Eugene Galich Frontman of the group O.Torvald - Biography which will represent Ukraine at the contest "Eurovision 2017" with the song "Time".

Eugene Galich – Frontman O.Torvald

Eugene Galich was born on April 29, 1984 in the city of Belaya Tserkov (Kiev region). Up to eight years he lived with his parents in Kazakhstan, then he lived in Poltava, where he graduated from the military communication institute and created the group “O.Torvald” with the rest of the guys. In six months the whole group moved to live in Kiev. Evgeny is married, his wife is Valeria. The couple had a daughter, Eva, born in 2013. Recently it became known that Valeria is waiting for the second child. In 2005-2006 he founded the group “O.Torvald”, which will represent

Ukrainian coach,football player, winner of the Golden Ball

Blokhin Oleg Biography

Biography Ukrainian coach,football player, winner of the “Golden Ball”, the coach of “Dynamo” Kiev, the coach of the national football team of Ukraine, deputy of Ukraine of III and IV convocations. Education and Family Blokhin Oleg was born November 5, 1952 in Kiev. Parents: Vladimir Blokhin – sprinter, WWII veteran, the Interior Ministry officer, was the chief of training and sports department of the republican society “Dynamo”, Adamenko Catherine – was deputy Dean Faculty of Civil Engineering Industrial Engineering Institute of Kiev. Brother – Nikolai Blokhin, died in 2011. Blokhin Oleg graduated from the four courses of the Faculty of

Philip Orlyk

Philip Orlyk

Pulup Orlyk (1672-1742) After the death of his successor Cossacks Mazepa was elected secretary general of the Zaporizhzhya Philip Orlyk . It was a very educated man, very young, who came from a noble Czech family. Just as the hetman Mazepa, he was a gifted poet. Philip Orlyk was the author of the first Ukrainian Constitution – a document, titled “Covenant and the Constitution rights and liberties troops Zaporizhzhya” (1610 p.). This constitution was is – it only protects the rights and liberties of the Cossacks. But in it, as in a mirror, reflected the democratic aspirations of the Ukrainian


Princess Olga

(? -969) Princess Olga, who took the baptismal name of the Greek Helen, was first mentioned in Russian chronicles in 903 year as a wife, which resulted from Pskov Prince Igor. The nature of this woman clearly demonstrates the fact that after the death of her husband she first fiercely pometylasya his killers. However, the princess made an important conclusion from what happened. It held the first in the history of Kievan Rus, and then in Ukraine, tax reform, setting solid collection of tribute regulations ( “Lessons” and “statutes”). Traveled their possessions, it is everywhere restored peace and order, and