Eugene Galich Frontman of the group O.Torvald - Biography which will represent Ukraine at the contest "Eurovision 2017" with the song "Time".

Eugene Galich – Frontman O.Torvald

Eugene Galich was born on April 29, 1984 in the city of Belaya Tserkov (Kiev region). Up to eight years he lived with his parents in Kazakhstan, then he lived in Poltava, where he graduated from the military communication institute and created the group “O.Torvald” with the rest of the guys. In six months the whole group moved to live in Kiev. Evgeny is married, his wife is Valeria. The couple had a daughter, Eva, born in 2013. Recently it became known that Valeria is waiting for the second child. In 2005-2006 he founded the group “O.Torvald”, which will represent

Andrey Danilko (Verka Serduchka) biography

Andrey Danilko (Verka Serduchka)

Verka Serduchka – Biography CHILDHOOD Andrey Danilko was born in Poltava. October 2, 1973. The father was the driver, mother – working. We lived quite poorly. His father died in 1980 from lung cancer. In order to somehow feed their two children his mother worked as a house painter in three shifts (older sister Galina, 1963). Andrey Danilko studied at the Poltava school number 27. There he became acquainted with Anna Serdyuk, shy pretty girl, an excellent student from an educated family. They were in the school at the same desk. Anya belonged to Andrew bad, but nothing more. What could

Nadia Dorofeeva biography

Dorofeeva Nadia (Time and Glass)

Biography Nadia Dorofeeva – pop singer, participant of the duet “Time and Glass.” Was born Simferopol 21 April 1990. She gained fame after winning a series of Ukrainian and European vocal competitions. In 2016 he began a career of fashion designer. The soloist of the group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva. CHILDHOOD Nadia Dorofeeva was born on April 21, 1990 in a military family. Nadia’s mom dreamed of a career of the actress, but at the insistence of the parents became a dentist. Her love for the stage took over a little hope. “I was 6 years old at home

Vera Brejneva biography ukrainian famous singer

Vera Brezhneva

Biography Vera Brezhneva was born in  Ukraine, near Dnepropetrovsk, in  province town. No one could have thought that a simple girl with surname Galushko – Vera Brezhneva in the future. Born Vera Brezhneva – 3 February 1982, so that the question “How old Vera Brezhnev”, can be answered unequivocally – at the time of 2016 is 34. Her father worked in a chemical plant, and his mother was an employee of metallurgical plant. In addition to the Vera in the family still has three sisters. Real name: Vera Galushko Date of Birth: 03/02/1982 Star sign: Aquarius Height: 171 cm Weight:

Dzidzio ( Mikhail Khoma )Biography ukrainian singer

Dzidzio ( Mikhail Khoma ) – Biography

Biography   Mikhail Khoma born on 20 November 1983 in Novoyavorivsk, Lviv region, Ukraine. In 2 years and 3 months Dzidzio already read by syllables. For the first time Dzidzio appeared on stage at age 6, when done in a music school. At the entrance exam, he sang the song “Oh meadow of red viburnum”. At 9 years old, when Mikhail played with the children in the “voynushki” shooting peas, he was in his great-grandmother Anna. A week later a telegram arrived, my grandmother died, and Mikhail experienced 3 years, thinking that it was he killed her. In fact, my

Nastya Kamenskih Biography ukrainian singer

Nastya Kamenskykh – Biography

Nastya Kamenskykh (1987) – Ukrainian singer, performs in a duet with Potap. Nastya Kamenskykh was born May 4, 1987 in Kiev. Nastya – the only child in the family, so her parents were often spoiled. Even as a child in the biography Nastya Kamensky manifested the desire to make music. Not surprisingly, for 15 years she graduated from music school. And until that time, I had time to visit the various European countries. And not just traveling, and get an education. It was five years old his parents sent Nastya study in France. Returning to his homeland soon, Anastasia continued education

Potap Biography ukrainian singer producer artist

Potap (Aleksey Potapenko) – Biography

Biography Alexey  Potapenko “Potap”  name known to millions of people around the world. Today he runs his own production center, shoots videos most popular artists and conducts large-scale musical events. Written and performed their songs sound on the best radio stations of Ukraine, Russia and CIS. Potap invited to television projects as the inimitable master, rigorous and extraordinary musical expert. He easily releases caustic jokes aside most famous stars and admire the outrageous antics. The current fame and recognition not to Potap fell in one day, few people know how much effort was worth today’s success. CHILDHOOD ALEXEY Alexey Potapenko

