Vera Brezhneva

Vera Brejneva biography ukrainian famous singer


Vera Brezhneva was born in  Ukraine, near Dnepropetrovsk, in  province town. No one could have thought that a simple girl with surname Galushko – Vera Brezhneva in the future. Born Vera Brezhneva – 3 February 1982, so that the question “How old Vera Brezhnev”, can be answered unequivocally – at the time of 2016 is 34. Her father worked in a chemical plant, and his mother was an employee of metallurgical plant. In addition to the Vera in the family still has three sisters.

Real name: Vera Galushko
Date of Birth: 03/02/1982
Star sign: Aquarius
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 54 kilograms
Waist and hips: 61 and 93 centimeters
Shoe size: 40 (EUR)
Eye and hair color: blue, light

Father appeared the same man will guide his faith is on the road on which the star is now coming. The story happened during a vacation in a holiday house where Vera just put on stage and asked to dance, and then she began dance and fall in love with this art form. Her love of stage continued in school, where expressed even stronger, where during any festive evening it became a real star. In addition to participating in performances she went in for sports, it was very important to maintain the girls figure.

As a child, Vera wanted to enter the Faculty of Economics, as a result, and was educated economist. After that, she tried to find something more suitable for themselves, learn a foreign language with tutors and passing a variety of courses, from the Secretary to the driver. Everything pointed to the fact that for women was very important to education, thirst for knowledge and appearance, for which she is constantly watched. At the time Vera Brezhneva could not think that will be on stage, that it will be known as the star of show business. So begins Vera Brezhneva biography of the artist.

Vera Brejneva biography ukrainian famous singer

Start a career in show business

It all started with the fact that Vera took part in the contest “Miss Dnipropetrovsk”, from which she had to leave because received an offer from the producer group “VIA Gra”. After this turn of events, she had to leave her daughter with her parents, but most go to Moscow to conquer new heights, that it has successfully turned.

Since many people are not like those names, and the real name Brezhneva – Galushko not sound, but the new – is another matter. So the producers have decided, choosing a new name for Vera.

The time of participation in the “VIA GRA”

Creative activities in the beginning of Brezhneva with the group “VIA GRA” back in 2002, when they have not yet released any albums, but it was just gaining momentum project. When Brezhneva came, the album “The attempt number 5” was almost completed, but had to redo some things specifically for the new member. There was also the recorded clip “Do not leave me, my love”, which instantly became one of the most popular and discussed, because such a beautiful girl could not help but attract attention.

Vera Brejneva biography ukrainian singer in VIA GRA

Of course, after such a phenomenal career start, the producers did not let new fans are constantly releasing the clips and songs that sang Vera Brezhneva group with other girls, each time caught the tops of the charts, where they were in leading positions.

The producers tried constantly to update the composition of “VIA GRA”, that it was only the most-most, for this reason, and left Vera Brezhnev, which did not suit such a course of affairs. For four years, in the group, came out four albums, which turned out to be one of the best selling of all time team.

Life after “VIA GRA”

After leaving the group, Vera Brezhneva appeared on television in 2008, as a leading program “Magic of ten.” Immediately it became clear that all this time Faith was not visible due to the fact that it is prepared to have to master a new profession. After its debut on television, she began to do the offers from other shows, as it was invited to star in a movie. But even despite the fact that here things have gone well, Vera did not forget about the music, she released a video called “I’m not playing.”

In 2009, Vera Brezhneva moved away from the creative affairs due to pregnancy. Once the baby was born, it immediately returns to work, while taking offers from Ukrainian TV channels. In 2010, he became the leading radio and on “Russian radio”.

In addition, 2010 was rich for Faith and musical creations, because thanks to the collaboration with Dan Balan appeared clip “Rose petals”. After it came out, and solo album “Love will save the world.” During one of the songs which, Brezhneva was awarded the Golden Gramophone.

After that, the star is not doing interruptions, constantly appearing on television, cinema and presenting their new songs.

A career in the cinema

Yet, judging by the first clip, it was clear that the girl has potential and in the cinema, and it turned out, because a new page in the biography of Vera occurred in 2005, when she starred in the movie “Sorochintsy Fair”. The work was done specifically for the First Channel. Since the budget was sufficient, apart from invited her and other pop stars as Yuri Galtseva, Sofia Rotaru and others.

Directed by Simon Gorov, who worked on “Sorochintsy Fair” Faith noticed as a good actress, then in 2006 he proposed to her, to play in the musical comedy “Star Holidays”, to which she agreed without hesitation. Parterre on the set were again Yuri Galtsev, Sofia Rotaru and others. The film tells the story of how a simple family accidentally ingested a large space song, which is a great place to “black” games in the world of show business, but all the spoils little family plans.

Vera Brejneva biography ukrainian singer whith Vladimir Zelenskiy

The following sentence was followed by only 3 years later, in 2009, when the film was already much more serious, and its partners in the area have become real actors. Marius Weisberg, producer of the project titled “Love in the City”, was sure that it was Vera Brezhneva is perfect for the role of Kate. The film revolves around three guys who went to New York to find entertainment and crazy ties with the girls, but it was not as they expected. Advances pictures were phenomenal, so followed by a second part of the movie “Love in the City 2”.

Another interesting fact is that the film “Love in the City” Vera wrote the soundtrack, which was so good that it was decided to remove the clip. Here’s an interesting pop biography of Vera.

Personal life

Vera Brezhneva does not tolerate personal life to the public, she tries to hide anything from the public eye, but some still unknown. Vera Brezhneva gave birth to 19 years of Voichenko Vitali, who then left the girl. An interesting fact that if the mother is not Brezhneva, that Sonia could not be born, but she insisted that the child’s need to leave.

Vera Brejneva biography ukrainian singer whith daughter

His first official marriage Vera concluded with Michael Kiperman in 2006, from which Sarah was born. So in line biography of “marriage”, Vera Brezhneva has only one entry, not counting civil Vitali Voichenko.

In 2015, Vera Brezhnev married with the famous producer Konstantin Meladze. The media reports that their romance began back in 2005, and a couple of years, all this hiding.

Vera Brejneva biography ukrainian singer whith Konstantin Miladze