Bogdan Stupka

Bogdan Stupka biography ukrainian actor
                               27.08.1941. – 22.07.2012.


Bogdan Stupka – eminent theater and film actor, the recipient of numerous honors and awards for his contribution to the arts, to the very last days of his life devoted to him. Biography Bogdan Stupka has about one hundred and thirty films and TV series, and fifty roles in the theater, which has always enjoyed great success with the audience. And it’s all thanks to the unique skills and his amazing ability to pass their characters through itself as through a sieve.

Bogdan Stupka was born at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, not far from the city. A few years after its completion, when the boy was seven years old, the family moved to the city, in the town of his childhood and youth have been a great actor. Bogdan grew up surrounded by music: his father was a chorister of the Lviv Opera House, in the same soloist uncle and aunt worked as a concertmaster. Initially Stupka did not want to bind their lives with art, decided to enter the Polytechnic Institute. But luck did not smile graduate, he did not contest was held.

Before coming to acting, Bogdan Stupka changed several professions: he worked in the locksmith apprentice at the university, made in the student observatory pictures and entertainers working in the youth jazz ensemble “Medicus”. Stupka Statements enjoyed wide popularity among the public, and in the end the young citizen of Lviv knew it was time to start seriously developing in the direction of the cast.

Bogdan Stupka entered the drama studio at the theater Maria Zankovetska and graduated from it in 1961. After he left the troupe, where he worked for seventeen years. In 1963 the artist was drafted into the army, and he was for three years combined service with professional activity in the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Carpathian Military District. 1967, in the life of Bogdan Silvestrovicha it happened just two joyful events: he was admitted to the Union of theatrical figures of Ukraine and tied the knot.

In 1978 Mortar moved to Kiev, where he began to play in the Kiev Academic Theatre of Ukrainian Drama. In parallel, the man proceeded to a thorough study of the theoretical foundations of trade, and in 1984 received a degree in theatrologist Kiev Theatrical Institute named after Karpenko-Kary.

Fruitful theatrical and cinematic activities of its numerous awards and national recognition has not gone unnoticed, and in 1999 Bogdan Stupka was appointed Minister of Culture and Arts of Ukraine. In this position Bogdan Silvestrovich served only two years after abandoning it for closer to him post of artistic manager of the theater named after Ivan Franko, he became over the years a second home.

For while the Stupka was a minister, it was made a lot of positive changes. In particular, he ordered that in the case of availability in the hall on the play allowed students and pensioners free. Unfortunately, his departure from the post of the practice was abolished.

During the years of his artistic career, Bogdan Stupka was awarded numerous awards, as expressed recognition of an outstanding artist in the CIS countries and abroad. Shortly before the collapse of the USSR he was awarded the title of People’s Artist, actor was thrice awarded the famous “Kiev pectoral”, as well as in different years pristalen to a number of awards: “For Merit” Order of Honor, the Order of Friendship, as well as the Order of Yaroslav the Wise (twice) .

Bogdan Silvestrovich was honorary citizen of Kiev, and consisted of several academies: Ukrainian Academy of Arts, Russian Academy “Nika”, as well as the European Film Academy. In addition, Bogdan Stupka headed Kyiv International Film Festival.

Bogdan Stupka: Movies

Bohdan Stupka film debut was a small role in the historical-revolutionary four-part films “Peace to the cottages – war to the palaces.” But truly brought fame actor drama “White Bird with Black Mark”, he played the difficult role of Orest Zvonar. Then a year later Stupka played in the drama “The very last day,” the directorial film debut of his colleagues in the acting workshop of Mikhail Ulyanov. Ulyanov himself considered his first experience extremely unfortunate and never returned to directing – made the decision to Bogdan Silvestrovicha so impressed that Stupka his entire acting career never attempted to take the director’s chair for fear of disappointment.

In 1999 Bogdan Stupka starred in landmark historical drama “Fire and Sword” Polish film director Jerzy Hoffman, where beautifully played the role of Ukrainian Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky. In general, if we talk about tipazhnosti role, Bogdan Silvestrovich time to “try on” the role of almost all well-known Ukrainian hetman, from real-life (Bryukhovetsky Ivan, Ivan Mazepa) to fictional characters (Taras Bulba).

Bohdan Stupka in the film "Taras Bulba"
Bogdan Stupka in the film “Taras Bulba”

In 2004 came just two grossing film featuring actor. Dramatic reel of film “A Driver for Vera” by Pavel Chuhraja was awarded the “Golden Rose” – the main prize of the festival “Kinotavr”. War drama “his” shot Dmitry Meshieva brought Bogdan Stupka film awards “Silver George” and “Golden Ram”. At the same time the actor was nominated for the European Film Academy, but in that year it took the Spaniard Javier Bardem. Four years later, the role in the film directed by Kira Muratova film critic allowed to put Mortar on a par with such world celebrities like Hopkins, Pacino and De Niro.

In recent years, the life of Bohdan Stupka went on to work productively and to act. He received three “Golden Eagle”: two for the main role in the historical film “Taras Bulba” and a supporting role in the dramatic movie film “Home” by Oleg Pogodin. A year before the death of the actor received the title of National Hero of Ukraine.

Bogdan Stupka: Theatre

Bogdan Silvestrovich for his life has played many diverse roles on the stage of Lviv theater Maria Zankovetska, Kiev Ukrainian Drama Theater, collaborated with controversial film director Andrei Zholdak on the stage of Kiev Academic Young Theatre, played in antrepriznyh performances.

The most memorable works of performances can be called “Tevye-Tevel”, “Delirium for Two” and “Dreams for Kobzar”, “Lion and Lioness” and “Old Love”.

Bogdan Stupka: Illness and death

In February 2012, the press reported that Bogdan Stupka was seriously ill. The first signs of the disease appeared two years earlier, when, during the filming of the show “Once in Rostov” Mortar fainted. The survey revealed a malignant tumor. For two years, the actor bravely fought the disease, moving some operations in a German clinic.

Despite the terrible illness, Bogdan Stupka was working. His last “Golden Eagle” for her role in “House” actor was, knowing his diagnosis. He could not imagine life without a scene and worked until he was allowed to force.

On the night of 21 July 22, before reaching only a month before his 71 th birthday, the great dramatic actor Bohdan Stupka died of heart failure in a specialized clinic Theophany. The artist’s last journey escorted thousands of loyal fans of his many years of work.

Bogdan Stupka: Love life

The actor was married to Larisa Kornienko, a graduate of choreographic school in Baku. In marriage, the couple lived for forty-five years old, a little bit before they reach the golden wedding.

Son Silvestrovicha Bogdan Stupka Ostap followed in the footsteps of his father, eldest grandson Dmitry also continued the family theatrical dynasty. Ostap Stupka and Dmitry played at the theater named after Ivan Franko, who for many years led their father and grandfather.

Bogdan Stupka with his son Ostap
Bogdan Stupka with his son Ostap

Bogdan Stupka: Filmography

The White Bird Marked with Black
Children of the Sun
Great Ukrainians. Taras Shevchenko
Fire and Sword
Black glad / Ukr. Chorna Rada
Prayer for Hetman Mazepa
Driver for Vera
Two in one
Heart on the palm
Taras Bulba
Once in Rostov


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