Grushevskiy (Hrushevsky) Mihail


Hrushevsky Mihail – Ukrainian historian, public and political figure. Hrushevsky brief biography Hrushevsky born 17 September 1866 in the city Chelm (Poland). Grew up in the Caucasus – first in Stavropol, and in Vladikavkaz. He studied at the Tiflis Gymnasium, Kiev University (History and Philology). He worked at the university led by Vladimir Antonovich. In 1894, on the recommendation of Mr. Antonovich, Hrushevsky appointed full professor of the department “world history with a single generalization history of Eastern Europe” Lviv University, where he worked until 1914. May 26, 1896, in. Rock Hrushevsky married Mary Voyakivskoyu. For the development of Ukrainian literature Ivan Franko Hrushevsky with established and published “Literary and Scientific vistnyk” was one of the organizers of the Ukrainian Union of Publishing (1899).

In 1904 he opened his own expense private teachers’ seminary in the city. Coloma. After the revolution of 1905-1907. M.Grushevskiy moved its operations to Kyiv. Created Ukrainian Scientific Society (CNT), joined the Society of Ukrainian progressives (1907), which was only to the 1917 Ukrainian liberal organization. From March 1917 to April 1918 – Chairman of the Ukrainian Central Rada. Under the direction of the UPR Hrushevsky government adopted important decisions of state attributes, and performed a constitutional process. He personally participated in developing the UNR Constitution, adopted April 29, 1918. But after the coup led by P. Skoropadsky and Hrushevsky had to go into hiding. The elimination of the UCR ended the state of Hrushevsky. In the underground is mostly engaged in scientific work, participated in the discussion on the establishment of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, but the offer Skoropadskiy head the newly created Academy refused.
In February 1919 M.Grushevskiy moved to the city. Kamenetz-Podolsk, and then to the city. Stanislav (now. Ivano-Frankivsk). In March of that year he emigrated to Prague, then to Vienna, where he continued his scientific work. Also founded in Prague Ukrainian Sociology Institute. 1923 was elected academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. In March 1924 his family arrived in Kyiv. He worked as a professor of history at Kiev State University. He was elected academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, head of department of History and Philology.

January 12, 1929 general meeting of the USSR Hrushevskoho elected a full member. April 25, 1929 at the meeting of the general meeting of the USSR Grushevskii raised the need for the creation within it of the Institute of Ukrainian History. Since autumn 1929 began a pogrom historical institutions created Hrushevsky. In November-December 1929 session of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences began to eliminate the commission, led Grushevskii (finally abolished in 1933). He died in Kislovodsk November 25, 1934. He was buried at the cemetery Baikove in Kiev. Hrushevsky – is a world-class scientist, artistic heritage which impresses with its thematic range, encyclopaedic, versatility. His author of about two thousand works on history, sociology, literature, ethnography and folklore. Yet still not fully explored its journalism, epistolary heritage. And above all, he entered national history as its great chronicler, author of the fundamental “History of Ukraine – Rus”, rightly called the metric of our people. He created the concept of holistic Ukrainian historical process has absorbed the best achievements of contemporary Ukrainian science was illuminated by high consciousness and so was the core idea of Ukrainian revival. As head of the Central Council, he was deeply convinced that the new Ukrainian state should be based on the principles of democracy and law. His work laid the solid foundation Hrushevsky Ukrainian statehood. His memory is eternal, scientific work – an inexhaustible source of wisdom.


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