Simon Petliura

Petliura Simon Vasylovych Ukrainian military and political figure. Chief Ataman of the UNR troops and chairman of the Directory of the Ukrainian People’s Republic in 1919-1920 The first monument to Simon Petliura in Ukraine was opened on October 14, 2017 in Vinnitsa. October 14 in Vinnytsia solemnly opened a monument to Ukrainian state and military figure Simon Petliura. This is the first monument in Ukraine Petlyura (only in Kiev there is a bust of Petlyura, installed in 2001). Simon Petlyura is sitting on a bench, holding a map of Ukraine in his hands. Petliura Simon Vasylovych Biography Was born in 1879 in

Elina Svitolina biography

Svitolina Elina – Biography

Elina Mikhailovna Svitolina – Ukrainian tennis player, winner of Roland Garros 2010 among juniors. Six times won the WTA series in singles and twice in the doubles. I reached the quarterfinals of the French Open of 2015 and the 2016 Olympic Games. In 2014-2017, Svitolina won 10 times in matches against rivals from the top 10, including at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro overcame the first racket of the world Serena Williams, then twice defeated the first racket of the world Angelique Kerber. In January 2017 rose to the 13th place in the updated ranking of the Women’s Tennis

Sergei Korolev biography Future greatest scientist

Sergei Korolev

Sergei Korolev – Biography Future greatest scientist Sergei Korolev was born on December 31, 1906. According to the new style it happened January 12, 1907. Was born in Zhitomir (Ukraine) in the family of teacher Paul Korolev. This name is inseparable from the era of human space exploration, the very first difficult steps in the development of missiles. The legacy of the great thinker and theorist KE Tsiolkovsky left a deep mark on the future of the designer and was the cause of passion for building a missile flying devices. Being not only a scientist, but also a good organizer

Skovoroda Gregory biography

Skovoroda Gregory

Gregory Skovoroda was born December 3, 1722 in the village Chernuhi in Poltava Cossack land-hungry family. As a child, small Grits liked to sit under the willow, to observe the world and play the flute, donated the old Poet. In gratitude, violinist Grits was in a privileged position, because the boy struck his curiosity, besides, he was a voice of extraordinary beauty. Cantor taught Hryts musical notation and put the first singer in the church choir, gave reading books, prepared to join the Academy. In 1738 realized an old dream guy – study at the Kyiv Mohyla Academy. Gregory was

Bogdan Stupka biography ukrainian actor

Bogdan Stupka

Biography Bogdan Stupka – eminent theater and film actor, the recipient of numerous honors and awards for his contribution to the arts, to the very last days of his life devoted to him. Biography Bogdan Stupka has about one hundred and thirty films and TV series, and fifty roles in the theater, which has always enjoyed great success with the audience. And it’s all thanks to the unique skills and his amazing ability to pass their characters through itself as through a sieve. Bogdan Stupka was born at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, not far from the city.

Grigory Surkis - Ukrainian businessman and politician, one of the vice-presidents of UEFA

Grigory Surkis – Biography

Biography Grigory Surkis – Ukrainian businessman and politician, one of the vice-presidents of UEFA to 24 May 2013. In the past Grigoriy Surkis was president of the Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) until September 2012, is now its honorary president. Grigory Mikhailovich was born in Odessa, 4 September 1949, to a Jewish family. After school he entered the Kiev Technological Institute of Food Industry, from which he graduated in 1972. In the last year at college Surkis found a job in Glavplodvinprom the USSR, where he worked as a senior engineer of logistics until 1974. At the period from 1974

Sergei Bubka биография

Sergei Bubka

Sergei Bubka – Biography Sergei Bubka – holds the honorary title of “Best athlete in the world“; it awarded the world record holder of 35 World Federation of Athletics. Sergey Bubka was born December 4, 1963 in the city of Lugansk, Ukraine. His father Nazar V. Bubka was a soldier, and his mother, Valentina was a physician and worked in one of the city clinics. A successful athlete and has become the elder brother Vasily Bubka (b. 1960), he also jumped from the sixth and won the silver medal at the European Championships in 1986 (at the end of the

sergei rebrov biography

Sergei Rebrov

  Football player and coach. Sergei Rebrov – the last pupil of Lobanovskiy Ukrainian football legend Sergei Rebrov – the most famous athlete native of Horlovka. The first strikes the ball he did at the beginning of the late Yuri Fomin coach. Today Sergei Rebrov – head coach of Dynamo Kiev , the team in which he spent his best years. Professional career He played for the Donetsk “Shakhtar” in adolescence in the 1990/91 season, before moved to the “Dynamo” (Kiev) in August 1992. In the period between 1992 and 2000 years, scoring 93 goals in 189 Premier League matches and

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk Svyatoslav was born in the family of professor of physics at May 14, 1975 in Lviv, Ukraine in the family of physics, future rector of Lviv University Ivan Vakarchuk. Nickname – Waqar graduated from Lviv school number 4 (with in–depth study of the English language) with a silver medal. Two years engaged in music school in violin, while studying the game on the accordion. In school, he took part in KVN, creating a school theater, actively engaged in basketball. 1991–1996 – studied at the Physics Faculty of Lviv University (specialty – theoretical physics). Second Higher Education – international


Andriy Shevchenko

Andriy Shevchenko was born on September 29, 1976 in the village of Dvirkivshchyna, Yahotyn Raion (Kiev region). The first years of his life were spent in Dvirkivshchyna, then in 1979 the family moved to Kiev, one of the new urban areas – Obolon. Few people know that Andrew could have been born in the GDR and could qualify for German citizenship. Unless, of course, would be such a need. Father footballer, Soviet Army Warrant Officer Nikolay Shevchenko served in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. But when Andrew had before the birth of a few months, the mother of

Prince Svyatoslav

Prince Svyatoslav

Prince Svyatoslav famous as a brave. In 964, the Grand Buffet took Prince Svyatoslav. It is not known exactly when he was born, nor do we know almost nothing about his childhood and youth. According to the “Tale of Bygone Years”, son of Igor and Olga was born in 942, the elderly have already parents – Princess Olga was at that time 42-44 years. And, obviously, he was not the first child in the princely family were still children (perhaps girls or boys who died in childhood), but at the time of the death of Igor had no male heirs

Taras Shevchenko biography

Taras Shevchenko

Biography Taras Shevchenko was born March 9, 1814 in the village Moryntsi Zvenigorod County Kiev province (now the Cherkasy region) in a family of serfs Gregory and Catherine Shevchenko. His father was a farmer Taras, moreover, could read and write. When Taras was two, the family moved to the village Kirillovka. In 1822, his father gave his son a science to the clerk. 1823 Taras mother died. His father remarried with Tereschenchyhoyu, who had their three children. Since then the family there were constant quarrels between father and stepmother among children. After his father survived stepmother stepson of parental home,

Bandera Stepan (1909-1959 )

Bandera Stepan

Stepan Bandera – a prominent politician, one of the leaders of the Ukrainian national liberation movement of the XX century, the head of the revolutionary lead (leadership) of the OUN.. He was born January 1, 1909 in the village of Old Uhryniv (now Ivano-Frankivsk region.), The son of the Greek-Catholic priest Andrei Bandera. The family had seven children. The house often gathered participants of the national movement, and the mother’s brothers, Myroslava, were well-known public and political figures. In the fall of 1919 Stepan entered the Ukrainian gymnasium in Stryi. Galicia at the time was under the rule of Poland