in the Odessa region, in a small district Bolgrad

Poroshenko Petro

BIOGRAPHY CHILDHOOD, SCHOOL, STUDENTS Poroshenko Peter (Petro) was born on September 26, 1965 in the Odessa region, in a small town Bolgrad, in the family control of agricultural machinery and chief accountant of the department of agriculture. Peter youngest child in the family who looks a lot like his father. Brother Peter was older than 8 years. He died in 1997 under mysterious circumstances. My father was a hard character and brought up sons with rigor. Peter remembered the familiar as a short, polite and responsive child liked very sweet. Well in school, completing it without a bad mark, but

Petro Mohyla biography

Petro Mohyla

Biography Metropolitan of Kiev and Galicia – Petro Mohyla . An outstanding educator, political, church figure. The founder of the first in Eastern Europe, the Orthodox Kiev board. Author of more than 20 series of polemical sermons and books. Maecenas. Canonized by the Orthodox Church. Peter Simeonovich Mohyla  came from the family (rulers) of Moldova and was related to the Polish magnates Potocki, Vishnevetskaya and Koretsky. Rod Graves possessed great estates in Podolia and Kiev region. In 1607, as a result of palace intrigues Mohyla father was poisoned, and Peter and his mother went to Western Ukraine. The noble and