirkivshchyna, then in 1979 the family moved to Kiev, one of the new urban areas – Obolon.

Few people know that Andrew could have been born in the GDR and could qualify for German citizenship. Unless, of course, would be such a need. Father footballer, Soviet Army Warrant Officer Nikolay Shevchenko served in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. But when Andrew had before the birth of a few months, the mother of the future football star Lyubov advised to go home. Soon I had to follow her husband and transfer to the Kiev Military District. September 29, 1976 in the village of Dvirkivschina Yahotyn district of Kyiv region was born a boy, who was given the name of Andrew. “Grow – an officer would. Even general “, – he said at the time, Nikolai Shevchenko. He rose to the rank of ensign father wanted to see Andrew military, and senior. But fate decreed otherwise.

Shortly after his son’s birth, the family moved Shevchenko in Kiev. There Andrei went to the first class of 216 th secondary school students which are now fighting for the right to occupy a desk Shevchenko. However, “there sat Shevchenko” scratched on several tables, and some of them just Shevchenko, no one can say. The class in which Andrew was unanimously selected fizorgom not considered strong. His score of children that have not been in a group with in-depth study of physics and mathematics. But this did not prevent the children to become friendly and responsive staff. The leader, of course, was Andrei Shevchenko. He and Timur movements involved, and trash collected, and the girls stood up.

Shevchenko first strong inspirations of hockey, but my father “tuned” to the son of football. When Andrew was nine years old, the coach Oleksandr Shpakov enrolled him in the youth team of the Kiev “Dynamo”. In 1986, “Sheva” almost said goodbye to football: “Immediately after the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant we have no explanation hastily sent to somewhere in the region of the Sea of Azov. About what happened, we found out later, “said Andrew.
Once in school posted an order: “In order to improve the physical fitness of students to carry out physical exercises before the start of lessons. Turnout is required! “Every morning, the head teacher stood in front of the school and recorded latecomers. “Your Shevchenko again came. He did not think about their health, “- she said to the class teacher. What kind fizzaryadke could think of 12-year-old boy, when the horizon loomed a trip to Italy, the country’s most beautiful football! While Andrew trained seriously for two or three hours a day in the football school “Dynamo”, he participated in children’s tournaments and was among the contenders for the trip to Europe.

Once in Milan at the famous stadium “San Siro”, Andrew went mad with joy: “Sleep! Fantastic dream “- he thought. Since then, the Ukrainian youth raving only “Milan”. “Playing in a team! That’s real happiness! “But a week later the dream ended and we had to return to Kiev, in the 216-th high school. Before leaving the airport he decided not to go for breakfast. He wanted to have time to run to the stadium and take another look at the wonderful scene, to say goodbye. He ran in the stadium stood for a few minutes at the green lawn and threw nickels coin on the field when making: “To come back!”

At home, he has a great zeal began to train and unequivocally decided to devote himself to the sport and become a soccer player. Teachers loved Andrew and did not disturb him, despite the fact that it is not the best way affected his performance. Due to the constant trips he missed a lot of school and did not shine much appreciated. “How are you, Andrew, going abroad to communicate with people without the knowledge of a foreign language?” – Asked the teacher of English. “Pripechet – learn” – he answered.

In seventh grade, Andrew brought competition to the newspaper article about himself and gave it to the homeroom teacher. She was pleased to read the article about his student as a talented athlete, and she asked: “Andrew, sign, please,” From future champion. ” He frowned and said that “the future champion” would not write. Nearby stood a classmate, who offered to write these words of Andrew: “You, Andrei, you only need to sign.” Young football player, reflection, agreed and left the memo under his first autograph!
Andrew’s parents were initially against the passions of his son. Nikolay Shevchenko wanted after graduation went to the heir in his footsteps – was the military. And ride the exercise had to be across town. But Shpakov persuaded Nicholas G. and mother of Andrew, Love Nikolaevna, is that their child has prospects in football. But sports were almost wiped out the accident at the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl. In the spring of 1986, the Kiev school were taken hastily away from the regions, “marked” radiation. Back home, Andrew continued to play football.

