David Duchovny

David Duchovny – Biography

  Biography Actor father – a descendant of immigrants from the Ukraine, who went to the United States from Kiev to escape from the horrors of the Civil War 1918 – 1920 Hollywood actor producer, screenwriter and director. David Duchovny said that to realize themselves Ukrainian. This star of the television series “Californication” and “The X–Files” wrote in his Twitter. “I grew up thinking that I was a Russian, but only now realized that in fact I am Ukrainian never too late to change.” – Wrote Duchovny. David Duchovny was born on August 7, 1960. Actor mother  Margaret worked as an administrator of the school and

Potap Biography ukrainian singer producer artist

Potap (Aleksey Potapenko) – Biography

Biography Alexey  Potapenko “Potap”  name known to millions of people around the world. Today he runs his own production center, shoots videos most popular artists and conducts large-scale musical events. Written and performed their songs sound on the best radio stations of Ukraine, Russia and CIS. Potap invited to television projects as the inimitable master, rigorous and extraordinary musical expert. He easily releases caustic jokes aside most famous stars and admire the outrageous antics. The current fame and recognition not to Potap fell in one day, few people know how much effort was worth today’s success. CHILDHOOD ALEXEY Alexey Potapenko

Vladimir Zelensky biography

Vladimir Zelensky

Biography   Versatile actor and author has the same hoarse voice from which crazy many girls and women, a spark in his the eyes, charming smile … It belongs to the well-known Ukrainian showman Vladimir Zelensky. Another vivid example of that with the talent and creative nature, you can “catch the tail of luck” and light on the showbiz firmament their star names. Hometown Krivoy Rog in Ukraine can be proud that in 1978 January 25 is in its “walls” was born Vladimir Zelensky. Childhood nimble little boy will probably be similar to the childhood of many other boys. The only