Max Levchin

Max Levchin

Max Levchin – programmer, author of many start-ups, co-founder and chief engineer PayPal, vice president of development at Google.
Maximilian Levchin was born in 1975 in Kiev. Father Rafael Levchin – known writer and poet, and mother Lily Zeltsman – physicist. In 1991 the family Levchin immigrated to the United States, where the family received political asylum and settled in Chicago, Illinois.

After the Mather High School, Max joined the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In 1997 he successfully graduated and moved to Silicon Valley, where he worked on his own projects. Of course, the first startups Max did not bring any profits.

The first big money earned Max Levchin electronic payment system PayPal, one of the founders of which he became. In 2002, when eBay acquired PayPal payment system for $ 1.5 billion him as one of the founders belonged then 2.3%. As a result of acquisitions Max received about $ 34 million. Today, electronic payments using PayPal over 160 million people in 200 countries. PayPal That solved the problem of hacking theft of client funds, and thus earned authority and through the competition.

In 2004 Max Levchin launched its own startup Slide – service easy to use and posting photos on social networks, and in August 2010, Google acquired Slide for $ 182 million. Max, in turn, took over as vice president for development of the company Google.

2009, according to the publication Fortune, Max Levchin the list of the most successful business people younger than 40 years, took 25th place. A famous Forbes magazine estimated his fortune at $ 100 million.


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