Roman Zozulya

Roman Zozullya biography Dinamo footballer Dnieper Betis

Roman Zozulya – Biography

Roman  Zozulya was born November 17, 1989 in Kiev. From early childhood he dreamed of becoming a footballer and his parents sent him to engage in football “Dynamo” school. In 16 years, full of promise, a junior he had already signed a contract with the Ukrainian Grande and already the 20th May 2006 he made his debut in the First Division for the “Dynamo-2” received a total of 5 minutes of playing time, but even that was enough to him to distinguish the first scored a goal on a professional level.

At the end of the 2007/2008 season he made his debut in the main part of Kiev. In the future, up to 2011, he was stable reserve player of “Dynamo”, receiving very little playing time. Many experts advised him to follow the example of the majority of young talent and go to rent the club more modest, but Roman stubbornly fought for a place at the heart, not wanting to play in the middle peasant Ukrainian Premier League.

Desperate, he accepted an offer of an ambitious Dnepropetrovsk “Dnepr” at the start of the season 2011/2012 and has not lost, becoming in Dnepropetrovsk main striker and one of the favorites of the local audience.

He played for the national teams of Ukraine in different age groups. The T-shirt of the national team debuted June 2, 2010 in a friendly against Norway, which Ukrainians have won 1: 0, and the winning goal just spent Zozulya, successfully played on finishing. Since August 2012 regularly plays at the heart of the Ukrainian squad.

During a pause in the athletic career, caused by severe knee injury Zozulya actively helping Ukrainian army. At the end of April 2015, together with volunteers of Dnipropetrovsk Roman she founded the “People’s Army” charitable foundation, which regularly assists APU fighters on the front lines and in the rear

In August 2015 he was awarded the insignia

December 11, 2015 Roman Zozulya auctioned his medal finalist of the European League to send the proceeds to the needs of the fighters ATO

Forward Roman Zozulya Dnipro continues to actively help the military. This time the kicker has made repairs in the Dnepropetrovsk military hospital.

With FC Dnipro, Roman moved to the Spanish Betis. Then he wanted to go to Rayo Vallecano, but accepted it for the fans and the transition natsysta player has not occurred.


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