Viktor Yushchenko

Viktor Yushchenko, President of Ukraine third biography

Viktor Yushchenko -Biography

Viktor Yushchenko – Third President of Ukraine, leader of the party “Our Ukraine”, the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Youth and Childhood

Viktor Yushchenko, born on 23 February 1954 in the village of Khoruzhivka (Sumy region). Both father and mother were teachers. It is interesting that teachers, remembering Yushchenko school, claiming that it was a hard-working, hard-working, but completely devoid of leadership qualities of the boy. After school, the future head of state admitted to the Institute of Finance and Economics in Ternopil. During his studies, mountaineering, good at drawing. Yushchenko was in the biography and experience of military service: receiving a diploma, he was drafted into the army and served in the frontier troops.

Carier start

In the mid 70’s Yushchenko starts to work in the department of the State Bank in one of the villages Sumy region. In 1984, he graduated from postgraduate studies and thesis, became a candidate of economic sciences. Since 1985, Yushchenko lives in the capital Kiev. His career as a bank employee on the rise: the beginning of the 90s, he became the head of the National Bank of Ukraine. It was under his monetary reform was carried out the control of the new state – the Republic of Ukraine, there was the national currency – the hryvnia, started functioning state coffers. In 1997, the business biography Yushchenko appears nice title – it is recognized as one of the best bankers in the world by the prestigious financial publication.
The popularity of Yushchenko, a banker is growing. According to many experts, it could participate in the presidential elections in 1999, and even become a serious competitor to Leonid Kuchma. Viktor Yushchenko himself while talking about politics carefully avoided. However, the situation quickly changed in late 1999 biography Yushchenko appears a new position – the Prime Minister of the Republic of Ukraine. However, some media appeared information that if Leonid Kuchma, for fear of a competitor, Viktor Yushchenko assured the prime minister’s post if he would not qualify for the presidency of the country. In his new position Yushchenko succeeded: the first increase in the gross domestic product, revenue was recorded in the country of the country have increased, respectively, and increased social spending. Of course, the appointment of Yushchenko’s prime minister can be considered one of the most successful in the history of independent Ukraine.

Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko did not stay long, up to 2001, but his resignation was flowed smoothly in the presidential campaign. In winter 2002, he became the head of “Our Ukraine” bloc, which included the right-direction. This period in the biography Yushchenko linked to the close cooperation with Yulia Tymoshenko. In the spring parliamentary elections were held, “Our Ukraine” has received almost 25% of the vote. In 2003, its intention of Viktor Yushchenko to participate in the election campaign was officially announced. By 2004, the ninth year the country is actually split into two camps. Eastern regions, including Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk region, as well as the Crimea supported Yushchenko rival – Viktor Yanukovych. And the residents of the west of the country – Lviv, Vinnytsia region, as well as the people of Kiev were mostly supporters of Viktor Yushchenko.
In his election program, the future president called for the eradication of corruption, Ukraine’s rapprochement with the West, with the status of the Ukrainian language as a unified state. In addition, Yushchenko’s campaign speech contained sharp criticism of the regime, especially the social policy of the authorities. The biggest criticism was leveled Yushchenko views on foreign policy: in his opinion, Ukraine should acquire greater independence and to review relations with the Russian Federation.
Autumn of 2004, it has become extremely difficult time in the biography of Yushchenko. Shortly before the elections, the future president was poisoned by an unknown substance, later it was able to determine that it was dioxin. The media have repeatedly expressed the opinion that Yushchenko was poisoned without the involvement of the Russian special services.

Orange Revolution

At the end of the second to the election it became clear that the presidency should take Viktor Yanukovych. However disagreed numerous supporters of Yushchenko, having arranged in the center of Kiev protracted protest, which in the future will be called the Orange Revolution. In the end, under pressure from protesters, it was decided to hold the third round of voting, which clearly won by Viktor Yushchenko.
The residence time of Yushchenko’s presidency was marked by several major political scandals involving famous Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, the son of the President and the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Andrey Piskun. In addition, during this period the country experienced a serious crisis in the energy sector. Among the undoubted achievements of President Yushchenko called the improvement of the material situation of the population, out of the social crisis. The next presidential elections in Ukraine will take place in January 2010, and Yushchenko was registered as a candidate for the post. But he lost the election gaining only 5% of the leash. Further, with the policy tied up and enjoy your favorite hobby, collecting antiques.

Married, he has five children and a granddaughter: sons Andriy and Taras, daughters Vitalina, Sofia and Christina, granddaughter Yarin.

He loves painting, bee keeping, pottery, collects antiques, folk life and Ukrainian national costume, restores finds from the Tripoli culture.


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