Monatik Dima Biography

Monatik – Biography

Biography Name Monatik Dima today quite well known in Ukraine. Its owner can often be seen on television. Charismatic low Man (Dima Monatik growth slightly above 160 cm) like to invite to the rating Ukrainian TV projects such as “Funny People,” “Parallel World”, “My Truth”, “The incredible story of love” at the STB. He starred in the television series TV channel TET “Diaries dark.” Born Dmitry Monatik in Western Ukraine, in Lutsk, in the spring of 1986. His family did not differ special income. Father worked everywhere where there was work. He then collected for aircraft engines at one plant,

Milla Jovovich Biography

Milla Jovovich

Biography Childhood Future supermodel and film star was born on December 17, 1975 in the then Soviet city of Kiev (Ukraine) in an intelligent and educated family. The girl’s father by profession a pediatrician, but the mother Galina Loginova in the past famous and demanded actress. At first the family lived together in Dnepropetrovsk, but then moved to London, and finally came to a permanent place of residence in Los Angeles, USA, Due to the fact that mother sober assessment of the fact that her acting career because of moving over, she began to put all the power in the

Tina Karol biography

Tina Karol

Biography   Date of Birth: January 25, 1985 Place of Birth: Orotukan, Magadan region, USSR (Russia) The talented young singer Tina Karol is now at the top of popularity. Her songs are loved and know hundreds of thousands of people, the concerts are always sold out was collected, and clips and video works receive high ratings. But other than that, Tina is also a great actress and has managed to please the audience with a few pictures. Born future actress in 1985 in the remote Magadan region. At the age of 7 years old Tina together with his family moved

Ruslana biography


Biography Ruslana Stepanovna Lyzhychko born May 24, 1973 in Lviv. With 4 years engaged in experimental music school and spoke with their crown numbers in vocal and instrumental ensemble “Horizon”, where it began its career of: microphone has become child’s play, and the scene – the birthplace of the best children’s experiences. 1977 – Ruslana debut – performance on Lviv festival “Golden Autumn” with the band and orchestra, which won its first Grand Prix. With 7 years of professional musical life began filled with concerts, competitions and festivals in the children’s VIA “Smile” under the direction of Arkady Cousin. After

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk Svyatoslav was born in the family of professor of physics at May 14, 1975 in Lviv, Ukraine in the family of physics, future rector of Lviv University Ivan Vakarchuk. Nickname – Waqar graduated from Lviv school number 4 (with in–depth study of the English language) with a silver medal. Two years engaged in music school in violin, while studying the game on the accordion. In school, he took part in KVN, creating a school theater, actively engaged in basketball. 1991–1996 – studied at the Physics Faculty of Lviv University (specialty – theoretical physics). Second Higher Education – international



Jamala. Place of birth, education. Susanna Dzhamaladinova (real name of the singer) was born in the city of Osh (Kyrgyzstan) in a family of musicians. Childhood of the future singer was held in the Crimea, in the village near Alushta Malorechenskoe. In Alushta  went to music school №1 for piano. In 2001 she graduated from Simferopol Musical College of Tchaikovsky in the class of opera singing. In the same year she entered the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy in Kiev, as the operatic vocals. Initially, Jamal had planned to devote himself to an opera career and academic vocal, but opted for

Andriy Kuzmenko ( Skryabin)

Andriy Kuzmenko (Skryabin)

Biography Andriy Kuzmenko is better known under the pseudonym Kuzma Scriabin was born August 17, 1968 in the Lviv region. Andrei’s mother – music teacher, Viktor Kuzmenko father – an engineer. He was the only child in the family has a cousin Tatiana and cousins – Mikhail and Yaroslav. In the words of Kuzma, since childhood he was trump dude. He graduated from music school, piano. the first song of the project was recorded June 30, 1989, which included Kuzma, Roy and Alex, a few days later called himself Skryabin. But the fact that Rostislav in December 1989, drafted into