Simon Petliura

Petliura Simon Vasylovych Ukrainian military and political figure. Chief Ataman of the UNR troops and chairman of the Directory of the Ukrainian People’s Republic in 1919-1920 The first monument to Simon Petliura in Ukraine was opened on October 14, 2017 in Vinnitsa. October 14 in Vinnytsia solemnly opened a monument to Ukrainian state and military figure Simon Petliura. This is the first monument in Ukraine Petlyura (only in Kiev there is a bust of Petlyura, installed in 2001). Simon Petlyura is sitting on a bench, holding a map of Ukraine in his hands. Petliura Simon Vasylovych Biography Was born in 1879 in

in the Odessa region, in a small district Bolgrad

Poroshenko Petro

BIOGRAPHY CHILDHOOD, SCHOOL, STUDENTS Poroshenko Peter (Petro) was born on September 26, 1965 in the Odessa region, in a small town Bolgrad, in the family control of agricultural machinery and chief accountant of the department of agriculture. Peter youngest child in the family who looks a lot like his father. Brother Peter was older than 8 years. He died in 1997 under mysterious circumstances. My father was a hard character and brought up sons with rigor. Peter remembered the familiar as a short, polite and responsive child liked very sweet. Well in school, completing it without a bad mark, but

Chuck Palahniuk Biography author of the novel Fight Club

Chuck Palahniuk

Biography Chuck Palahniuk author of the novel Fight Club (Charles Michael Palahniuk, also known as Chuck Palagnyuk) – this is without a doubt one of the most prominent authors in the modern history of world literature. His books are soaked cynical humor and deep philosophical meaning, it is something truly unique. “He is great in his madness,” Palahniuk wrote about a famous European writer, and this phrase, as well as possible characterizes the identity of the legendary American writer. It is what it is, and not love it for it is simply impossible. That is why today we have decided

Potap Biography ukrainian singer producer artist

Potap (Aleksey Potapenko) – Biography

Biography Alexey  Potapenko “Potap”  name known to millions of people around the world. Today he runs his own production center, shoots videos most popular artists and conducts large-scale musical events. Written and performed their songs sound on the best radio stations of Ukraine, Russia and CIS. Potap invited to television projects as the inimitable master, rigorous and extraordinary musical expert. He easily releases caustic jokes aside most famous stars and admire the outrageous antics. The current fame and recognition not to Potap fell in one day, few people know how much effort was worth today’s success. CHILDHOOD ALEXEY Alexey Potapenko

Petro Mohyla biography

Petro Mohyla

Biography Metropolitan of Kiev and Galicia – Petro Mohyla . An outstanding educator, political, church figure. The founder of the first in Eastern Europe, the Orthodox Kiev board. Author of more than 20 series of polemical sermons and books. Maecenas. Canonized by the Orthodox Church. Peter Simeonovich Mohyla  came from the family (rulers) of Moldova and was related to the Polish magnates Potocki, Vishnevetskaya and Koretsky. Rod Graves possessed great estates in Podolia and Kiev region. In 1607, as a result of palace intrigues Mohyla father was poisoned, and Peter and his mother went to Western Ukraine. The noble and

Nikolay Pirogov

Nikolay Pirogov

November 13, 1810 in the family treasurer proviantnoho depot Moscow Ivan Ivanovich Pirogov was born the 13th child, a son Nicholas. Grandpa John Mokiyovych, which has already exceeded one hundred, with a smile took the baby in his arms and said, “Lord, have mercy! God bless! …”. Thus began the life journey of the great physician, researcher and teacher who for the first time in the history of medicine and anesthesia applied the cast and combines science and faith and became an example for generations of doctors. Biographers usually scratch the Soviet period in the life of the scientist aims

Eugene Paton

Eugene Paton

Biography Eugene Paton was born 4 (according to other sources – 5 th) March , who was destined to become a Ukrainian academician, founder of the Institute of Electric Welding, author of the famous bridge its name in Kiev. Also, his name is given to institutions, streets and even an asteroid. Noble, known as Batya Paton was born in Nice (France) in a family of the Russian consul, former Colonel of the Guards. The future luminaries of science had four brothers and two sisters. Behind Paton – Dresden Polytechnic Institute (Germany) and the Institute of Transportation Engineers (St. Petersburg). Well,

Prince Svyatoslav

Prince Svyatoslav

Prince Svyatoslav famous as a brave. In 964, the Grand Buffet took Prince Svyatoslav. It is not known exactly when he was born, nor do we know almost nothing about his childhood and youth. According to the “Tale of Bygone Years”, son of Igor and Olga was born in 942, the elderly have already parents – Princess Olga was at that time 42-44 years. And, obviously, he was not the first child in the princely family were still children (perhaps girls or boys who died in childhood), but at the time of the death of Igor had no male heirs

Philip Orlyk

Philip Orlyk

Pulup Orlyk (1672-1742) After the death of his successor Cossacks Mazepa was elected secretary general of the Zaporizhzhya Philip Orlyk . It was a very educated man, very young, who came from a noble Czech family. Just as the hetman Mazepa, he was a gifted poet. Philip Orlyk was the author of the first Ukrainian Constitution – a document, titled “Covenant and the Constitution rights and liberties troops Zaporizhzhya” (1610 p.). This constitution was is – it only protects the rights and liberties of the Cossacks. But in it, as in a mirror, reflected the democratic aspirations of the Ukrainian