Vladimir the Great

Vladimir the Great

(? -1015)

Great Kyiv prince Vladimir the Great was the son of Prince Svyatoslav Princess Olga and housekeeper named Malusha. In the history of Vladimir entered as the greatest political and religious figure, “Sts” prince, who made Christianity the official religion of the state.

Vladimir became Grand Duke of Kiev in 980. Consolidating his power, he conquered Kyiv western Slavic tribes Vyatichi and Radimichi, and to confront the nomads erected fortresses and earthworks on the rivers Desna, Sula, Irpen, sturgeon. Chronicles stress militancy and cruelty Vladimir at the time when he still remained a pagan, and reported that he even participated in human sacrifice.

The main reason for choosing Duke Byzantine Orthodoxy became a politician – Vladimir was linked to union with Byzantium and interested in the new treaty with the Greeks. During one of the campaigns of Vladimir was baptized and took his wife Byzantine princess Anna, sister of Emperor Basil II. This happened in 988.

Returning to Russia, Vladimir the Great brought with him the Greek priests, liturgical books and church property. In Kiev, destroyed the pagan idols erected the first Christian churches – wooden church of St. Basil and stone Tithes church, consecrated in the year 996. The mass baptism of Kiev began about 990 years.

Death found Vladimir the Great in a campaign to Novgorod, where he went with an army to punish the rebellious there his son Yaroslav, who reigned in the city.

“Vladimir the Red Sun”

was the favorite hero of folk tales and epics, the personification of wise and just ruler. With the conversion of Russia to Christianity Orthodox Church canonized Grand Prince.Vladimir the Great left a large imprint on the culture and history. Thanks to him, Russia and Ukraine are Orthodox.

Influence of Vladimir the Great in the whole world can hardly be overestimated. He brought to the ground in Eastern Europe Orthodox


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