Dorofeeva Nadia (Time and Glass)

Nadia Dorofeeva biography


Nadia Dorofeeva – pop singer, participant of the duet “Time and Glass.” Was born Simferopol 21 April 1990. She gained fame after winning a series of Ukrainian and European vocal competitions. In 2016 he began a career of fashion designer. The soloist of the group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva.


Nadia Dorofeeva was born on April 21, 1990 in a military family. Nadia’s mom dreamed of a career of the actress, but at the insistence of the parents became a dentist. Her love for the stage took over a little hope. “I was 6 years old at home seated guests who come to us on holiday and dancing. And i gave to all sorts of creative circles. I went to a music school, a dance, and then started to go on singing “, – she told reporters Nadia. Nadia Dorofeev childhood This busy schedule disrupted the studies at the Lyceum No-3 city of Simferopol. Nadia tried to study well. It is often performed in school, and the teachers were very fond of her, encouraged. However, she recognized Nadia, the lessons on the exact sciences, it did not remember anything. Vocals give hope as if by itself. At age 12 she began performing in local clubs “Albion”. Mom helping her sew costumes of beads – each weighing three kilograms. And every Saturday morning Dad took her to a club on the speech, in which she sang Ukrainian songs in modern processing. Their success with the public has been incredible. Little Nadia Dorofeev was the star of the Simferopol scenes can say that Nadia Dorofeev already got show business – she has already earned his first money. Her parents were satisfied with the results, despite the fact that in the same dressing room with a little Nadia were preparing for the performance strippers. Nadia actively went on singing contests with their parents, and repeatedly won prizes. In 2002, she took the Grand Prix Vocal Competition “Southern Express”. That same year, the girl won the Crimea championship in ballroom dancing and won second prize in the Competition. Yuri Bogatikova. In 2003, she won prizes in competitions held in Hungary and Bulgaria. And after Dorofeeva won the competition “Black Sea Games 2004”, with relatives no doubt – in front of them, the future star of the scene.

Little Nadia Dorofeeva was the star of the scene Simferopol
Little Nadia Dorofeeva was the star of the scene Simferopol

GETTING CREATIVE WAYS OF HOPE Dorofeeva starting point in  career was the contest “Golden Voice of Russia-2005” held in Moscow. “It was the next competition. I sang. We were with my dad immediately went behind the scenes “- recalls Nadezhda. Talented little girl interested producer girl group “M.CH.S.” who offered her hope of becoming the new soloist and promises a good fee. Thus began independent life. “M.CH.S.” group lasted 2 years, but has not achieved the popularity of Nadia Dorofeeva has admitted in an interview: “It was a tough period. I tried this, but I did not like the song, I did not like our producer. ” In parallel, she studied at the correspondence department of the vocal faculty of the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts. When in 2007, shortly after the release of the studio album the group, she decided to leave the “M.CH.S.” and return to Kiev, where she was taken into the project “American Chance” with producer Igor Kondratyuk. But it did not work out with the project, and Nadia went back to Moscow. For a while she had to make a vocal lessons for adults – she had 10 students – and even hand out flyers. It was a period of experiences and wanderings. Desperate to find a place in Moscow, Nadezhda returned to Kiev with grandiose plans for a solo album.

Nadia Dorofeeva with Pozitiv biography

Nadia Dorofeeva and “TIME AND GLASS” In Kiev, she started her solo career under the stage name “Marquis”. In 2010, Dorofeeva was lucky – she was advised to go casting for a new project of the famous composer and producer Potap (Alex Potapenko). In fact just matured a plan for a new “sex matched” pop duet. Soloist he found a long time – with Alexei Zavgorodniy (Positive), he worked for 10 years – but with female vocals was tight. At the end of 2000 sx Nadia Dorofeev was known as the Marquis turned out that Alex Zavgorodniy Nadia Dorofeev met a year ago in Artek. Naparnitsa Potap, Nastya Kamensky, she also knew personally: they were both winners of “Black Sea Games” in 2004, but Nagy has won first place in the middle age category, and her daughter – in high. “Time and Glass Group” was born in 2010.  It was then that she decided to leave her solo career in favor of “Time and Glass” project.

Nadia Dorofeeva with Potap
Nadia Dorofeeva with Potap

The first clip newly-group was shot for the song “So had the map”, words and music for which was written by Potap. During the first few hours after the publication of a video on YouTube has collected a few thousand views. It was a success. Nadia Dorofeev and positive waiting for an unprecedented success ahead of them waiting for the release of their debut album “Time and Glass”, then many concerts in Ukraine and Russia. Every single group necessarily waiting for the success of their clips collected hundreds of thousands of views. One of them – the song “Take” – was filmed in Mexico. Time and Glass – Potap project In early 2015 the crisis started in the group: “I said I wanted to do a song. I wrote a slow song. Potap asked what she was better than the song “Tear”, for example. We quarreled, I left in tears, Potap psihanul. The next day we arrived at the studio, and for half an hour to write the song “Name 505 ‘” – shared Nadia. Composition “shot”, giving the group a new start. “Time and Glass” – “Name 505” model business interest to outfits instilled Hope mother as a child. She was always smartly dressed. It is not surprising that Nadia interested in a career of fashion designer. Nadia Dorofeev a child interested in fashion “Fashion – it’s my passion! I have always been fascinated everything connected with clothes and accessories, and do not always find I could fully reflect me unique items from local producers. In addition, more and more social networks began to ask me questions about my style, and ask where you can buy the same things. Then I decided to create their own brand «It’s My DoDo» », – told Hope on Ukrainian television.

PERSONAL LIFE Nadia Dorofeeva July 8, 2015 married Vladimir Dantes – TV presenter and former singer of the group “DiO.filmy”. Wedding Nadia and Vladimir Dantes officially in love got married three days before the ceremony. By the wedding was conducted thorough training for six months. The celebration was noisy, it was attended by 70 people. Dorofeeva Witnesses were Nastya Kamensky and Miguel, her husband drove Nadia Potap, as neither her father nor stepfather to the wedding could not come. Potap and Nadia Dorofeev go to the altar of one of the gifts the newlyweds was a trip to Spain, where Nadya and Vladimir and spent their honey this week: “We flew to Barcelona. 4 days in a row we went to the shopping, and he bought me everything. The best man!”.

Nadia Dorofeeva with Dantes
Nadia Dorofeeva with husband Dantes

Nadia DOROFEEVA NOW autumn 2016 Nadia flew to New York to shoot for an advertising campaign «Maybelline». In 2016 Nadia Dorofeev was the advertising face «Maybelline Ukraine”