Ukrainian coach,football player, winner of the Golden Ball

Blokhin Oleg Biography

Biography Ukrainian coach,football player, winner of the “Golden Ball”, the coach of “Dynamo” Kiev, the coach of the national football team of Ukraine, deputy of Ukraine of III and IV convocations. Education and Family Blokhin Oleg was born November 5, 1952 in Kiev. Parents: Vladimir Blokhin – sprinter, WWII veteran, the Interior Ministry officer, was the chief of training and sports department of the republican society “Dynamo”, Adamenko Catherine – was deputy Dean Faculty of Civil Engineering Industrial Engineering Institute of Kiev. Brother – Nikolai Blokhin, died in 2011. Blokhin Oleg graduated from the four courses of the Faculty of

Vera Brejneva biography ukrainian famous singer

Vera Brezhneva

Biography Vera Brezhneva was born in  Ukraine, near Dnepropetrovsk, in  province town. No one could have thought that a simple girl with surname Galushko – Vera Brezhneva in the future. Born Vera Brezhneva – 3 February 1982, so that the question “How old Vera Brezhnev”, can be answered unequivocally – at the time of 2016 is 34. Her father worked in a chemical plant, and his mother was an employee of metallurgical plant. In addition to the Vera in the family still has three sisters. Real name: Vera Galushko Date of Birth: 03/02/1982 Star sign: Aquarius Height: 171 cm Weight:

Bogdan Stupka biography ukrainian actor

Bogdan Stupka

Biography Bogdan Stupka – eminent theater and film actor, the recipient of numerous honors and awards for his contribution to the arts, to the very last days of his life devoted to him. Biography Bogdan Stupka has about one hundred and thirty films and TV series, and fifty roles in the theater, which has always enjoyed great success with the audience. And it’s all thanks to the unique skills and his amazing ability to pass their characters through itself as through a sieve. Bogdan Stupka was born at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, not far from the city.

Sergei Bubka биография

Sergei Bubka

Sergei Bubka – Biography Sergei Bubka – holds the honorary title of “Best athlete in the world“; it awarded the world record holder of 35 World Federation of Athletics. Sergey Bubka was born December 4, 1963 in the city of Lugansk, Ukraine. His father Nazar V. Bubka was a soldier, and his mother, Valentina was a physician and worked in one of the city clinics. A successful athlete and has become the elder brother Vasily Bubka (b. 1960), he also jumped from the sixth and won the silver medal at the European Championships in 1986 (at the end of the


Bulgakov Mikhail

(Bulgakov, Mikhail Afanasevych – 15/05/1891 Kyiv – 10.03. 1940, Moscow) – Russian writer and dramaturh.Bulkahov born May 15, 1891 in Kiev. Father Athanasius Ivanovich taught at the Kiev Theological Academy course in the history of Western faiths. His mother, Barbara M., raised children who were seven. The family gave a lot of the future writer – he has brought the love of art, respect for people and hard work. Childhood and adolescence Bulkahova held in Kiev, which is associated with becoming an artist. He was fond of classical literature and architecture, music and drama. He studied ancient drawings and inscriptions

Bandera Stepan (1909-1959 )

Bandera Stepan

Stepan Bandera – a prominent politician, one of the leaders of the Ukrainian national liberation movement of the XX century, the head of the revolutionary lead (leadership) of the OUN.. He was born January 1, 1909 in the village of Old Uhryniv (now Ivano-Frankivsk region.), The son of the Greek-Catholic priest Andrei Bandera. The family had seven children. The house often gathered participants of the national movement, and the mother’s brothers, Myroslava, were well-known public and political figures. In the fall of 1919 Stepan entered the Ukrainian gymnasium in Stryi. Galicia at the time was under the rule of Poland


Bogdan Khmelnytskiy (Hmelnitskiy)

Bogdan Khmelnitsky Hetman of Zaporizhia Army (1595-1657) A fighter for the independence of the Ukrainian people. The founder of the first in the history of Ukrainian state – Hetman. Life-Bogdan Khmelnitsky Zinovy covered with legends. The date of his birth is not exactly known. Some researchers call December 27, 1595 – on that day, the Christian church calendar, is the day of St. Theodore (Theodore), whose Greek name means “God-given” and means the same as the Slavic name Bogdan. It is known that Khmelnitsky came from a gentry family and had its own coat of arms “Abdank”. Homeland future hetman