Valeriy Lobanovsky

Valeriy Lobanovsky

An outstanding football player and head coach of Kiev “Dynamo”, teams of the USSR and Ukrainian football.Valeriy was born in Kiev, glorifying his hometown for the entire football world.His childhood had the difficult postwar period. When Kiev in 1943 was released from the German occupation, he was only four years. Strongly ruined city gradually revived, to heal the wounds of war and returning to normal life.

Born and new generations grew up, before which opened all roads in life. It was necessary only diligence in study and perseverance in achieving this goal. It is these traits from childhood was characterized by Valeria. Over time, the talent inherent in him from birth by nature itself, further developed as a result of purposeful training of teachers and parents. In early childhood, the boy liked to play with toy cars and had a cherished dream – to become as an adult driver. This childhood dream realized after many years when the award received for winning the football championship of the USSR, he bought his first car “Moskvich” and still become a driver.

In 1946, Valeriy Lobanovsky went to high school. Well studied, read a lot, he was a smart and does not cause much trouble to parents. Over time, a large hobby – football, which never left him throughout life. Almost all his spare time the young footballer drove in the yard with their peers ball. Shoes just burned on his legs, and this in the difficult post-war period was a disaster, because it required the additional costs from the family who lived quite modestly. However, as the vast majority of Kiev.

His father, Vasily Mikhailovich, worked at the milling plant, mother, Alexandra Maksimovna, was a housewife, carefully and lovingly raising two sons. Elder named Eugene. It is also a good student, and eventually achieved a lot in life, way up from engineer to director of the institute. The elder brother, without a doubt, was the authority for Valeria and greatly influenced the formation of his extraordinary personality. Eugene always approved of his passion for sports, often watching the game of the future player. In 1956, Valery graduated from high school with a silver medal. The question arose – what to do next? On the advice of parents who wanted to see the sons of engineers, he successfully passed the entrance exams and became a student of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Preparing to become an engineer-heating engineer. And still a lot of time to their favorite game.

As often happens childhood hobby has become a matter of life, making the name Valeriy Lobanovsky known to millions of fans around the world. At age 13, he began to train regularly in the football school №1, where he led a children’s coach Nikolai Chaika. After three years of persistent training capable young man enters the Dynamo youth soccer school. The next major step was the invitation to take Kiev “Dynamo”, which then though and had significant achievements in football, but still played in the major league of the championship of the Soviet Union. One team even won the USSR Cup and won the silver medal of the championship. Despite middling status, which is firmly entrenched behind the club, on the approach to the first team “Dynamo” in the late 50s have been a number of talented young players who have been with the times brilliant masters. One of them was the Valery Lobanovsky, which in Kiev, then almost no one knew except relatives and close friends. It is possible that he himself was unaware of the phenomenal future ugotovlennoy fate. It is these young players, quickly merged with the main part of “Dynamo”, and began a strong pace, which led the team to unprecedented orbit Sports Hall of Fame. On her first success talking to the USSR, and eventually internationally. The football team “Dynamo” has become one of the symbols of the capital of Ukraine, its calling card in the world.

After a solid match practice, which, after years in the double was a young football player, it’s exit time for the “base”. Even then, Valery had the glory of original player whose individual handwriting was impossible to confuse with another. He acted on the energetic, attacking style in trying to score a goal from different angles and distances. Day thrilling debut as part of the core team arrived May 29, 1959, when “Dinamo” came out of the game in Moscow against the USSR champion CSKA Moscow. Demonstrating an unusual game, Lobanovsky quickly entrenched in the team and are constantly out on the field in the starting lineup. This is due to perfect technique, excellent command of dribbling, dangerous rapid passages on the left edge to the very goal. Valery Lobanovsky stood out primarily non-standard game, perseverance in martial arts, commitment to excellence. I tried to play with the maximum benefit for the team. One of the first in the country has mastered the difficult technique called strike “dry leaf.” Over time, this became a trademark kick in his performance. Stadium roared furiously, when in the decisive moments of the match Lobanovsky slowly approached the ball, carefully setting it to strike at goal. No less tension prevailed in the penalty area when Lobanovsky was preparing to file the corner. After his master stroke on the ball steep trajectory, making an incredible arc, as if bewitched, flying towards the goal. There he became the prey often Oleg Bazilevich that irresistible blow head scored beautiful goals. Goalkeepers only accompanied these balls look, without being able to do anything. Especially the fans reacted violently Kiev on goals that are scored Lobanovsky its “crown Obvodny” straight from the corner flag.

