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David Duchovny



Actor fathera descendant of immigrants from the Ukraine, who went to the United States from Kiev to escape from the horrors of the Civil War 19181920

Hollywood actor producer, screenwriter and director. David Duchovny said that to realize themselves Ukrainian. This star of the television seriesCalifornicationandThe XFileswrote in his Twitter.

I grew up thinking that I was a Russian, but only now realized that in fact I am Ukrainian never too late to change.” – Wrote Duchovny.

David Duchovny was born on August 7, 1960. Actor mother  Margaret worked as an administrator of the school and teacher. FatherAmramwriter and journalist, a descendant of immigrants from the Ukraine, who went to United States from Kiev to escape the pogroms during  Civil War in 19181920

only now realized that in fact I am Ukrainian never too late to change

Born in New York City, New YorkAs a child, David was unsociable and introverted. However, he had an extraordinary mind, so he studied at the prestigious and expensive school in New York, and even received a scholarship. By the way, along with David went to school, John Kennedy Jr., the actor communicates with him before then. The school Duchovny showed great ability, and the results of the exams could enroll in any prestigious university of America: Harvard, Yale or Princeton. David chose the latter.

He studied at Princeton University in Education. Duchovny first appearance on television was in 1987, when due to its attractive appearance, David starred in commercials beer. Soon David interrupted work on his doctorate and began taking lessons theatrical skill.

After the first experience on the stage, he almost immediately in Hollywood. In 1988, he debuted on the big screen, playing a small cameo role in Mike NicholsBusiness girl. ”

About a year later director David Lynch invited David to the role of transvestite agent service to combat drug agent Dennis / Denise Bryson in three episodes of the seriesTwin Peaks.” In this role, Duchovny extremely pleased Zalman King, who invited him to play the role of a perfect lover abandoned narrator in the filmRed Shoe Diariesand then eponymous erotic series.

At one of the festivals of David drew the attention of Randy Stone, producer studio «XX Century Fox“, who advised him to Chris Carter, director ofXFilesfor the role of Fox Mulder. In 1993 became Duchovny to star in scifi TV seriesThe XFileswith a leading role. TV series became a hit, which brought international fame to David. After seven seasons and Contract Review Duchovny left the show.

David Duhovny in X-files with Gillian Anderson
David Duchovny in X-files with Gillian Anderson

In recent years (20072009) starred in the popular comic and erotic television seriesCalifornia libertineas Hank Moody, a famous writer with problems in his personal life. For this role, David in 2007 won theGolden Globein the categoryBest Actor TV series (comedy / musical).”


David Spiritual without false modesty can be called a good family man. Actor married rather late, in 37 years, but because of great love. He was the chosen actress Tea Leone. Young wedding was modest, at a ceremony attended by only close relatives and friends of the bride.

The couple have two childrendaughter Madeleine West (1999) and little boy Kyd Miller (2002).

In his spare time David Duchovny yoga, running jogging. Vegetarian.
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