Aleksandr Usik Bioraphy Ukrainian boxer world chempion

Aleksandr Usik

Bioraphy The future of Ukrainian heavyweight division – Aleksandr Usik was born in the city of Simferopol on the Crimean peninsula in 1987 on 17 January. The first sporting passion was football Alexander, but at age 15 he first came to the boxing training, where in the ring felt the strength and effectiveness of the sport, and that predetermined his fate. In the championship of Ukraine Aleksandr Usik could be seen in his demeanor, dancing hobbies as a child formed his style workout, dancing, smiling boxer in the ring with the release turned into a discreet, cold-blooded fighter. 2006, Ukrainians

Uliya Timoshenko biography

Uliya Timoshenko

Uliya Timoshenko – Biography Born November 27, 1960 in Dnepropetrovsk. Maiden Name of Tymoshenko, according to the well-known journalist Dnepropetrovsk Vadym Ryzhkov – Grigyan. Brought her a mother, father left the family when Julia was a little girl. All my life, since childhood, was not easy. I only brought my mother … and my childhood and youth in the struggle for existence. In high school, he took his mother’s surname – Telegin, and in 1979, she married Oleksandr Tymoshenko, took the surname of her husband. After graduating in 1984 Dnipropetrovsk University Faculty of Economics worked as an engineer-economist Dnieper engineering

Lesya Ukrainка Biography 1871—1915

Lesya Ukrainка

Lesya Ukrainка – Biography (1871—1915) Lesya Ukrainка (Larysa Kosach) was born on 25 February 1871. in Novograd Volyn. Her mother – writer Pchilka – and father – a lawyer – paid much attention to the humanitarian education of children develop an interest in literature, languages and translation work. Among the close environment of the future poet was known cultural figures, Drahomanov (her maternal uncle), Starytsky, Lysenko. All this contributed to the early entry into literature Lesi: In nine years, she wrote poems were published in thirteen. In 1884. Lviv in the “Dawn” was published two poems ( “Lily” and “Sappho”),