In 1960, the team was close to becoming the champion of the USSR, but was satisfied with second place. It was also a huge success, which caused an unprecedented stir. The turning point for the people of Kiev began the following year, when the Kyiv “Dynamo” won the first title of national champion, breaking the long-standing monopoly of Moscow clubs on football Olympus. This first became a resounding success, the beginning of a victorious team climbing to the top of hitherto unseen. Over time, the Kiev “Dynamo” has become the undisputed leader of the national football. These achievements have contributed to very effective action striker Valeri Lobanovsky, regularly exhibited bright and productive game.

However, it lasted until 1964. When in the “Dynamo” has a new coach Viktor Maslov from Moscow to Valeria fell on hard times. Lobanovsky did not find him a common language. Left winger arguments as it then seemed, to defend their right to play the kind of football, which used to. At first, the coach tried to persuade the player to their cause, arguing that it is time to play in a new way. Confessing universalism, he tried to subordinate the actions of individual players and the interests of the team play to extend the range of their actions. But not all were his associates and colleagues. Strongly accepted the arguments of Maslov and Lobanovsky. Only with time, already having left the “Dinamo”, he realized that an outstanding coach is much ahead of his time in understanding the ways of the development of football. And then, realizing the complete hopelessness of their stay in the “team” and not wanting to stay on the sidelines, an ambitious forward bitterly left the club at heart. After that, he played two more seasons in Odessa “Chernomorets”, half in Donetsk “Shakhtar” and in 29 years finally decided to leave the sport. During this time, Lobanovsky conducted 258 official matches and scored 71 goal. He was champion of the USSR (1961) and silver medalist of national championship (1960). He played two matches for the national and Olympic teams of the country. For his sport achievements was awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports.

After completing the presentation of the masters team and decided to devote himself to the work of the engineer, Lobanovsky, however, I convinced pretty quickly that football is so easy on yourself does not let go. After some hesitation, he decides to stay, but in a new capacity – the football coach. Time has shown that it is on this work with particular strength talents of a famous football player.

Valery Lobanovsky led the coaching staff Dnepropetrovsk “Dnepr”, which at that time played in the second league of the USSR championship. The young coach needed only one year to lead this team in the first league. Two years later, she had made it to the top division of the football national championship that was seen while the real sensation. The author of this sensation was still very young, but with great potential coach Lobanovsky. This first major success did not go unnoticed, achieving the coach noticed both in Kiev and in other centers of the country of football. At the beginning of 1974 after a successful work with the “Dnepr” Lobanovsky led his hometown club.

Since that time in the history of Kiev “Dynamo” began a new stage, which can be rightly called “Lobanovskiy era.”

One of the conditions for the return to Kyiv had agreed to the request to work together Lobanovskiy Oleg Bazylevych. The tandem of the two young coaches – former teammates – set to work with renewed vigor. Although some of the players had a hard time getting used to the extremely intense training and physical activities than ever before, resolutely re-reorganization of the team training process pretty quickly brought the expected results. After a prolonged failure “Dynamo” strip beginning to act confidently in the national championship, literally on the move increasing momentum: acted offensively and aggressively in the attack, differing solid defense. Having won the USSR Cup final in Donetsk “Shakhtar”, in 1974, the team has made an important step towards the first victory in the prestigious European football tournament. After a confident home win over the Dutch “Eindhoven” with the score 3: 0 Lobanovsky was rather restrained in their assessments of “Dynamo” prospects in this tournament. In an interview with reporters, he said that the team still aims to play a game that demonstrates the best European clubs .. But an unprecedented triumph came much earlier than expected mentors the team and fans. In 1975, the Kiev “Dynamo” was the first Soviet team to win the prestigious European tournament – the Cup Winners’ Cup, winning the final of the Hungarian “Ferencvaros” with the score 3: 0. The real triumph of coaching ideas Lobanovsky became the double win “Dynamo” on the continent’s strongest team of the German “Bavaria” and as a result – winning the European Super Cup in the autumn of the same year. The International Association of sports press has recognized the Kiev “Dynamo” the best sports team in the world.

