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Dzidzio ( Mikhail Khoma )Biography ukrainian singer



Mikhail Khoma born on 20 November 1983 in Novoyavorivsk, Lviv region, Ukraine.

In 2 years and 3 months Dzidzio already read by syllables.

For the first time Dzidzio appeared on stage at age 6, when done in a music school. At the entrance exam, he sang the song “Oh meadow of red viburnum”.

At 9 years old, when Mikhail played with the children in the “voynushki” shooting peas, he was in his great-grandmother Anna. A week later a telegram arrived, my grandmother died, and Mikhail experienced 3 years, thinking that it was he killed her. In fact, my grandmother was just old.As a child, birthday best gift Mikhail received from my mother – every time it was his favorite cake “Andruty” (waffles smeared with condensed milk). On the first money bought huge Dzidzio Boys sweater 3 sizes too big. For growth, because there was no other. And I put it in two years, and then only once, because the sweater has gone out of fashion.

In 12 years, won the first prize in the Competition. Tchaikovsky among vocalists. The first work Dzidzio – 3 months served at the customs checkpoint at Krakovets, trained, and then decided that it was not his life’s work, and started making music. The words “Galka have Stepan ” in the song “I and Sara” non-random. These are real names of mothers and fathers .
Stage Dzidzio name comes from his grandfather on my mother’s side, a Pole by birth, whose name was Marcoule Yan. In the village everyone called him “Dzidzio”.

Mikhail does not drink milk, and says that adults should not drink it. Singer believes this product exclusively maternal infant feeding method. “Adults have to decide is either grass or meat”, – says Mikhail.

In 2009, Michael, together with Oleg Turko (Lesik), with the support of his old friend Andrey Kuzmenko organized group «DZIDZIO».

Dzidzio whith Andriy Kuzmenko ( Skryabin )
Dzidzio whith Andriy Kuzmenko ( Skryabin )

In the same year, the band recorded a few tracks, and shot a video for the song “Old photos”.

In 2011, Michael and Oleg released two songs “Yalta” and “Sama-sama”, which also clips have been removed. The video for the song “Sama-sama,” the boys filmed in Spain.

Dzidzo without beards

In 2012, the group has another participant Nazar “Yulіk” , and the band released their debut album titled “Ha-ha-ha.”

In March 2013 came the next video group «DZIDZIO» for the song “Neighborhood”.

April 1, 2013 started the show “Cat factor”, a music producer who made Mikhail Khoma.

In the autumn of 2013 at the “New Channel” launched the show “Sing If You Can”, where Michael was the leading place with Alena Musienko.