Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky

Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky Biography


Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky born on September 17 1864 in Vinnitsa in small family official. Childhood and youth of the future writer passed in towns and villages Podolya region, where his father transferred the service. Graduated Bar Elementary School (1875 – 1876) and Sharhorodskyi religious school (1876 – 1880).

Kotsyubynsky began to try his hand at literature early, took up poetry, translations, essays, and quickly the main field of his writing, true vocation is fiction. Since the first attempts Kotsyubinskogo-writer have survived story “Andrew Soloviyko or Vcheniye world, nevcheniye Darkness” (1884), “21st December, vvedeniye” (1885), “Uncle and Aunt” (1885).

Publish Kotsyubynsky began in 1890. – in Lviv children’s magazine “Call,” published his poem “Our cottage.” In the same year he visited Lviv, setting professional contacts with local writers and publishers, including Frank. The trip marked the beginning of permanent cooperation Kotsyubinskogo in Western publications. At the beginning of 1891. he rides with. Lopatyntsi Vinnichchine which combines work in the family home teacher from a local employee-depth study of village life, folk language, culture and starts a serious literary work. In one 1891 of his pen out story “scrub”, “tree”, “P’yatyzlotnyk” story “on faith” poetic tale “The malicious brother.” His works attracted the attention of the literary public, showed that Ukrainian prose came a talented artist.

In the early 90’s. Of young Ukrainian intellectuals, imbued with liberal and enlightenment ideas forming organization “Brotherhood tarasivtsi”, from which participants Kotsyubynsky while kept in touch. This relationship is reflected in his work. In the fairy tale “Ho” (1894) Kotsyubynsky elevates the importance of the liberal enlightenment.

Years stay Kotsyubinskogo in government service in Moldova and Crimea gave life material for his works “For the common good” (1895), “Pe-koptor” (1896), “The Ambassador of the black king” (1897), “The Witch” (1898) “In the bond of Satan” (1899), “dearly” (1901), “The stones” (1902), “The sinful world,” “Under the minarets” (1904). One indication that his works Kotsyubynsky Moldovan-Crimean series go beyond local problems is that its story “For the common good” was published in Russian translation in “Life” (1899, Vol. 12).

Rich creative achievements in the five-year filokserniy Service Commission began a period of intensive growth writer Leaving work in committee, after he unsuccessful attempts to get a job in Chernihiv, where the family lived, went to Zhytomyr and holds various positions in the editorial of the local newspaper “Volyn” . At the beginning of 1898. Kotsyubynsky finally gets a job in Chernigov district council.

An important aspect of ideological and artistic evolution was Kotsyubinskogo story “Dolly” (1901). In “Lyalechtsi” appears Kotsyubynsky outstanding master of psychological analysis. Focusing on psychological conflicts is a defining feature of the Kotsiubynsky.

Something separately heritage Kotsyubinskogo are works on themes from the past of the Ukrainian people – “On Wings of Song” (1895) and “dearly” (1901). They are united romantically elevated, heroic tone.

Native house in the city of Vinnitsa
Native house in the city of Vinnitsa

Novella “Apple blossom” was groundbreaking in Ukrainian literature on the topic violated problem of the relationship of the writer to reality, said that the artist under any circumstances can not forget their civic and professional duty should hurt another’s grief as his own.

The theme “bloom apple” Kotsyubynsky back again and again (the cycle of miniatures “From the depths of” poetry in prose “Memory soul” unfinished work “Web”, short stories “Intermezzo” and “Dream”). Evident in these works ideological and artistic creed and declared in a letter-appeal Kotsyubinsky and M. Cherniavsky 1903. to Ukrainian writers. The next development of Ukrainian literature Kotsyubynsky seen in the expansion of its thematic and ideological horizons, searching for new artistic forms.

In the five years before the Revolution 1905 – 1907 gg. Kotsyubynsky wrote and published the story “Fata morgana” (Kievan antiquity, 1904). Which caught those major shifts in the consciousness of the peasantry and the new trends in the evolution of social psychology villages that were in full force during the revolution. The revolution finally opened the new global village and Kotsyubynsky without any interference into his story continued as the second part of the story. The second part of the story “Fata morgana” (published in the April issue of “Literary and Scientific Bulletin” for 1910.) Belongs to the most outstanding creative achievements Kotsyubinskogo associated with the events of the first Russian revolution.

The leading genre short fiction Kotsyubinskogo after 1901. is socio-psychological novel.

In 1906 – 1912 rr. In the second part of “Fata morgana” Kotsyubinsky creates stories “Laughter,” “He goes” (1906), “Unknown,” “Intermezzo”. “The Road” (1907), “Persona grata” “As we went to Wells’ (1908),” debut “(1909),” The Dream “,” Letter “(1911),” Present at the birthday party “,” Horses are not guilty, “sketches, sketches” Praise life! ” , “The island” (1912) and the novel “Shadows of forgotten ancestors” (1911).

During visits to the island of Capri writer often met with Gorky in winter 1911 – 1912 rr. He even lived there and wrote “Horses are not guilty” and “Present at the birthday party.”

Recent works Kotsyubinsky. Paphos triumph of life over death permeated essay “Praise life.” The tenor of the essay “The Island” is also the idea of ​​continuity, eternity of human existence.

Kotsyubynsky visited many exotic places – in the Crimea, Bessarabia, Hutsul region and Italy, his letters are full of experiences on the nature of the lands. Kotsyubynsky impressed his contemporaries knowledge of science. He penetrated into the secrets of nature through scientific literature and our own observations. It helped him deeply, philosophically perceive the world around us better understand and accurately recreate life in organic connection with the world. Nature and man merge him into a whole, are in a poetic-philosophical series.

Language practice Kotsyubinskogo – one of the best examples of a broad approach to language. Without denying the weight of different styles Ukrainian literary language, words, tumors, original expressions, designs. He main source of enrichment language literature considered nationwide conversation.

Creativity is Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky art example has more than one generation Ukrainian writers.


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