Over all a resounding success “Dinamo” were her new mentors. Decisive ‘role belonged to V. Lobanovsky, which in all its forms was extremely talented and principled person, very protective of their good name. He just did not know how to work half-heartedly and not allow it to others. Maximalist by nature, he always put the players responsible tasks and know how to execute them. Idlers and he despised those who do their work somehow. Forced to “Dynamo” no one kept, considering it necessary to work only with those who, in addition to talent, had more desire to train hard, not huddled themselves.

However, we can not say that the road littered Lobanovsky only roses. There were also failures, and outright errors, the causes of which he thoroughly and carefully analyzed so as not to repeat again. Not for nothing is said: “Do not mistake the one who does not do anything.” Envious and frank enemies did not miss the slightest opportunity to annoy an outstanding coach. During his life Lobanovsky had to listen to a lot of unfair criticism from the mouths of football functionaries (mainly in Moscow) and read hundreds of critical articles in the address – it appeared in print, even when “Dinamo” defeated, showing the beautiful game. Sometimes these accusations were under some kind of a soil, often – not. For amateurs estimated he was skeptical, listened to serious professionals. But the stubborn blaze their own way, relying on years of experience and their own understanding of the processes of development of football. The correctness argued not armchair disputes, and on the green lawn, where at times brilliantly played his team.

After winning in 1984, the USSR Cup, “Dynamo” began his second campaign for the European competition. Then the team was composed of very strong players who can play equally well both in attack and in defense. Confidently won on the tournament race all competitors, “Dynamo” in the final met with Madrid, “Atletico” and won in great style with a score of 3: 0.

Over the many years of work as a head coach V. Lobanovsky he won eight times with. “Dynamo”, the title of the USSR champion team (a record figure in the history of the championships), four times won a silver and two bronze medals in the national championship. Six times “Dynamo” under his leadership won the USSR Cup. The Soviet Union, he headed the national team in 1988 won the silver medal at the European Championships and bronze medals at the Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976 for outstanding achievements in the national championships and in the international arena, he was awarded the title of Honored Coach of the USSR.

Returning in 1996 from Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, where he worked for six years on the contract, for a short time V. Lobanovsky moved the Kiev “Dynamo” in the second hundred teams in the European rankings to fifth place after such giants of European football as “Lazio” “Bavaria”, “Manchester United” and “Barcelona.” “Dynamo” annually always acted in the Champions League, demonstrating the productive and spectacular game.

During the years of independence Kyiv “Dynamo” Valeriy Lobanovsky led by five times won the championship three times Cup of Ukraine, and every great success leading the Ukrainian team the fans caused a surge of national consciousness and pride in their country. Creating a “team-Star” capable of winning European clubs – this is an ideal to which constantly strove football mentor.

The last match, which was attended by V. Lobanovsky, held on 7 May 2002 in Zaporozhye. During the game coach “Dynamo” was bad right from the coaching bench he took away “ambulance.”  All the efforts of the doctors, who were fighting for the life of a week Lobanovsky, were in vain. May 13 was not an outstanding football coach. Crowded funeral, which for all its long history did not know Kiev, began on May 16 at the stadium “Dynamo”. Conduct legendary coach last journey from all over. Ukraine and many foreign countries came to more than 200 thousand faithful supporters of football. After the funeral, when the coffin with the body slowly began to make the stadium farewell applause rang …

Inspirational work of the eminent master noted the high title of Hero of Ukraine and Ruby Order of FIFA. In 1975 he was recognized as the best football coach in the world. On the territory of the club “Dynamo” stadium, which now bears the name of Valery Lobanovsky, erected a bronze monument. Football mentor, though lively, with intense coaching bench watching the game of their favorite team, as was the case for many years. Since 2003, in Kiev annually traditional football tournament named ‘great coach and player. On his grave in the cemetery Baikove built a magnificent monument.


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