Philip Orlyk

Philip Orlyk
Philip Orlyk

Pulup Orlyk (1672-1742)

After the death of his successor Cossacks Mazepa was elected secretary general of the Zaporizhzhya Philip Orlyk . It was a very educated man, very young, who came from a noble Czech family. Just as the hetman Mazepa, he was a gifted poet.

Philip Orlyk was the author of the first Ukrainian Constitution – a document, titled “Covenant and the Constitution rights and liberties troops Zaporizhzhya” (1610 p.). This constitution was is – it only protects the rights and liberties of the Cossacks. But in it, as in a mirror, reflected the democratic aspirations of the Ukrainian people. Orlyk Constitution was never put into effect. But in many ways it has provided the basic provisions of the American and French constitutions that gave impetus to the movement in Western Europe for freedom and democracy.

The post of secretary general Orlik took over in 1707. And immediately became a close associate of Hetman Mazepa were holy in all his plans. In all circumstances remained true Orlik Mazepa and together with the Hetman was forced to leave the territory of Ukraine. After the death of his Mazepa was elected hetman, but until his death he remained in exile, negotiating with Sweden and Turkey to liberate Ukraine, and even performing military campaigns on Ukrainian land.

Last years

Philip Orlyk died in 1742 in Iasi in Moldova. Wise statesman, diplomat and warrior, the creator of the first Ukrainian Constitution spent the rest of life in such a brutal poverty that Moldovan owner was forced to bury him at his own expense.

Compiled Orlyk Constitution of Ukraine adopted the Cossacks in exile, and immediately after the decision was recognized by the Governments of Sweden and Turkey. She is now striking in its relevance and high legal culture. Researchers believe that this document for years ahead the ideas of the French Revolution.


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