Andre Tan - Biography famous ukrainian designer and fashion designer Place of birth, education. He was born in Kharkov. At age 11 began to attend cutting

Andre Tan – Biography

Andre TAN (24.10.1983) famous Ukrainian designer and fashion designer is the owner of many prizes and Grand Prix, one of which he received at the festival “Kiev Podium” from the Paco Rabanne. In addition, André was brought to the Guinness Book of Records of Ukraine as the youngest and most promising designer of the country. He appeared so suddenly … Like from nowhere. And all at once started talking: it’s Andre TAN. In an instant, his name has acquired a shade of legend, and the clothes he makes have become the subject of fashionable lust. Biography of Andre himself is

Tina Karol biography

Tina Karol

Biography   Date of Birth: January 25, 1985 Place of Birth: Orotukan, Magadan region, USSR (Russia) The talented young singer Tina Karol is now at the top of popularity. Her songs are loved and know hundreds of thousands of people, the concerts are always sold out was collected, and clips and video works receive high ratings. But other than that, Tina is also a great actress and has managed to please the audience with a few pictures. Born future actress in 1985 in the remote Magadan region. At the age of 7 years old Tina together with his family moved

Uliya Timoshenko biography

Uliya Timoshenko

Uliya Timoshenko – Biography Born November 27, 1960 in Dnepropetrovsk. Maiden Name of Tymoshenko, according to the well-known journalist Dnepropetrovsk Vadym Ryzhkov – Grigyan. Brought her a mother, father left the family when Julia was a little girl. All my life, since childhood, was not easy. I only brought my mother … and my childhood and youth in the struggle for existence. In high school, he took his mother’s surname – Telegin, and in 1979, she married Oleksandr Tymoshenko, took the surname of her husband. After graduating in 1984 Dnipropetrovsk University Faculty of Economics worked as an engineer-economist Dnieper engineering

Victor Tsygankov

Victor Tsygankov

  Victor Tsygankov – Biography Vitaly Tsygankov, Father Victor Tsygankov, many played professionally as a goalkeeper, started his professional career in 1992 in Vinnitsa “Niva”, where he performed alongside Vitaly Kosovskiy.  After playing a couple of years in Ukraine, Tsygankov went to Israel. It was there, on the Mediterranean coast in the town of Nahariya had a son, Victor, who now appears in the “Dynamo”. As the player himself admitted the “white-blue”, his first and favorite toy was a soccer ball, because the fact that he began to play football in Vinnitsa Youth, looked absolutely logical. The first coach Victor

Taras Shevchenko biography

Taras Shevchenko

Biography Taras Shevchenko was born March 9, 1814 in the village Moryntsi Zvenigorod County Kiev province (now the Cherkasy region) in a family of serfs Gregory and Catherine Shevchenko. His father was a farmer Taras, moreover, could read and write. When Taras was two, the family moved to the village Kirillovka. In 1822, his father gave his son a science to the clerk. 1823 Taras mother died. His father remarried with Tereschenchyhoyu, who had their three children. Since then the family there were constant quarrels between father and stepmother among children. After his father survived stepmother stepson of parental home,