Sergei Bubka

Sergei Bubka биография

Sergei Bubka – Biography

Sergei Bubkaholds the honorary title ofBest athlete in the world“; it awarded the world record holder of 35 World Federation of Athletics.
Sergey Bubka was born December 4, 1963 in the city of Lugansk, Ukraine. His father Nazar V. Bubka was a soldier, and his mother, Valentina was a physician and worked in one of the city clinics. A successful athlete and has become the elder brother Vasily Bubka (b. 1960), he also jumped from the sixth and won the silver medal at the European Championships in 1986 (at the end of the 1990s engaged in politics and business). Sergei himself came to the athletics section at the age of 10 and was struck by pole vaulting, at age 11 he was accepted into the famous Youth “Dynamo” and his trainer for many years (up to 90-ies.) Was an outstanding educator and an athlete, Honored coach of the USSR Vitaly Petrov Afanasievich (he later coached Isinbayeva E.). Wise coach did not boost the results of a gifted student, Bubka was not a “star” in junior tournaments (although a teenager jumped to a height of 5 meters), under the direction of Petrova he got fundamental sports ‘education’ Sergei practiced a lot in physical training, honed technical excellence in jumping. He graduated from high school in Donetsk, later graduated from the Kiev State Institute of Physical Culture, defended his thesis. The result of the harmonious development of the athlete was unprecedented in the history of pole-vaulting achievements and remarkable “sport” longevity (from the beginning 1980 to 2000).

Multiple champion and world record holder, Olympic and European born in the village of Brod stone in Lugansk. Athletics started ten years. He studied at children’s sports schools Luhansk and Donetsk. In 1980 Sergei Bubka fulfilled standard of master of sports of the USSR and became a champion among youth; a year later won second place foradultnational championship and was included in the national team.
The first major achievement of the young athlete was the gold medal at the world championships in Helsinki in 1983, and this wentflurryof winning performances and records. Six times an athlete won the world championships, he owned a fantastic world record: 6.14 meters at the stadium and 6.15 meters indoors. But even these records are considered most significant achievement Bubka. When July 13, 1985 at the Paris stadium athlete first ever pole vault overcame a height of six meters, journalists enthusiastically wrote: “Athletics space Ukrainian obeyed!”

Sergei Bubka биография

For two decades, Sergey Bubka did not go with the competition arenas, showing considerable athletic longevity and outstanding results. His performances are forced to believe that human potential is almost limitless. An outstanding athlete proved himself as an excellent organizer, creating Donetsk athletics club and annual supertournament extra class for jumpers, which attracts the best athletes from around the world.

Sergey Bubka is a keen sportsman, having exchanged sixth decade, it continues to run and exercise in the gym, swim with enthusiasm, is not new to skiing and runs many kilometers of cross-country skiing, cycling has been, a fan of tennis players and footballers.
On the legendary athlete documentaries films “Sport and personality. Sergey Bubka “(1986),” The athletes of the century. Sergey Bubka. Portrait without bronze “(2000) and others.


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