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Milla Jovovich Biography



Future supermodel and film star was born on December 17, 1975 in the then Soviet city of Kiev (Ukraine) in an intelligent and educated family. The girl’s father by profession a pediatrician, but the mother Galina Loginova in the past famous and demanded actress. At first the family lived together in Dnepropetrovsk, but then moved to London, and finally came to a permanent place of residence in Los Angeles, USA,

Due to the fact that mother sober assessment of the fact that her acting career because of moving over, she began to put all the power in the creative development of his beloved daughter. Do not spare a dime, my parents sent the girl to a dance, a music school and acting classes. Precisely because of this, it is now such a multiple personality. Works gradually began to yield results.

Milla Jovovich Biography
Milla Jovovich photo in childhood

Modeling career

Height – 173 cm;
Weight – 52 kg;
Options – 85-61-86 cm.
As a young 11-year-old girl Milla Jovovich made her first professional photo that graced the cover of Lei. Fashion editors and photographers immediately have adopted a young, promising, and most importantly not yet spoiled girl, so around the newly-made model immediately began excitement.
Soon followed the next photo shoot, the resulting photos which were placed on the cover of the famous glossy Mademoiselle. It was after this shooting started a scandal surrounding Milla. While accused of: photographer, editor, mother, because they were all involved in that little girl was underage involved in the adult fashion world.

Milla Jovovich Lei
Milla Jovovich Lei

However, such a scandal did not affect the modeling career and is society discussed contrived problem, her photo had time to appear on more than 10 pages of logs.

Repeatedly naked Milla Jovovich graced the pages of fashion gloss but never such photos did not look too frank and vulgar. Through her smile, she manages to turn any frame in art. Now, however, on his page on Instagram girl does not dare publish candid shots

In addition to numerous photos for magazine covers, at a young age Milla was the face of many famous brands, including cosmetics company L’OREAL, REVLON, as well as such brands as VERSACE FASHION AND CALVIN KLEIN.

Film career

It was my mother insisted to quit modeling career and begin to conquer the movie business. Continuing to do photos for various magazines and advertising campaigns, the girl attended diligently all kinds of tests on the role in the movie. The debut on the big screen happened with the release of the movie “Two Moon Junction”. However, if the expected rise in the film career did not happen.

This fame only after Millet leading role in the colorful and touching film “Return to the Blue Lagoon.” It is this reel of film became a great start in her career. Total year later began working on Beauty Chaplin film into which she had to be reincarnated as a brilliant actor’s wife. On the set of the next film, namely, “Dazed and Confused” she met actor Shawn Andrews, who soon became her first husband.

Many films, which are then made Milla this global superstar emerged after 1997. But until then, she had to be content with secondary roles.

In order not to lose time in vain, aspiring actress decided to make a reality of his second dream – to become a singer. In 1994, the beauty has released the first album, which is called «The Divine Comedy» ( «The Divine Comedy”). Of course she has not got the same popularity as in the cinematic arena, but it has developed its own students.
Devoting musical career 2 years Milla Jovovich once again begins to actively go to sample all kinds of movies. One of these samples turned out to audition for a role in the thriller “The Fifth Element”. After the film the girl was a real star, which no longer had to go to a casting, since the directors themselves sent her a new script every day.

Milla Jovovich in 5th Element
Milla Jovovich in 5th Element

In 2000, she coped with her Eloise role in the film “Hotel” A million dollars. ” Her game was rated by both critics and audiences, so unconditionally motion picture won the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. After this successful Milla starred in several tapes, among which it is worth noting, “Doll,” “Zoolander” and “Gold Dust”.

Resident Evil

One of its most famous and popular roles was the Alice of the movie “Resident Evil.” She starred in all six parts (the last exit is scheduled for early 2017). By the way all the film is based on the computer game “Resident Evil.” For many, it was a shock that so intelligent and educated girl will play a major role in the bloody horror.

Milla Jovovich in resident Evil
Milla Jovovich in resident Evil

The first part of the “Resident Evil” was published in 2002 on the screens around the world. In the story Milla played a girl who lost her memory and woke up in a secret laboratory. Because of the virus, all employees have turned into zombies and the main character is to cope with all this horror. Critics were not thrilled with the published films, considering dialogue stupid, and too mediocre actor’s game. However, true fans of the game will appreciate this adaptation. Altogether 5 parts of the film, the next part is planned for 2017.

Personal life

1. During the filming of the film “Dazed and Confused” Milla met actor Shawn Andrews, whom soon married in Las Vegas. But after just a month the pair has terminated his marriage.

2. Her second husband, she also met on the set of the film, but this time it was the director of the movie “The Fifth Element,” Luc Besson. The couple married after the premiere of the film in 1997, but broke up in 1999 already.

3. At the moment, the actress married director Paul Anderson. The couple began dating in 2002, but officially became husband and wife only after 7 years. In 2007, Milla became a mother for the first time, having given birth to a beautiful daughter of the director Eva. However, they decided not to stop and, most recently, namely 1 April 2015 the actress gave birth to a second daughter who was named Dashiel Eden.

Milla has never concealed her pregnancy as it is, for example, do the other stars, but rather happily shared the news with his fans in Instagram. By the way the girl in my Instagram sincerely share every enjoyable moment of his life. It publishes a lot of cute photos of your favorite daughters, as well as stunning scenery encountered during her travels.

Milla Jovovich whith childrens
Milla Jovovich whith childrens

In Instagram can find funny pictures and videos taken during the shooting process another film with her participation, as well as photos of her made-up characters. Through social networks, and in particular, and Instagram Milla Jovovich trying to communicate with their fans and keep them in the center of their events.

Milla Jovovich in Instagram: @millajovovich