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Versatile actor and author has the same hoarse voice from which crazy many girls and women, a spark in his the eyes, charming smile … It belongs to the well-known Ukrainian showman Vladimir Zelensky. Another vivid example of that with the talent and creative nature, you can “catch the tail of luck” and light on the showbiz firmament their star names. Hometown Krivoy Rog in Ukraine can be proud that in 1978 January 25 is in its “walls” was born Vladimir Zelensky. Childhood nimble little boy will probably be similar to the childhood of many other boys. The only thing that Vladimir was fortunate enough to visit Mongolia, Erdenet city and lived there for 4 years, which left in his mind vivid memories of the broad fields with peonies.

Already at school Zelensky was planning its future: the dream of becoming a diplomat and was about to enter MGIMO. However, even though the risk and noble cause, he decided to go a reasonable and reliable way – became a student of the Krivoy Rog Economic Institute. But the specialty “lawyer”, he never worked. That student years can be called the springboard from which Vladimir and pulled into the world of art: KVN zealous enthusiasm, creating theater “Homeless” miniatures and participate in the team of KVN “Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog-Transit”. Initially it Zelensky was invited as director of dance numbers, well, then, considering his charismatic nature, entrusted with the execution of roles. Vladimir is needed, however, it was a creative space, and freedom of thought, and in 1997 he was sent to the free swimming. Together with other members of the “Transit” creates a command “95 quarter”, which successfully performs in the Major League KVN and actively conquer Moscow and the CIS expanses.

Vladimir Zelensky showman

And as they say, a talented person is talented in everything. Vladimir successfully manage not only to be the team captain, a great actor, and author of many plays, but also to write at the same time scripts for various TV shows, gala concerts and corporate events. In 2003, Vladimir Zelensky again open up new and creative ways to place a big change in my life. Due to a conflict with the company Amica he and his team “95 quarter” leaves KVN. And because of the huge and long-lasting love, long 7 years gets lawful husband of Helen Kiyashko, which, by the way, also was part of the team “95 quarter”. And as the famous love, not by words but by deeds, Vladimir soon becomes pope. In 2004, he had a daughter, Alexandra.
Almost at the same time (late 2003), his team receives an interesting offer from the TV channel “1 + 1”: to prepare a series of concerts of the best rooms. In addition, “95 quarter” is actively involved in a variety of programs, and the Zelensky is the lead in the culinary show “Mr. Cook,” because they had already a new target, and for its implementation needed money. And in 2005, they launched on the TV channel “Inter” the new project “Evening quarter”, which is a furious pace takes a lot of fans and even has a rating «Comedy Club» and KVN. The creative activity of the team is gaining tremendous momentum, with time it becomes a studio “95 quarter”, and makes a number of successful projects, musicals and wrote scripts for films.

2006 brings another Vladimir Zelensky “Palm.” Together with Alain Shoptenko he is the winner of the Ukrainian version of the “Dancing with the Stars-1” and more successfully continues his artistic career, conquering and now cinema. In 2008 he starred in the film “Love in the City,” in 2010 in its continuation. Then it gets the main role in the film “Rzhev against Napoleon” and “8 First Dates”, and in many TV shows and musicals acts as a screenwriter and producer. In addition, in 2008, according to the magazine «Viva!», Charm and charisma Zelensky “gave” him the title of the most beautiful Ukrainian citizen. A January 21, 2013 his wife gave him a long-awaited son Kirill – the greatest happiness for Vladimir Zelensky.

Zelensky and his team continue to create. On the screens out the new series of the cartoon series “Fairy Rus”, new movies, such as “Top 8 meeting”, and of course a political show in which Vladimir plays the role of the President of Ukraine “Servant of the people.”
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