Poroshenko Petro

in the Odessa region, in a small district Bolgrad



Poroshenko Peter (Petro) was born on September 26, 1965 in the Odessa region, in a small town Bolgrad, in the family control of agricultural machinery and chief accountant of the department of agriculture. Peter youngest child in the family who looks a lot like his father. Brother Peter was older than 8 years. He died in 1997 under mysterious circumstances. My father was a hard character and brought up sons with rigor. Peter remembered the familiar as a short, polite and responsive child liked very sweet. Well in school, completing it without a bad mark, but without a medal.

The most favorite subject was mathematics to Peter, though he had graduated from a class with in-depth knowledge of French. Finishing school boy for a long time choosing whether to become a diplomat or a sailor. But in the end, by the Kiev State University. Shevchenko, Poroshenko linked his future with a career diplomat. While studying in his third year, he was forced to go to the service in Aktyubinsk. Get a complete education and profession-foreign economist, he was able only in 1989.

In 2002, the result of long work was written by PhD – “Legal state corporate rights management regulation in Ukraine.”


First shoots emerged interest in the business of Peter in the 80s, when he created his co-op with a few classmates and earned the first money selling cocoa beans. After completing his studies at the fine, in 1989-1992, he was a graduate student and simultaneously assisted in the department of international relations. From 1993 to 1998 Poroshenko takes the position of CEO of the concern “UPI.” Concurrently, he becomes the head of JSC “Plant Lenin forge”, presides over the Council of the Bank “Mriya” and a member of the Supervisory Board of Vinnitsa confectionery factory.

Since 1998, after Petro Poroshenko had a chance to get into parliament, he begins to detailed political work. Then all began with membership in the faction of SDPU (o). Dedicating the party two years, Poroshenko resigned, realizing finally that the leading positions in the party took Viktor Medvedchuk and Surkis, and not, as expected, Leonid Kravchuk, Vasyl Onopenko. After retiring from the Social Democrats, he became a leader in the “Solidarity” party.

In 2002, Petro Poroshenko became a member of the faction “Our Ukraine”. There, in the future, he headed the election campaign of Viktor Yushchenko. By the way, Yushchenko and Poroshenko, in addition to the policy, and binds more strong friendship. They godfathers. Peter took an active part during the Orange Revolution. Because of it, in response to the offer Yushchenko to divide the business and political activities transferred formal control of “UPI” to his father. In 2005, he was secretary of the National Security Council, but resigned because of the scandalous events. He and his team, namely Mykola Martynenko, Oleksandr Tretyakov, David Zhvania accused of corruption and the promotion of personal interests.

In 2006, Poroshenko has held a leadership position in the Committee, the question of banking and financial activities. And in 2007 he took the post of chairman of the overriding of the National Bank of Ukraine Council. In October 2009, Peter became Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, worked at the post of the year. March 23, 2012 then-President Viktor Yanukovych Poroshenko trusts the post of Minister of Economy and Trade of Ukraine.

Poroshenko and Timoshenko
Poroshenko and Timoshenko

In the period 2013-2014 he distinguished himself as an active participant in the Maidan, the result of this was that the May 25, 2014 in a preliminary vote in early presidential elections in Ukraine Poroshenko has collected more than 50% of the vote. In June 2014 he became the head of state and the fifth president of Ukraine.


Poroshenko Honorary Economist of Ukraine, winner of the Prize. P. Orlyk and State Prize of Ukraine in science and technology. He has the Order “For Merit” III and II degrees. He wrote monograph “State management of corporate rights in Ukraine. The theory of the formation of relationships. ” They also several scientific papers have been published.


Poroshenko first meeting with his wife Marina, a cardiologist now, took place in the early 80’s, at the student dances. Then they were both students. Marina studied at the doctor, and Peter in the University. Shevchenko. The couple married lives for about 30 years, as before keeping love and understanding in the family.

At the current president of four children: the elder Alyosha (1985), twins Jack and Sasha (2000) and Michael Jr. (2001). Marina all his life completely devoted to the family and the care of loved ones, feeling the support of Peter. After he became her true and only love for life. In family life, Petro Poroshenko, the undisputed leader, whose word is law for each family member.

Poroshenko whithfamily
Petro Poroshenko whith family

The first-born son Alex, recently married, so soon Peter and Marina have a happy grandparents grandson Peter, who was born in 2014. All his spare time, Peter dedicates relatives.  Also he considers himself an ardent admirer of the works of art, and likes impressionist Claude Monet.

Poroshenko – the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko now holds the position of President of Ukraine. Having credibility from the people, Petro Poroshenko should have a good try and not let his people. The inauguration of the President took place on June 7, in which more than 60 foreign delegations took part in the festival, including 23 heads of other states. During his speech, he highlighted the main points Poroshenko sectors: to preserve and strengthen Ukraine return the Crimea, to ensure the country’s membership in the European Union, as well as to increase the military power of Ukraine.


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