King Daniel Galician (Danilo Galickiy)

Daniel Galician(1201-1264) reign – is the age of greatest economic and cultural development and political influence Galicia-Volyn principality, which was the largest state in Europe.
In the western city of Galich in 1201 in the family of Prince Roman the Great was born the eldest son Daniel, who will be the future ruler of one of the largest countries in Europe at the time.

                                                      Monument to king Daniel Galician Lviv

Father Daniel – Roman the Great, an outstanding personality of the Rurik dynasty, his contemporaries considered the most powerful of all the Russian princes end XII- beginning of XIII century, he was nicknamed “the Great Prince of Kiev.” He was the founder of Galicia-Volyn principality and ruling patriarch Gdańsk kind Romanovich. On Daniel’s mother is very little information and facts confirmed, because nowhere in is historical sources are not named after the wife of Roman Mstyslavovych. Chroniclers called her husband’s name alone – “Romanov Grand Duchess.” Some historians believe that the mother of Prince Daniel Romanovich and Vasylko was the second wife of Roman Great – Yefrosinya Anna, a descendant of the old noble family and was the daughter of the Byzantine emperor Isaac II Angel.

Four years after the birth of Daniel, died novel Great and Princess Anne with young children moved from Galich Vladimir Volyn, where he buried her husband. In 1206, widow Anna Euphrosyne with basil youngest son Prince went to Krakow and senior Danilo sent to the court of King of Hungary for 6 years. As the young Prince Daniel and cornflowers could not keep their hands, in their places until 1215 ruled by their mother. When Prince Daniel reached 18 years and began to reign in Vladimir yourself, then Princess Euphrosyne Anna left the throne and went to the monastery.

Death caused the Great Roman fightings land between the princes and boyars, Polish and Hungarian feudal lords who later took Galicia. But Daniel and cornflowers did not intend tolerate this and then began a long struggle for paternal inheritance. In order to “gather in a heap” Great Roman possession, first Volyn and Galich city and part of Galicia, Galician Prince Daniel took 40 years.

Coronation of King Daniel of Galicia Pope Innocent IV
                                                                Coronation of King Daniel of Galicia Pope Innocent IV

Only in 1245 after defeating Polish-Hungarian troops during Jaroslaw, Danilo Romanovich finally regained all of Galicia. He built a city of castles and fortresses in Kamenetz-Litovsk, Brest, Bilan, Kamenetz Podolsky, Khotin, put there Posadnik and its military garrison. These cities have defined boundaries of the state, were a powerful obstacle to Tatar and other conquerors who never managed to capture some of them. Danylo was the founder of several cities, one of them called the name of his son – Lev.

To the newly created cities invited artisans and merchants from Poland, Germany and other lands of. They were given free to work for the state under the auspices of Daniel Romanovich. Galicia-Volyn state become a country that has exported not only wax and furs, and began to export to Europe crafts. The city Dorohychyn protected Daniel from attacks crusaders, local merchants had access to one of the largest shopping centers of the time – the Polish city of Torun. Daniel can be regarded as the first domestic statesman who embodied a program of progressive economic development of their land. Thanks to wise public policy Danylo managed to keep his country from destruction by Mongol-Tatars. He actually did not obey the power of the Golden Horde.

In December 1253 (January 1254) was held in Dorogochin remarkable historical event. Pope Innocent IV gave Daniel Galician royal title. The papal legate anointed Daniel Romanovich, who received a royal award “from all his bishops,” emphasizing that it is not only crowned, and the Rus.
The state, led by Daniel King, covers an area of almost 200 thousand square meters. km and encompass modern Volyn, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Chernivtsi, Khmelnytsky, Rivne significant part, Vinnytsia, Odesa, Kyiv and some other regions of Ukraine, part of the territory of modern Belarus, Poland, Moldova. Daniel King was a remarkable person, an influential politician, a skilled military leader and great organizer of public life.Sole master of Galicia-Volyn principality Daniel Galician was for 1245-1264 years. In the summer of 1264, according to the chronicler Daniel “… fell in great illness” and died. He was buried in the church of St. Mary in Hill City. In the Chronicle says: “This same king Daniel [was] prince of good, brave and wise, who built many gardens, and churches set up and decorated their various ornaments and lit bratolyubsteom he was with his brother basil. Say the same Daniel Solomon was next. ”

Daniel Galician
                                          Danilo Galician



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