Eugene Paton

Eugene Paton
                   Eugene Paton (1870-1953)


Eugene Paton was born 4 (according to other sources – 5 th) March , who was destined to become a Ukrainian academician, founder of the Institute of Electric Welding, author of the famous bridge its name in Kiev. Also, his name is given to institutions, streets and even an asteroid.

Noble, known as Batya

Paton was born in Nice (France) in a family of the Russian consul, former Colonel of the Guards. The future luminaries of science had four brothers and two sisters. Behind Paton – Dresden Polytechnic Institute (Germany) and the Institute of Transportation Engineers (St. Petersburg). Well, he taught at the Moscow Engineering School of Communications (1899-1904) and KPI – Kiev Polytechnic Institute (1904-1938).
When in 1904 Professor Zworykin, rector of the newly established KPI, invited the 34-year-old Paton headed the department of bridges, he was already a famous professor-bridge-builder, has published two volumes of course “iron bridge”, has caused a stir in the Moscow Engineering College a special teaching method of designing bridges . On the insistence Paton was legendary. However, it is not only required, but also a lot of give. Not for nothing in the mouth of the hero of one of his works of the writer Paustovsky put the words: “Who has not learned from Paton does not know life.”
“I am attracted not by themselves the exact sciences, and the possibility of practical application of abstract numbers and formulas -. Not for me is another matter -. See how these formulas and rows of numbers are embodied in structures”, – he admitted Paton.
Despite the fact that during the civil war were shot by his brother Michael and his wife and son, Comrade Paton had not gone abroad. He survived multiple transition of Kiev from hand to hand, the evacuation of the Great Patriotic War. And always come back …
According to those who were fortunate to work under his leadership, the collective Paton respectfully called Batey. Given that he was born from an educated family, a nobleman, Comrade Paton very politely communicate with all (the strongest expression that could have been consumed – “uncleaned boots”), but at the same time, was firm and principled. For example, strictly enforce discipline. Sometimes – I personally was in the morning at the door of the institute and noted latecomers (including sometimes visited and his sons).

On tanks and bonuses

Interestingly, up to 58 years Paton had no relation to the welding. But his account was more than forty large riveted bridges. In 1928 he headed the commission takes somewhere in the depths of the bridge after reconstruction. It was then that he noticed the welding work. And I realized what this technology opens up prospects. After all, if we refuse to rivets, weight and cost of the bridges is significantly reduced.
And he began to act. One year later, Paton succeeded in opening the CPI Department of civil engineering, welding and electric welding lab Committee. On this basis a few years later, he founded the Institute of Electric Welding, whose director he remained until the end of life.

It is impossible to calculate how much money this man has saved his country. That’s just one fact. In the first five years the Soviet Union actively buying in the West the latest equipment and technology. “Eyes lit up” and invented in the United States submerged arc welding (it allows to obtain high quality welds). The Government of the USSR was ready to give the idea of eight million dollars – a huge money in those days. Learning that prepares such a contract, Paton asked to slow down. Like, with mustaches. And really – in his institute learned to cook metal submerged.
In 1940 Stalin Prize was established, later renamed the State. Patton was among the first to be awarded – for the creation of high-speed automatic welding method. Having heard about it, Comrade Paton wrote to the chairman of the Soviet government Vyacheslav Molotov, that should also reward the whole team who invented the CAC. However, the award was given to him alone. And then Paton himself distributed the State Prize (one hundred thousand) between three of its academic staff and workers, which was a virtuoso fusion.
In the 41st Institute of Electric evacuated to the Urals, in Nizhny Tagil, where produced the famous T-34 tank. Already in January 1942, Paton and his team managed to fully automate welding hulls of armored vehicles. “Tridtsatchetvёrki” began to make up to six times faster than before, putting on the production flow. Tankers, who came to the factory to get the car, laid the legend: “I came from the Ukraine and the old professor walks this stocky Cossack with a pipe, listening to the body and if the tanks gives the go-ahead, the machine will not fail in battle.”.
Named bridge

Comrade Paton known for his works on the statics of structures and the construction of railway bridges (in particular, he formulated the principles of calculation and construction of riveted bridges). Paton – director and author of more than 50 projects of iron riveted and welded more than 100 bridges. Among the latter – one of the largest in the world, located in Kiev welded bridge across the Dnieper River, now known as the Paton Bridge.
This giant (bridge length was 1543 meters, it consists of 26 spans the width of the carriageway – 21 meters, all the beams were installed with the help of electric welding and 10,668 welds done when installing the span units), which is included by the American Academy of welding in the list of outstanding engineering structures , began to build on the eve of the Great Patriotic War. The war interrupted the work. Comrade Paton resumed it in 1944, when he returned to liberated Kyiv.
Unfortunately, the master quite a bit has not lived up to the commissioning of his masterpiece. He died on August 12 1953 (in Kiev is buried at the memorial cemetery Baikove), and the bridge was opened in November of the same year.


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