Andrey Danilko (Verka Serduchka) biography

Andrey Danilko (Verka Serduchka)

Verka Serduchka – Biography CHILDHOOD Andrey Danilko was born in Poltava. October 2, 1973. The father was the driver, mother – working. We lived quite poorly. His father died in 1980 from lung cancer. In order to somehow feed their two children his mother worked as a house painter in three shifts (older sister Galina, 1963). Andrey Danilko studied at the Poltava school number 27. There he became acquainted with Anna Serdyuk, shy pretty girl, an excellent student from an educated family. They were in the school at the same desk. Anya belonged to Andrew bad, but nothing more. What could

Nadia Dorofeeva biography

Dorofeeva Nadia (Time and Glass)

Biography Nadia Dorofeeva – pop singer, participant of the duet “Time and Glass.” Was born Simferopol 21 April 1990. She gained fame after winning a series of Ukrainian and European vocal competitions. In 2016 he began a career of fashion designer. The soloist of the group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva. CHILDHOOD Nadia Dorofeeva was born on April 21, 1990 in a military family. Nadia’s mom dreamed of a career of the actress, but at the insistence of the parents became a dentist. Her love for the stage took over a little hope. “I was 6 years old at home

Dzidzio ( Mikhail Khoma )Biography ukrainian singer

Dzidzio ( Mikhail Khoma ) – Biography

Biography   Mikhail Khoma born on 20 November 1983 in Novoyavorivsk, Lviv region, Ukraine. In 2 years and 3 months Dzidzio already read by syllables. For the first time Dzidzio appeared on stage at age 6, when done in a music school. At the entrance exam, he sang the song “Oh meadow of red viburnum”. At 9 years old, when Mikhail played with the children in the “voynushki” shooting peas, he was in his great-grandmother Anna. A week later a telegram arrived, my grandmother died, and Mikhail experienced 3 years, thinking that it was he killed her. In fact, my

Monatik Dima Biography

Monatik – Biography

Biography Name Monatik Dima today quite well known in Ukraine. Its owner can often be seen on television. Charismatic low Man (Dima Monatik growth slightly above 160 cm) like to invite to the rating Ukrainian TV projects such as “Funny People,” “Parallel World”, “My Truth”, “The incredible story of love” at the STB. He starred in the television series TV channel TET “Diaries dark.” Born Dmitry Monatik in Western Ukraine, in Lutsk, in the spring of 1986. His family did not differ special income. Father worked everywhere where there was work. He then collected for aircraft engines at one plant,


King Daniel Galician (Danilo Galickiy)

Daniel Galician(1201-1264) reign – is the age of greatest economic and cultural development and political influence Galicia-Volyn principality, which was the largest state in Europe. In the western city of Galich in 1201 in the family of Prince Roman the Great was born the eldest son Daniel, who will be the future ruler of one of the largest countries in Europe at the time. Father Daniel – Roman the Great, an outstanding personality of the Rurik dynasty, his contemporaries considered the most powerful of all the Russian princes end XII- beginning of XIII century, he was nicknamed “the Great Prince

Hetman Dmytro Baida Vyshnevetsky

Dmitry Vyshnevetsky

8 November (1517) – 1563) – nobleman, Volyn tycoon, Prince Korbut emblem of Hedyminovyches. The owner of estates in the town Vyshnivets Kremenets district. Built his castle on the island of Little Khortytsya considered the prototype Sich. Dmitry Vyshnevetsky was born in 1517 in Vyshnivtsi (probably November 8 – the day of St. Dmitri) and was the eldest of four sons Ivan Mikhailovich Vishnevetskogo from his first wife Anastasia Semyonovna with family Olizara. Dmitry grandfather – Michael, was known for his struggle against the Tatars, the other a Serb despot. In 1548 – 1549 years, chaired by Bernard Pretvycha Dmitry