Andre Tan - Biography famous ukrainian designer and fashion designer Place of birth, education. He was born in Kharkov. At age 11 began to attend cutting

Andre Tan – Biography

Andre TAN (24.10.1983) famous Ukrainian designer and fashion designer is the owner of many prizes and Grand Prix, one of which he received at the festival “Kiev Podium” from the Paco Rabanne. In addition, André was brought to the Guinness Book of Records of Ukraine as the youngest and most promising designer of the country. He appeared so suddenly … Like from nowhere. And all at once started talking: it’s Andre TAN. In an instant, his name has acquired a shade of legend, and the clothes he makes have become the subject of fashionable lust. Biography of Andre himself is

Andrey Danilko (Verka Serduchka) biography

Andrey Danilko (Verka Serduchka)

Verka Serduchka – Biography CHILDHOOD Andrey Danilko was born in Poltava. October 2, 1973. The father was the driver, mother – working. We lived quite poorly. His father died in 1980 from lung cancer. In order to somehow feed their two children his mother worked as a house painter in three shifts (older sister Galina, 1963). Andrey Danilko studied at the Poltava school number 27. There he became acquainted with Anna Serdyuk, shy pretty girl, an excellent student from an educated family. They were in the school at the same desk. Anya belonged to Andrew bad, but nothing more. What could

Aleksandr Usik Bioraphy Ukrainian boxer world chempion

Aleksandr Usik

Bioraphy The future of Ukrainian heavyweight division – Aleksandr Usik was born in the city of Simferopol on the Crimean peninsula in 1987 on 17 January. The first sporting passion was football Alexander, but at age 15 he first came to the boxing training, where in the ring felt the strength and effectiveness of the sport, and that predetermined his fate. In the championship of Ukraine Aleksandr Usik could be seen in his demeanor, dancing hobbies as a child formed his style workout, dancing, smiling boxer in the ring with the release turned into a discreet, cold-blooded fighter. 2006, Ukrainians

Anna Akhmatova Biography

Anna Akhmatova

(11  in June 1889 –  March 5, 1966) Anna Akhmatova – Biography Anna Akhmatova (real name Gorenko) was born 11  in June 1889 in Odessa. The ancestors of Akhmatova on the mother, according to family legend, went back to the Tatar khan Akhmad (hence the nickname). Father mechanical engineer in the Navy, occasionally engaged in journalism. Anna Akhmatova-year old child was taken to Tsarskoye Selo, where she lived until the age of sixteen. Her first memories – Tsarskoe Selo, “Green, the raw magnificence of parks, pasture, where I drove the nurse, the racetrack, where little colorful galloping horses, the old


Andriy Shevchenko

Andriy Shevchenko was born on September 29, 1976 in the village of Dvirkivshchyna, Yahotyn Raion (Kiev region). The first years of his life were spent in Dvirkivshchyna, then in 1979 the family moved to Kiev, one of the new urban areas – Obolon. Few people know that Andrew could have been born in the GDR and could qualify for German citizenship. Unless, of course, would be such a need. Father footballer, Soviet Army Warrant Officer Nikolay Shevchenko served in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. But when Andrew had before the birth of a few months, the mother of

Andrey Yarmolenko

Andrey Yarmolenko (Iarmolenko)

Andrey Yarmolenko – Biography Andrey Yarmolenko – Ukrainian footballer of Kiev “Dynamo” and the national team of Ukraine on football, usually plays at right-winger. Football began to engage in Chernigov Yarmolenko club “Youth”, where he played in the junior league. However, in 13 years, Andrew tried his hand at football academy “Dynamo” (Kiev), but, unable to withstand the competition after a year returned to Chernigov, where he began his professional career in local club “Desna”. In January 2007, on Yarmolenko again drew attention to the functionaries of Kiev, and Andrew went for the second time in Kiev “Dynamo”. At the

Ani Lorak

Ani Lorak

Ani Lorak – Carolina Miroslavovna Kuek The famous Ukrainian singer  (real name – Carolina Quek) was born September 27, 1978 in the city of Kitsman, Chernivtsi region of Ukraine. The first step to fame was the young singer’s vocal competition “Pervotsvit” in 1992, where it occupies the first place. It was at this competition Carolina fourteen signed his first contract. She won the television contest “Morning Star” (1995), where the program’s host Yuri Nikolaev came up with Carolina stage name Ani Lorak – Carolina vice versa. Most popular A. Lorak brings obtaining the Grand Prix at the international competition in

Andriy Kuzmenko ( Skryabin)

Andriy Kuzmenko (Skryabin)

Biography Andriy Kuzmenko is better known under the pseudonym Kuzma Scriabin was born August 17, 1968 in the Lviv region. Andrei’s mother – music teacher, Viktor Kuzmenko father – an engineer. He was the only child in the family has a cousin Tatiana and cousins – Mikhail and Yaroslav. In the words of Kuzma, since childhood he was trump dude. He graduated from music school, piano. the first song of the project was recorded June 30, 1989, which included Kuzma, Roy and Alex, a few days later called himself Skryabin. But the fact that Rostislav in December 1989, drafted into

Ascold and Dir

Askold and Dir

Askold and Dir First Kievan princes, of which mention chronicle, including Laurentian Chronicle. The exact dates of their life are unknown, unclear is the origin of the two princes. Rather, they were both warriors Novgorod prince Rurik, who spontaneously went to 860 down the Dnieper to gather the strength to march on Constantinople. Road Askold and Dir captured the small fortified town of Kyiv, which paid tribute to the Khazars, and remained there to reign, gradually conquering his power tribal union field. In the year 866, zhurtuvavshy around a strong wife, which mainly consisted of the Normans, the princes made