In 1990 at a friendly tournament “Cup of Ian Rush” Andrew was the best scorer, with the youngest of all participants. Star soccer club Liverpool and Wales Ian Rush after the match gave Shevchenko new boots. While get good equipment in the USSR was not easy.

The team, which spoke Shevchenko (1992 Shpakova coaching was replaced by Alexander Lysenko), in August 1991 became the winner of the last championship of the USSR among boys born in 1976. In her part of Shevchenko, who started on the midfielder, he won his first international prizes and titles.

Time passed school time. Andriy Shevchenko tried to enter the Kiev Institute of Physical Culture, but failed the entrance exam in their specialty. Fortunately, the “Dynamo” manual work, and Andrew took. And for good reason. After some time, Andriy Shevchenko took the Olympic team of Ukraine. This gave new impetus to the development of Shevchenko as a player. A year later, Andrew began to play in the Champions League, which played at full strength.

In 1994. Andriy Shevchenko made a hat-trick for the “Dynamo” in the Champions League in Barcelona.

The match then ended with the score 4: 0 (Now about this dream does not have to). Even then, “Milan” was willing to pay for the Ukrainian striker 17 million. Dollars, but “Dinamo” management found that amount too small, and not Andrei sold. After 2 years, the boss of “Milan” Silvio Berlusconi still managed to agree with Grigory Surkis, the owner of “Dynamo”. transfer amounted to 25 million. dollars. And on July 2, 1999. Andriy Shevchenko officially signed a contract with the Italian club.
After moving to the “Milan” Shevchenko began the best period of his football career. In the first year, he scored 24 goals and became the best scorer of Italy. It should also be noted that the players of “Milan” quite normally accepted Andriy Shevchenko in their ranks, and very fast to play with him. The best team-mate Kaka proved. That’s Andriy Shevchenko and Kaka were the best bunch in the world of football. Both bad owned foreign languages, but it is very well understood each other on the field. Soon it turned into a strong friendship.

Andrew quickly conquered the Italian “tifozi”. Just a couple of games it is not allowed to pass, asking for an autograph. They became interested in not only fans, but also high-ranking people in a society, it was invited to various secular receptions. It is they Andriy Shevchenko made friends with the famous designer Armani and found his “soul mate” Kristen Pazzik, whom he later married.

Advances in personal life made themselves felt – on the field Andrew is now even faster and annoying, which led to the fact that “Milan” has won the Champions League. Andriy Shevchenko happiness was not the end, but it was a thing that marred zvezdu- death of the great coach Valeriy Lobanovskiy. That he Shevchenko was obliged to all what has been achieved. So, arriving in Kiev with the Champions League trophy, Shevchenko went to say thank you to your teacher, who rested on Baykovsky cemetery.

After the triumph in the Champions League, “Milan” won the Italian Serie A (Scudetto). This meant only one in Italy “Milan” collected all the trophies, so Andrei Shevchenko has become not fun to play in it. Therefore, Andriy Shevchenko moved to the “Chelsea”, the amount of the transition was not a little to 30.5 million. Dollars. It broke the then record of transfers, which amounted to 30 million. Jose Mourinho, “Chelsea” coach, was inexpressibly happy with the purchase of the club, and are pleased to have been almost everything except the fans of “Milan”. Andriy Shevchenko said he simply passes from one to another European team, that is poured into a team of champions and nothing to do with money. Watching Now move Andrew, I want to say that it would be better, he did not. After playing a couple of matches for “Chelsea” Andrey sat on a bench spare. After that, the coach several times gave him the chance to start playing in the main team, but Sheva it never happened. As a result he was given for rent … “Milan”. Where Andriy Shevchenko was unable to start playing as before.

After such “wandering” of European grandees Andrew returned to his home in Kiev “Dynamo”.Where he played for several years. Also participated as captain of the national team at the European Championships 2012. Then he hangs up his boots and tied with the player’s career. Then poshol on coaching courses, and in the summer of 2016 became the head coach of national football team.


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