Dzidzio ( Mikhail Khoma )Biography ukrainian singer

Dzidzio ( Mikhail Khoma ) – Biography

Biography   Mikhail Khoma born on 20 November 1983 in Novoyavorivsk, Lviv region, Ukraine. In 2 years and 3 months Dzidzio already read by syllables. For the first time Dzidzio appeared on stage at age 6, when done in a music school. At the entrance exam, he sang the song “Oh meadow of red viburnum”. At 9 years old, when Mikhail played with the children in the “voynushki” shooting peas, he was in his great-grandmother Anna. A week later a telegram arrived, my grandmother died, and Mikhail experienced 3 years, thinking that it was he killed her. In fact, my


Grushevskiy (Hrushevsky) Mihail

Hrushevsky Mihail – Ukrainian historian, public and political figure. Hrushevsky brief biography Hrushevsky born 17 September 1866 in the city Chelm (Poland). Grew up in the Caucasus – first in Stavropol, and in Vladikavkaz. He studied at the Tiflis Gymnasium, Kiev University (History and Philology). He worked at the university led by Vladimir Antonovich. In 1894, on the recommendation of Mr. Antonovich, Hrushevsky appointed full professor of the department “world history with a single generalization history of Eastern Europe” Lviv University, where he worked until 1914. May 26, 1896, in. Rock Hrushevsky married Mary Voyakivskoyu. For the development of Ukrainian


Bogdan Khmelnytskiy (Hmelnitskiy)

Bogdan Khmelnitsky Hetman of Zaporizhia Army (1595-1657) A fighter for the independence of the Ukrainian people. The founder of the first in the history of Ukrainian state – Hetman. Life-Bogdan Khmelnitsky Zinovy covered with legends. The date of his birth is not exactly known. Some researchers call December 27, 1595 – on that day, the Christian church calendar, is the day of St. Theodore (Theodore), whose Greek name means “God-given” and means the same as the Slavic name Bogdan. It is known that Khmelnitsky came from a gentry family and had its own coat of arms “Abdank”. Homeland future hetman