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Potap Biography ukrainian singer producer artist


Alexey  Potapenko “Potap”  name known to millions of people around the world. Today he runs his own production center, shoots videos most popular artists and conducts large-scale musical events. Written and performed their songs sound on the best radio stations of Ukraine, Russia and CIS. Potap invited to television projects as the inimitable master, rigorous and extraordinary musical expert. He easily releases caustic jokes aside most famous stars and admire the outrageous antics. The current fame and recognition not to Potap fell in one day, few people know how much effort was worth today’s success.


Alexey Potapenko (Potap) was born in Kiev at May 8, 1981. About the singer’s career, he did not dream, and this is not surprising. His father, Andrey – the military, and his mother, Lyudmila – a professional athlete, the world champion in diving in the relay. The child of parents from an early age accustomed to discipline, so that his character has become such as it is today.

At school, Alex studied without without failing grades, was particularly fond of the lessons of history, however, he is constantly brought unsatisfactory for the behavior. Parents were frequent “guests” in the school. On the advice of his mother’s son I took up swimming, and later began to walk on water polo. Very quickly, he showed brilliant ability to the sport, so was in the Ukrainian national team and became its captain. Launch a music career Potapov Although very busy in school and sports, Potapenko was fond of writing songs, poems. From school years Potap increasingly began to penetrate the music. With the 13-year-old wrote the first lyrics, I tried to write his own compositions. Parents are not taken seriously hobbies son.
After high school, he became a student at the University of Physical Education and Sport, which in parallel with studies performed in the KVN team with the university. After graduation, he could work a physical education teacher or coach water polo and swimming, but at the insistence of his father continued his studies to get a serious education. This time Alex joined the National Economic University and received qualification – master of economic sciences, business and audit.

In 1997, the young people organized the first group. Rap then he did not read it fascinated Hardrock. In 2003, the year Potap presents the long-awaited solo album .

Duet “Potap and Nastya”

Very good for Potapenko appeared th in 2006, when he created a duet with Nastya Kamensky. The boys called themselves “Potap and Nastya”. Potap, known as a solo performer, he decided to record a song with a girl and was looking for a vocalist who would sing the chorus in the new artist of the composition. Familiar advised to record a single Potap and Nastya Kamensky. Then, no one imagined that the one-time duo to create a song turns into an incredibly successful musical project. But subtle flair producer prompted Potapov, it is not necessary to dwell on the occasional speech. From the outset, he began producing duo, for whom he wrote the song and shoot a video.

Potap i Nastya Kamenskih
I passed only a year, and at the festival “New songs about the main” duo was awarded. They performed the song “Do not steam,” which became a hit and lightning leader chats. Potap and Nastya already known in Ukraine and abroad. The song was the leader of the charts, and performing her team won the “5-Star” contest. Lyrics performed a duet compositions filled with piquant ambiguity, however, the original performance and vivid visuals made them increasingly popular. The duet “Potap and Nastya” In 2008, the year they released their first album, “Do not pair” in the 2009th album appeared, which was called “Do not love me brains.” In the same year he created a furor caused new hit “Chumachechaya Spring”. This song was rushing literally from all sides. The team has successfully moved forward, winning the award for the award. Already after a few years of success, the active tour and release new hits, Potap and Nastya have collected all music awards at the post-Soviet space, including “Song of the Year”, “Golden Gramophone”, “Muz-TV”, “RU.TV”. The duo participated in music festivals such as “Tavria Games” and “Crimea Music Fest”. For several years, Potap and Nastya are among the most popular performers. Periodically appear their new hits. Potap and Nastya – Udi Udi “Potap and Nastya” is officially recognized as the most popular and touring duo CIS. The number of concerts and invitations for performances may be the envy of many top artists. The duo sets records visits to concert halls, including international ones. Geography touring Potap and Nastya is steadily increasing: from unreal success duo acts in the US, Europe and Asia, one of the recitals was in Beijing. Songs Potap and Nastya – champions for the sales and distribution of mobile content. The project does not stop surprising novelties and launches new hits annually. In 2013 the year released their third album, Potap and Nastya’s called “All the beam.” The eponymous single is a contender for the prize “Golden Gramophone 2014” and continues to keep on top of the music charts with the hit “Udi Udi».

