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Chuck Palahniuk Biography author of the novel Fight Club


Chuck Palahniuk author of the novel Fight Club (Charles Michael Palahniuk, also known as Chuck Palagnyuk) – this is without a doubt one of the most prominent authors in the modern history of world literature. His books are soaked cynical humor and deep philosophical meaning, it is something truly unique. “He is great in his madness,” Palahniuk wrote about a famous European writer, and this phrase, as well as possible characterizes the identity of the legendary American writer. It is what it is, and not love it for it is simply impossible. That is why today we have decided to do just Chuck Palahniuk the protagonist of our new narrative. In this article, we will try again to talk about the life and work of the famous author of “Fight Club”, to delve into his childhood, as well as to talk about the present stage in the writer’s career.

EARLY YEARS CHILDHOOD AND FAMILY Chuck Palahniuk Our today’s hero was born in the city of Pasco, Washington, United State at February 21, 1962, and had spent all his childhood in a small trailer in which his family lived. By origin Chuck Palahniuk is Ukrainian. At least, with this country it has been inextricably linked to the fate of his entire family. His grandparents emigrated from Ukraine in the early twentieth century. However, in the memory of Ukrainian origin have left their former name – Palagnyuk. That sic pronounce the name of the writer. Concluding this topic, it is worth to note the curious fact that one of the brothers Chuck now lives in one of the Ukrainian cities.

Palahniuk himself always pretty little interest in their ancestry. More interesting always seemed fiction and practical journalism for him. In 1986, our today’s hero entered the University of Oregon, USA, where he began to learn from the journalist. During this period he also worked part time as an intern at the Public Radio KLCC in Eugene campus. It was during this period of Chuck Palahniuk began writing his first book, which at that time were devoted mainly on mechanics …. All the matter is that some time later the future writer began working as a mechanic for diesel engines, and therefore manuals repair trucks were for him something quite good break-in period. As for his work as a journalist, then such is almost always proceeded at long intervals. First, Chuck Palahniuk has worked as a freelancer, but this activity has left a long time afterwards and started doing volunteer work. In subsequent years, our today’s hero is repeatedly returned to journalism, but invariably left her with time. Even now sometimes Palahniuk published his articles in various American publications, but such work is again is only something of a hobby for him. Wanting to make his life as valuable and meaningful in the early 1990s, Palahniuk began working as a volunteer in a hospice. There he was involved in the transport of people suffering from incurable diseases. It is the responsibility of the future writer was to also perform some of the functions of the organization of the “support groups.” In this way, born early chapters subsequent novel “Fight Club”, which actually brought popularity Palahniuk.

Chuck Palahniuk Biography author of the novel Fight Club 1

As a volunteer, Chuck Palahniuk worked for several years, but then still left this activity due to the death of one of the patients, which was particularly close to him. Rushing from one extreme to another, as soon as the volunteer hospice Chuck Palahniuk became a member of the famous group in the United States Cacophony Society, which according to some estimates became the prototype of “Project Mayhem”, embodied in the book “Fight Club.” Chuck Palahniuk in literature

WRITER TODAY His writing career began in Chuck Palahniuk 35-years old. The debut of his book was the novel “Insomnia: If you lived here, he was already at home,” which, however, was never published. A similar fate befell the second book of the writer – “Invisible”. According to the opinion of the editor, the novel was very challenging, and was therefore rejected. As if in retaliation to his editor, Chuck Palahniuk decided to write even more causing a novel that, paradoxically, was soon published. This book became the legendary “Fight Club”, which was subsequently brought to its creator several prestigious literary awards.

Three years later, on the shelves of US stores were other author’s books – the novel “Survivor” and previously Rejected work “Invisible.” It is worth noting that the last of these books has also become very popular among fans of the writer’s work. In the next ten years (from 2001 to 2011-th) saw the light eleven books of the author, among which are such iconic works as “Suffocation”, “Ghosts” and “Lullaby.” The reason for writing the last of these books was the tragic death of his father Chuck and his then-wife Donna, who died at the hands of ex-boyfriend’s wife Palahniuk senior. In his book “Lullaby,” the author argues over whether the right to this or that person in its sole discretion to take someone’s life. This novel has also become very successful and was voted the best book of 2003, according to the «Pacific Northwest Booksellers» association. Later, Chuck Palahniuk continued to work as a writer and has published seven books in the period from 2007 to 2013th. Currently, the legendary author is working on a series of new works, among which announced a novel  Fight Club-2, designed to be a continuation of the cult bestseller.

PERSONAL LIFE Chuck Palahniuk Chuck Palahniuk has repeatedly confessed his homosexuality. This fact became even prichinroy a serious quarrel with the author’s journalistic publication «Entertainment Weekly» Karen Welby that reinterpret this writer’s words after her exclusive interview. Currently known writer lives with his partner in the “old church buildings on the outskirts of an American town Vancouver” (WA). However, the name of their lover does not disclose.


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