War in Donbass

It can be whatever you like to call the conflict in Donbas – ATO, hybrid warfare, creeping aggression or even somehow, but that does not stop being a war in the full sense of the word. In history it will go down as the first Russian-Ukrainian war, or for us, Ukrainians, as the Patriotic 2014. …

And although it is still far from over, it is worth to remember how it started, and how to develop.

And it began with the pro-Russian, separatist rallies in Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, and of course in the Donetsk, Lugansk, in March 2014. The clashes with pro-Ukrainian activists of separatist-minded citizens throughout the spring of 2014, followed by bloody clashes (including firearms) and, accordingly, the victims began at that time to the eastern cities of Ukraine a regular occurrence. Despite the best efforts of the then Ukrainian authorities, the situation escalated every day, meetings gradually developed into real riots and mobs. Representatives of local authorities, as well as local law enforcement agencies, looked at it with Olympian calm and philosophical indifference. And sometimes even contributed to the rise of tensions and were the organizers of the anti-government speeches.

However, only in the Donetsk and Lugansk is sponsored and “wildness” to kindle a neighboring country failed to develop into the present performance of armed terrorists with the capture and holding of office buildings, infrastructure facilities, local law-enforcement bodies of buildings and other key points.

the first pogrom

Active seizures began on 6 April. Representatives of law enforcement and government agencies and in Donetsk and Luhansk were not only ready to repel and neutralize this threat, and in some cases themselves have contributed to the fall of the Ukrainian authorities in these regions. In the end, these actions “concern the civilian population,” ended the elimination Ukrainian jurisdiction in these two regional centers in the South-East of Ukraine.

April 7 uncontrolled crowd in Donetsk declared the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic – the DNI and prinyalat.n. “Declaration of Sovereignty of the NPT,” while referring to the president of neighboring Russia to send troops in the Donbas. For the Donetsk and Lugansk followed – April 28 has been “formed” LC. Exactly one day before the events in Donetsk, “the circus” came the so-called “The Army of the Southeast”, which actually became a “major driving force” of the fall of the Ukrainian authorities in the Donbas.

April 12 a group of armed militants was captured Slavyansk. 13 aprelyayurisdiktsiyu “DNI” recognized Yenakiyevo, Mariupol and Makeyevka, 14 – Gorlovka, Khartsyzsk, Zhdanovka, Kirov, 16 April – Novoazovsk, 18th – Seversk, 19th – Komsomolsk, Starobeshevo, May 1 – Krasnoarmeysk, Rodynske. The precarious situation in Gorlovka, however, persisted until the 13th of May, which was a kind of dual power. Then, armed with a squad of pro-Russian militants completely subdued the city. There were so captured the public administration in Kharkov, Donetsk, Lugansk, the building of the SBU and the MVD in the last two cities.

Everything was going according to the same scenario. The rally, inflated vodka slogans and the crowd, barricades and agile group of professionals who were storming the building and facilities. Very soon, these professionals have turned to armed militias, and then began to massively distribute weapons to the population, expressing the willingness to engage in a kind of “militia”, including criminal elements.

In the occupied buildings SBU and the MVD militants have found very significant stockpiles of weapons and ammunition. By the evening the number of “trunks” increased at times. After a short time in the territory of Donbass chaos and anarchy. Scour the Donbass armed militants very soon almost swept away the corrupt and rotten power on the ground, to destabilize them to the desired level. Only in some localities of great except they ran into resistance, such as in the assault Gorlovka management militsii.Odnako react in the power option to place events in the east central Ukrainian authorities began only in mid-April.