Tina Karol

Tina Karol biography



Date of Birth:

January 25, 1985

Place of Birth:

Orotukan, Magadan region, USSR (Russia)

The talented young singer Tina Karol is now at the top of popularity. Her songs are loved and know hundreds of thousands of people, the concerts are always sold out was collected, and clips and video works receive high ratings. But other than that, Tina is also a great actress and has managed to please the audience with a few pictures.

Born future actress in 1985 in the remote Magadan region. At the age of 7 years old Tina together with his family moved to Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk, Childhood and adolescence Karol. Good vocals were Tina since childhood and learning in school in Kiev Glier helped her to improve them. In 2003, she played in the magnificent setting of the musical The Equator, which was a good basis for acting experience.
Popularity Tina found in the New Wave in 2005, which won a special prize from Alla Pugacheva. After that, the singer’s career has gone up – new songs, videos, albums. In addition to the achievements in the field of music, Tina also starred in several films. Over the years, the screen came out movies with Tina Karol – Tango love Star Holidays, 1 + 1 home. Tina well proved, her characters were very realistic.


In the spring, our heroine today, 2006 won the national qualifying round and went to Greece for the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 as representative of Ukraine. The composition «Show me your love», as well as its incendiary version with elements of Ukrainian folk dances liked the audience and fans of the competition. In the end, the talented Ukrainian took seventh place and returned to Ukraine as early as the current singer.

Another important achievement in the life of the singer – Attraction Pole album, released in 2007, which went platinum. This is the second record in Ukraine, which was able to gain such status. Also he worked as a TV presenter Carol in the show Dancing with the Stars, Maydans and coach in the popular national project of the country’s voice. The charm and beauty of Tina were appreciated – she twice became the most beautiful woman of Ukraine.

In April 2013, Tina Karol died husband Eugene. That was also her producer. He was only 33 years.

Tina Karol biography
In 2014 he released a documentary film music with Tina Karol about the tragic story of her love, persistence and desire to live – The power of love and voices.
Tina Karol blue eyes, light brown hair on the nature of color, light skin and full lips. Form oval face, forehead average, straight hair, thick. Tina Karol changing hair color, preferring brighter. The actress small straight nose and chin oval. Growth actress – 165 cm, notattoos yet .
Zodiac – Aquarius (25/01/1985)