Simon Petliura

Petliura Simon Vasylovych

Simon Petliura
Ukrainian military and political figure. Chief Ataman of the UNR troops and chairman of the Directory of the Ukrainian People’s Republic in 1919-1920

The first monument to Simon Petliura in Ukraine was opened on October 14, 2017 in Vinnitsa.

October 14 in Vinnytsia solemnly opened a monument to Ukrainian state and military figure Simon Petliura. This is the first monument in Ukraine Petlyura (only in Kiev there is a bust of Petlyura, installed in 2001). Simon Petlyura is sitting on a bench, holding a map of Ukraine in his hands.

Simon Petliura Vinnitsa

Petliura Simon Vasylovych Biography

Was born in 1879 in Poltava – at that time the Russian Empire now Ukraine, Poltava. He studied at the Poltava Theological Seminary. In 1900 he joined the Revolutionary Ukrainian Party. In 1902 he began journalistic activities in the journal Literary and Scientific Herald, which was published in Lviv (at the time Austria-Hungary). The main editor of the magazine was M. S. Grushevsky.

In 1902, fleeing from arrest for revolutionary agitation, Petlyura moved to the Kuban. He continued his revolutionary activities. This led to the arrest in December 1903. He was released on bail, and later was forced to leave the Kuban.

Returned to Kiev, where he joined the conspiratorial work of the Revolutionary Ukrainian Party.

In 1904, Fleeing from police persecution, he emigrated to Lviv (Austria-Hungary) where he edited journals.

In 1905, thanks to the amnesty Petlyura returned to Kiev, where he took part in the Second Congress of the Revolutionary Ukrainian Party.

From 1911 to 1914 Petliura worked in Moscow, where he worked as an accountant for an insurance company and on a voluntary basis edited the magazine “Ukrainian Life”, which was the only Ukrainian (Russian-language) socio-political magazine in pre-revolutionary Russia.

Later he returned to Ukraine where he conducted an active political activity engaged in military-political activities up to the state administration.

Petliura was killed on May 25, 1926 in Paris by Samuel Schwarzbard.
Schwartzbard argued that the murder was solely an act of revenge for crimes against Jews in 1918-20. and that Petlyura as the head of state was responsible for everything that happens on the territory he controlled.


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