Viktor Yushchenko, President of Ukraine third biography

Viktor Yushchenko

Viktor Yushchenko -Biography Viktor Yushchenko – Third President of Ukraine, leader of the party “Our Ukraine”, the Prime Minister of Ukraine. Youth and Childhood Viktor Yushchenko, born on 23 February 1954 in the village of Khoruzhivka (Sumy region). Both father and mother were teachers. It is interesting that teachers, remembering Yushchenko school, claiming that it was a hard-working, hard-working, but completely devoid of leadership qualities of the boy. After school, the future head of state admitted to the Institute of Finance and Economics in Ternopil. During his studies, mountaineering, good at drawing. Yushchenko was in the biography and experience of

Famous people of Ukrainian origin - Yana Klochkova

Klochkova Yana

Biography Yana Klochkova – an outstanding Ukrainian swimmer, honored master of sports in swimming. Born on August 7, 1982 in Simferopol. Engage in swimming Yana Klochkova beginning in 1989. She moved to Kharkov, was admitted to the School of Physical Education and Sport, which finished in 2001. Currently she lives in Kiev. Higher education received at the Kiev National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine. Physical performance athletes are: height 182 cm, weight 70 kg. Yana Klochkova biography is replete with established records. Among them, 50 of Records of Ukraine on complex swimming, freestyle, swimming-ahead, backstroke, butterfly in

Andrey Yarmolenko

Andrey Yarmolenko (Iarmolenko)

Andrey Yarmolenko – Biography Andrey Yarmolenko – Ukrainian footballer of Kiev “Dynamo” and the national team of Ukraine on football, usually plays at right-winger. Football began to engage in Chernigov Yarmolenko club “Youth”, where he played in the junior league. However, in 13 years, Andrew tried his hand at football academy “Dynamo” (Kiev), but, unable to withstand the competition after a year returned to Chernigov, where he began his professional career in local club “Desna”. In January 2007, on Yarmolenko again drew attention to the functionaries of Kiev, and Andrew went for the second time in Kiev “Dynamo”. At the

Yaroslav the Wise (978-1054 years.)

Yaroslav the Wise

Prince Yaroslav Stage of further development of the Old Rus state began during the reign of Yaroslav, nicknamed the Wise contemporaries. He was the third-highest (after Vysheslav and Izyaslav) son Vladimir. His mother was a princess of Polotsk Rogneda. Was born crippled and could not walk at all until a certain time. When it came to his feet, then he went limp. Perhaps, therefore, Yaroslav did not feel special craving for military affairs and has always relied more on diplomacy than arms. Very reluctantly I rode, but happy to have read, studied foreign languages, writing and translating. Polish chronicler Anonymous

Yanukovych Viktor

Yanukovych Viktor

Yanukovych Viktor – Biography Yanukovych Viktor was born July 9, 1950 in the village. Zhukovka, Yenakiyevo District, (1961 Donetsk) region. Father – Yanukovych Fedor Vladimirovich (1923-1991). There was a locomotive engineer and came from the village of Yanuca, Dokshitsky district. Mother – Russian, Olga Semyonovna Leonova (1925 – August 2, 1952), a nurse. She died when Victor was 2 years old. According to his own memoirs of Yanukovych Viktor, his grandmother brought – Kastus Ivanovna Yanukovych. She is originally from Vilnius. Replaced Viktor early dead mother. Before the war, she worked at the mine otkatchitsey “Yunkom”. During the war, stolen