Vasyly Lomachenko biography of boxer world champion of the WBO featherweight title and second

Vasyly Lomachenko – Biography

Biography Vasyly Lomachenko boxer, world champion of the WBO featherweight title and second featherweight title. Place of birth, education. Born in Belgorod-Dniester, Odessa region  17.02.1988. He graduated from South Ukrainian Pedagogical University im.Ushinskogo. First coach – Anatoly Lomachenko, Joseph Katz. Regalia and achievements. Honored Master of Sports. World Cup 2006 for juniors – 1st place. 2007 World Cup – 2nd place. Champion of XXIX Olympic Games in Beijing 2008. In the semifinals, he defeated the Turkish boxer  Yakup Kilic with a score of 10: 1. In the final bout of the Ukrainian struck by knockout in the first round Hedafi

Aleksandr Usik Bioraphy Ukrainian boxer world chempion

Aleksandr Usik

Bioraphy The future of Ukrainian heavyweight division – Aleksandr Usik was born in the city of Simferopol on the Crimean peninsula in 1987 on 17 January. The first sporting passion was football Alexander, but at age 15 he first came to the boxing training, where in the ring felt the strength and effectiveness of the sport, and that predetermined his fate. In the championship of Ukraine Aleksandr Usik could be seen in his demeanor, dancing hobbies as a child formed his style workout, dancing, smiling boxer in the ring with the release turned into a discreet, cold-blooded fighter. 2006, Ukrainians

Vladimir Klitchko biography

Vladimir Klitschko

Biography Childhood and early career Vladimir Klitschko Vladimir Klitschko was born in Semipalatinsk (Kazakhstan) March 25, 1976 in a military family. As a child boxer was quiet and calm baby. Little Vladimir wanted to connect my life with medicine or become an astronaut. Nobody meant including Vladimir himself that out of him in the future can come out big-name boxer. When he was just 9 years old, he moved to Ukraine with his parents. From his childhood Vladimir fond of different kinds of combat. Boxing Klitschko interested in 14 years. Vladimir Klitschko was in Brovary School of Physical Education, from