Askold and Dir

Ascold and Dir
Ascold and Dir

Askold and Dir

First Kievan princes, of which mention chronicle, including Laurentian Chronicle. The exact dates of their life are unknown, unclear is the origin of the two princes. Rather, they were both warriors Novgorod prince Rurik, who spontaneously went to 860 down the Dnieper to gather the strength to march on Constantinople. Road Askold and Dir captured the small fortified town of Kyiv, which paid tribute to the Khazars, and remained there to reign, gradually conquering his power tribal union field.

In the year 866, zhurtuvavshy around a strong wife, which mainly consisted of the Normans, the princes made their goal – to march against Byzantium. But a sudden storm near Constantinople rozmetala and sank most of their ships, so Askold Hole and had to return to Kyiv.

Askold and Dir reign, which lasted about twenty years was far from peaceful. Prince had to wage a constant struggle with militant neighbors – pechenegs Danube Bulgarians, Slavic tribes convict and Drevlyane.

In 882 the walls were warriors Kyiv Prince Oleg, Rurik heir to the recently deceased. Oleg deceit lured Askold and Dir to his camp. Accused of unauthorized seizure of power, misappropriation of princely power (both are not part of a princely family) and executed. Chronicle claims that Askold was buried on the Mount of Hungary ( “Askold’s Grave”) and Deer – the church of St. Irina in Kiev.


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