Potap in films

In 2008th Alexey together with Nastya was invited to the musical “Little Red Riding Hood”, where they were assigned the main role. It was not only their activities related to the movie. Already in 2011, the year the duo performed the song written Potapov “Freaks”, which the audience heard while watching the eponymous comedy with Keira Knightley, Ivan Urgant and Milla Jovovich. Potap wrote the title song for the movie “Freaks”. The incredible charisma and skill stage reincarnations Potap go beyond musical activities. Artist invited to the vibrant role of many films, including “One for all”, “Christmas matchmakers,” “Rzhev against Napoleon,” “Heaven’s relatives.” The 2008th Potap and Nastya played a major role in the musical, “Little Red Riding Hood.” In 2014, the year of Potap and Nastia voiced characters German 3D-animation “The seventh dwarf” Tusk and springs, giving a bright coloring his characters. The duo performed two soundtrack especially for the “seventh gnome.” One of them – a complete single, “Believe in your strength” – charges the positive mood thanks very fond of the audience and now broadcasted on Russian radio stations.


In 2010 Potapov together with Irina Gorovoj opened a production center «MOZGI Entertainment», which is the legendary duet “Potap and Nastya” charismatic group “Time and Glass”, a mysterious artist of Arcadia Laykina and new dance music man’s band «Mozgi “. Potap is not only a producer, but also a songwriter, screenwriter and director of clips of these projects, inspirer and an inexhaustible source of creativity, which is implemented by «MOZGI Entertainment» team. Potap as an artist is not only Nastya, but is one of the participants «Mozgi» project; with “Time and Glass” writes joint single “Tear” and removed the video in the same group. Producer Irina Gorovaya directs the work of the office of the production center dedicated to solving all financial issues and strategic planning promotion of artists. Potap and Vera Brezhnev performed the song “Pronto» «MOZGI Production» – a new direction in the multifaceted activities of «MOZGI Entertainment». It is engaged in all stages of the production of a music video and rich media, from script development to post-production stage. The company creates clips not only for the producer Potap projects, but also for other well-known artists, among them – Zara, Diana Gurtskaya, Alexander Kogan, a group of “30.02”. Together with Vadim Potapov Fox founded the recording studio «MOZGI / FOXX Studios». At the studio created more than a hundred hits, it has developed a multi-year collaboration with successful artists, among them – Philip Kirkorov, Laima Vajkule, Ani Lorak, Iryna Bilyk, Danilko, Alyosha, «Pesnyary” Vlad Darwin, Alexander Rybak, Vitaly Kozlovsky, Vladimir Grishko.

Potap solo career

Solo career as a leading Since 2008 Potapenko opened a new creative facet, actively engaged in a number of television projects for the Ukrainian TV channels. In its role as leader and was a member of the jury of many television programs, including “I Love Ukraine”, “TV Star”, “GPU», «GutenMorgen». “Star + Star”, “Battle of the Choirs”. As part of his solo project Alex recorded the song “Summer” and “Ay”, as well as the song “Pronto”, together with Vera Brezhnev. Potap is also engaged in a brilliant solo improvisation and a subtle sense of humor Potap successfully implemented in its activities as a showman. The artist was a leading large-scale events such as the “New Wave», «Crimea Music Fest», «Award RU.TV», «Disco Muz-TV», «YUNA». Potap acted as lead project “The Voice. Children “Sometimes Potap does not know what to expect from him in the future, but one thing is certain: it will be successful projects, undertaking original, successful experiments, pleasant surprises and tricks are endless!

Potap whith vife


Irina Gorova – wife. By profession she financier and works as a commercial director of a family business – «MOZGI Entertainment». For Irina is not the first marriage. From her first marriage she had a daughter, she brings with Potapov. Potap and his wife Irina Gorovoj In 2008, the year Irina gave birth to a son. The family Potapenko is the custom to call the boys named Alex or Andrew. The couple’s son named Andrew. Now Alex feels absolutely happy. Often co-host Potap in any television programs, projects and activities in different Nastya is that constantly gives rise to gossip about alleged relationships between them, far from working. However, neither Nastya Potap any such rumors are not confirmed. Potap with his family: his wife and children is well known that one of the most beloved films Potap – a “Jaws” and his signature dish – “Potaptsі” history of the emergence of which goes in times of Zaporozhye Sech. “Potaptsі” is fried in fat slices of bread served with bacon and garlic.