Nikolai Gogol

Nikolai Gogol

Nikolai Gogol – novelist, playwright, poet, critic, essayist, considered one of the classics of literature. Nikolai Gogol brief biography Born in the village Sorochintsy Poltava province in a poor landlord family April 1, 1809. Gogol began his education in 1821 at Nezhinsky high school science. In 1828 Gogol moved to St. Petersburg, where he served as a clerk. There he was a little disappointed because the existence of funds was not enough, the actors did not accept his literary activity does not go well.

Under the pseudonym V. Alov in 1829 he wrote a romantic work “Ganz Kyuhelgarten.”After sharp criticism of the book, he himself had destroyed its circulation. The first story of Gogol “Basavryuk” appeared in 1830 in the journal “Notes of the Fatherland.” Gradually, he began to make acquaintances with the literary circle of St. Petersburg. He spoke with Alexander Somov, Baron Delvig,Pletnev, Pushkin and Zhukovsky.

Pushkin and Gogol, a fragment of the monument to the 1000 anniversary of Russia
Pushkin and Gogol, a fragment of the monument to the 1000 anniversary of Rus.

Gradually appeared in print new works by Gogol. Among them, “Evening on the eve of Midsummer,” “Fair,” “May Night”. In the anthology “Northern Flowers” was published historical novel chapter “Hetman”. However, his first major literary success were “Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka.” In these stories, the author vividly depicted Ukrainian incredibly life using fun and subtle humor. In 1833, the writer decided to devote himself to teaching, and a year later was appointed assistant professor at the Department of History of St. Petersburg University. During this period he was fully engaged in studying the history of Ukraine, which then formed the basis of the plan “Taras Bulba” (1835). Realizing the power of theater, Gogol took drama. The product of Gogol’s “Inspector” was written in 1835 and first staged in 1836. Because of the negative reaction of the public to stage “Inspector”, the writer leaves the country.

Shortly thereafter, the writer went abroad to Switzerland, Paris, where he completed his work “Dead Souls”. In 1841, he returned to Russia, via Bologna made it to print in the first volume of “Dead Souls”. The second volume reflected the spiritual crisis that overtook the writer at the time. Soon Gogol’s mental state deteriorated. At night, Feb. 11, 1852, Gogol burned the second volume of “Dead Souls”, and 21 February (March 4) died.

There is a legend that hololith was buried alive. It is known that Nikolai Gogol, who suffered from bouts of lethargy, afraid of being buried alive. Given that the lethargy of death can be distinguished very difficult. Gogol punished his friends to bury him only when there are clear signs of decomposition of the body. However, in May 1931, when the cemetery Danilov Monastery was destroyed in Moscow, where he was buried a great writer, present at the exhumation of horror we discovered that Gogol’s skull was turned to one side. Is this true, no one really knows for sure.


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